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Cosette Alexandria is born

We've had a busy few days. On July 22, 2011 at 4:51 am Cosette Alexandria Plothow was born in Knoxville, TN. She weighed 6 lbs 13 oz., and was 20 inches long. She is beautiful and our perfect angel. We are proud and honored to be her parents. Christine and Cosette both had a healthy delivery, and both are recovering well. Life is busy as we prepare to move to New York in a little over two weeks. Here are some photos of our sweet baby.

Her world debut.

First family photo.

Thanks to Bella Baby Photography for taking such beautiful pictures of our little girl.

Paris Trip

You cannot live in Europe for a while without taking the time to do some traveling. Our most recent adventure took across the channel to the beautiful city of Paris. We took the Eurostar from London to Paris. I felt so European, haha. The Eurostar is amazing not only because you can leave from London and be in Paris in only a couple of hours but it goes under the ocean. I find bridges and tunnels that allow us to travel under bodies of water fascinating! We spent four walking filled days in beautiful Paris. The only down side to our trip was having to spend the night at St. Pancreas, because our train left before any other transportation was available, and having two hours before our bus left for Cambridge when we got back from Paris. But we made the best of it by snagging the comfy chairs at 24 hour Starbucks in St. Pancreas and drinking some delicious hot chocolate.

The first place we visited once we got to Paris was the beautiful Notre Dame Cathedral. It is the oldest Gothic Cathedr…

Back to London

Cambridge is a brilliant place to live because London is only a bus ride away! We took another excursion into London one Saturday. Our bus left super super early in the morning, not fun. But it was fun getting into London early and basically having the city to ourselves before to many people came out. The Royal Guard was practicing for the Queen's Birthday (June 4). It was really neat to see them out but then ruined part of our plans to see the Royal Mews where all the royal carriages and horses are kept. It was closed for the practice. Oh well.

Buckingham Palace. Wish we could have been there about a month earlier for the royal wedding. 

We spent some time at the National Gallery. We have been watching a documentary Civilizations on art history to help us get ready for our Paris trip. Lyndon really enjoyed the romantic's seascapes and landscapes. Some of the famous works we saw were Jan Van Eyck's The Arnolfini Marriage,Constable, and Turner's landscapes. I enjoyed thi…