Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Year of the Baby

This year should be known as the year of the baby. There are eight babies due this year on my Mother's side of the family. Lyndon's sister also had a baby in November and my best friend is having a baby in June.

I have entered into the last stages of pregnancy. I am 29 weeks along. We are having a little girl! We are both really excited. We are going to name her Cossette Alexandria. My due is July 25 which also happens to be my birthday. I am hoping that she will come before then but if not it will be fun to share our birthdays together.

26 weeks and counting.

Overall pregnancy has been a good experience, minus December. She is a little mover. I do not know if that has any bearing on how active she will be when she can start walking but she loves to kick. This morning it felt like she was dancing around in there. The doctors have said that my progress looks great and she has a strong heart beat. Lyndon and I hare happy that she is strong and healthy.  

28 weeks.

Law School

The application process has been long and waiting to hear back has taken even longer. However, decision time has come and Lyndon has committed to Columbia Law School. We are excited to move to New York in August.

Friday, 6 May 2011


The long winter has passed and now Lyndon and I are back together in Cambridge! Spring has never been so welcomed.

We have both accomplished a lot since our last post. I went back to Provo after the Christmas holidays to finish my last semester at BYU. Now I have just a few more on line classes I need to finish before I am an official BYU graduate. It feels great to see the end in sight. This semester was hard but very enjoyable. My classes focused a lot on Russia and Eastern Europe. Very interesting area. I really enjoyed learning about an area I had never studied before. Lyndon finished his second term at Cambridge and is now in his final term working hard on his masters dissertation. Masters students only take two terms of classes and their last term focus on their dissertation. He says his Cambridge education has honed his analytical which will be really useful for law school. He also has been busy teaching Sunday School and Elders Quorum just about every week. The Cambridge Ward has really been good to him. He was able to come back to Utah for his break in between terms for about six weeks. It was so nice to have him back. He had let his hair grow out. Everyone said he looked European with his long hair. His break he helped me finish my last few weeks at BYU. Even though he is already graduated from BYU he still knew more people on campus than I did. We did not do to much except study. We did go down to Topaz, Utah one day and visited the Japanese Internment camp for one of my classes. That was pretty cool. We also made the long drive back to Tennessee from Utah in record time. We got back just before those really bad tornadoes hit the South. It stormed the entire stretch from St. Louis to Nashville. When we got to Oak Ridge we found out that that area was preparing for flooding. We spent Easter in good ole' Tennessee. We barely got back in time for Easter. We arrived at my parents at 11:30 am and took a nice long nap. Lyndon only spent about a day in Tennessee before he headed back to England. He got back  in time to attend the Royal Wedding! Here is his account:

London was insane. People everywhere. So we got off the tube and started walking to where the procession would be (All the royalty were staying at Buckingham Palace and drove down to Westminster in carriages) but I guess that the procession was all full so the police were directing us to Hyde Park where they were showing the wedding on huge screens with big speakers. So Peter and I tried a different way to get to the procession area, but a huge crowd developed and everybody came to a complete stop. While we were trying to get through we saw a couple cars drive by. Kate Middleton was in one of the cars coming from the hotel where she was staying. So at least we got to see her. At that point we gave up and we went to Hyde Park. It was really nice. We saw and heard the wedding ceremony. The crowd erupted when they said "I will." It was pretty exciting. I really enjoyed it.

London on the day of the Royal Wedding!!!

I stayed in Tennessee a extra week before I flew back to London. My brother, David, and I kind of woke up early and watched the wedding. I wish I could have been there. I really enjoyed visiting my family. Ellen and Leslie were both home for Easter. Sadly Bethany could not make it home. I keep forgetting how green Tennessee gets. It was so beautiful. My Dad and I took a walk one night down by the lake and we saw a Blue Heron. So beautiful.

Now about a week later Lyndon and I are reunited again. We are loving the beautiful scenery and great weather. Pictures will be posted shortly.
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