Day's Off

We only have one more full week of school until we are out for summer! You think the kids would be done with all the breaks from school, but they're not. In the last couple of weeks, they have had three days off. We have taken the time to explore a little, and spend some one on one time together.

We visited Governors Island on our first day off. We met up with a bunch of friends, saw some art installations, played at a playground, and walked along the harbor. It was a beautiful day. The views from the island of Manhattan are amazing. We can see Daddy's office from there. We will call him up sometimes, and ask if he can see us waving to him. Taking the ferry over makes it even more exciting.

School Time: Pre-K Graduation

The end of the school year is slowly coming. We still have a week and a few days left till school is officially out. We are ready for summer, but until then we are enjoying all the fun school activities that are happening. 

The most exciting one so far is Henry's Pre-K graduation! It was a sweet little program. The kids wore adorable construction paper graduation caps, and all were given green capes that said super on the back. They sang a few songs. Henry's favorite was "Down by the Bay". Have you ever seen mice eating rice? Down by the bay. He sang that line for me on the way to his graduation, my own personal graduation preview. The teachers called each child up, and said a few words about each of them, while the parents got to take their picture. They said, "Henry is super silly, and super enthusiastic. He is really interested in learning. They always catch him with a book in his hands and reading to other friends, or he is really interested in the listening …

I go to the Park

Sharing some photos from Central Park right now. NYC can't decide if it is spring or summer lately. I am okay with that, because I no longer have to wear my giant winter coat. I finally put it away in the first week in May!

After coming back from San Diego, Central Park was so green. Everything was in bloom. The cherry blossoms were gone, but everything else was out in all its glory. I am more of a dog wood girl anyway. 

I took most of these photos when I was walking through Central Park. I was able to think among the greenery; you can learn a lot of things from the flowers. Quiet--such a luxury in my life. This walk was rejuvenating. 

I thought of the Henry David Thoreau quote, "I go to the woods because I wished to live deliberately....I wanted to live deep and suck out all the marrow of life". Unlike Thoreau, I did not plan on going to the woods. I was only taking a walk home from an appointment, but being in the woods/park I was able to put my thoughts in order to, if y…

San Diego Video!

I finally finished our San Diego video! It's been a while since I have made a video. I really enjoy putting these little films together. I get to relive the trip, and it brings back all the emotions (all happy) from the time we were there. 

The kids have watched it on repeat since I finished it. Henry keeps talking about how much he loved the beach. Rapha continues to ask to go to Uncle Ethan's house. It is really sweet to hear what they loved and remember about our trips. Proves to me the importance of traveling as a family. Even though they are little they remember. 

Without further ado, I present our San Diego, California family vacation video!

San Diego!

We spent a week out in beautiful San Diego, CA with family for my brother in law's (Lyndon's brother) graduation from law school (yay!). It turned out to be a mini family reunion. The kids had the best time with all the family there. They especially loved having their little cousin to play with.

We spent most of our time at the beach. We did a hike at Torrey Pines down the beach. Went to La Jolla to see the seals and sea lions. Visited the San Diego Zoo! Surfed and boogie boarded at Pacific beach with the fam. We went to Sam's graduation. One night we had a bonfire at Coronado with hot dogs and s'mores. Our last day we visited the Japanese Friendship Garden at Balboa Park. Most importantly, we stuffed ourselves with some really good Mexican food.

Our individual high lights are:
Lyndon: Surfing at the beach.
Christine: Boogie boarding with a sea lion! 
Cosette: Swimming at the pool.
Henry: Going to the zoo. The reptile house was his favorite.
Rapha: California!

Tons of photos b…