Our Spooky Weekend

This past weekend was Halloween heaven. We called it our spooky weekend to get the kids excited about everything. Not that they needed help to get excited, but it just made it more fun. 
The highlight of our spooky weekend was a trip to the Great Jack O'Lantern Blaze. This is our family's favorite Halloween outing. There are hundreds, thousands of jack o'lanterns carved and made into amazing creations. It is pure Halloween heaven! 
We took a ton of photos, because it is impossible not to. 
First sequence of photos: who wore the Jack O'Lantern better....? Definitely not me. I think it's a tie between Coco and Rapha. I cannot chose. 

It Is See You Later

A beautiful thing about New York City, is that so many people from all over our beautiful world come visit. That means we get to meet up with a lot of friends and family from all over the world when they come visit.

This past week Ms. Clara, Henry's teacher in Singapore, was here on a quick trip with her family. We just got to spend a few minutes with her at our playground. That short period of time was just wonderful. My heart was so full with love and joy when I saw her. She is such a lovely person, and loves Henry so much. It also helped curb my homesickness for Singapore. 

Henry was so excited to see Ms. Clara. He ran in and gave her big hug. It makes me so happy that he had a positive experience with school and our time in Sing. Ms. Clara was a big part of that. She was so sweet and brought the kids some Star Wars tsum tsum, because she know we are big Star Wars fans.

It was a sweet visit. We talked about how we have learned from each other's cultures on child rearing. We b…

Two Years Part 1

Two years ago we left NYC to embark on our Singapore adventure. I have been having so many thoughts about this whole experience of moving and moving back. It was really hard leaving NYC. I did not really want to leave, but we had this incredible opportunity. I remember after we left the temple with the answer that we should go East, thinking how can I leave this amazing city? It was really hard, and so much happened in the two months before we left. We had a baby (nothing life changing there), Cosette started Pre-k, Henry turned two, I had some health issues come up, we were learning how to navigate the city with three kids, Lyndon was incredibly busy at work, etc. It was the craziest time in our married life, but we knew that Singapore was the right choice. We felt at peace with the decision, and that was the only way I was able to leave the City not completely shattered. I stared at the city skyline until it faded out of view as we drove away, not taking my eyes off it for a second.…