The Year of the Dog

Gong xi fa cai from NYC! Chinese New Year is my second favorite holiday. The kids had the holiday off from school, which I was surprised, but then really excited by. That meant we could get our CNY on. 
Chinatown was kicking the new year off with a fire works show with 600 fire works! Rapha, Cosette and I went to attend this exciting activity. Henry opted to go to work with Dad (boring). But he probably had more fun there than he would have with us 

Conveniently there was a playground right by the festival area where we hung out with friends while we waited for the fire works. The playground saved the outing! It took a while before the fireworks went off, and I do not know if we would have made it without the playground.

Even though the wait was longer than anticipated, it was exciting. There was a dragon circling the square, poppers, silly string, and poppers shooting out confetti. There was a few presentations including a lion dance, which I could barely see, but I could hear the drums…

A Night with Jojo Moyes

"Everyone should live at least one year in New York." My favorite line from Jojo Moyes's speech introducing her new novel, Still Me.

Author Jojo Moyes kicked off her book tour for Still Me in NYC, appropriate since it is where the book takes place. Great for me, because it was only a couple blocks from our apartment. Lyndon got home five minutes before the discussion and signing took place, and I was still able to make it before the event started. My running is paying off!

Reading Ms. Moyes' previous book, Me Before You, left me heartbroken (hopeless romantic here). You'll understand if you've read it or seen the film (which I still have not seen, for fear of bawling for the next week). The story is incredible, characters lovable, and takes place in a quaint English town that you would probably only pass through if visiting the UK. Lyndon and I drove through a lot of small towns like that, some that even included castles perched on hilltops. Being the hopeless …

School Time: Henry’s in Pre-K

Henry started Pre-K in September. We are lucky in NYC and there is free Pre-K for all, as long as you get into a program. The process is more stressful than applying for college. The school we are zoned for did not have any openings at all. There are a few programs close to Cosette's school that are really good. I could not apply till we had a NYC address. Once we got approved for our apartment I was pounding the pavement, well the email and phone trying to get Henry into a good program. He had already completed a year and a half of school, and I wanted him to continue the momentum he has on his education. 

Since we missed both deadlines to apply for Pre-K we were on long waiting lists at all the schools. At our number one choice we were 117th on the wait list. I had been calling them and emailing them all summer, so when I went to talk to them in person they were like oh it's you, haha. Miracles of miracles happened and after the first week of school I got a call and they had …

MoMath and LEGOs

We ventured down to the Flatiron district to visit the National Museum of Math (MoMath) for the afternoon on Martin Luther King Day. The MoMath I feel like is this hidden gem for kids in the city. Lot of people know about it, so it is really not, but it is one museum that is often looked over. We love it. It is the coolest thing to happen to math. We have only been a handful of times, but have loved it every time. Location wise it cannot be beat. You have the Flatiron building, Eataly, Shake Shack, Madison Garden which has a playground, and a LEGO store! Playgrounds and LEGO stores is what we plan our outings around, haha. Lyndon was able to meet up with us, just in time to go to his happy place (LEGO store). 

Our family is still obsessed with LEGOs. We spend a good while in their play room building all sorts of creations. 

Fun day off from school with the kids, and doing things that remind me I love NYC even in January.

Cosette's First Broadway

Last week I won Broadway lottery tickets for Aladdin! One of my 18 things to do in 2018 is to take Cosette to her first Broadway. I have been entering the lottery out every now and then to try my luck. Then it paid off. I won! It was like Christmas morning getting the winning email. To say I was excited is an understatement. I was on cloud nine, so excited. Did I mention I was excited? I was taking my daughter to see her first Broadway, and a really popular one at that. This experience is one of the highlights of my life. That might sound silly, but it was an experience I will never forget. I am so grateful I got to share it with her from begining to end. 

I kept it a surprise mostly. I did tell her it was a show. We ran from the train all the way to the theater. It was really fun running through Times Square hand in hand bursting with excitement. As close as to feeling like a kid as I have gotten in a long time. She was hoping for Anastasia, but was equally thrilled when she saw the h…