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Lyndon's Birthday

Lyndon's birthday was great. We spent the day walking around Cambridge looking into some interesting shops. We made a stop at the University store and Lyndon picked out Downing cufflinks for his birthday. That night we celebrated by eating delicious Indian food and yellow cake with chocolate frosting. A bunch of our friends from our house came and celebrated Lyndon's birthday with us. One of our friends, Julian, brought out his guitar to sing happy birthday and some other songs. Overall it was a great day.

Our friends who came to celebrate with us.

Here's the video of Lyndon's birthday song. Enjoy!

English Fall

Cambridge is beautiful right now. All the trees are shedding their leaves sprinkling the ground with the colors of fall. The only color the leaves are missing is orange. A few of the collages have vines growing up the sides of the wall that have turned red. The colors are stunning.

In front of Kings College Cathedral.

I a great opportunity to go to London and visit Parliament and the Churchill War museum. There is a group I discovered for new comers so visiting faculty and families of students. They have weekly meetings and many groups and activities to get involved with. Parliament is amazing. The architecture is fantastic. The buildings are all done in the neo-gothic style. Pugen was the architect for rebuilding parliament after it was burnt down. The entrance is the oldest standing building. It has been around since before Henry VIII. There has been a building on Parliament's site for a thousand years. The decor is fantastic. I was amazed. The two main places on our were the roya…