Monday, 12 December 2011

The Massive Update

I have been the worst blogger lately. There just has not been that much going on. Our adventures have slowed down since Lyndon is busy with school and I  came down with mono two weeks after Cosette was born. The mono has keep me out of action for a while. I am finally starting to feel better and it is December! But I will tell you what has been going on.

Christine at the Toys R Us store at Times Square.

Lyndon in downtonw NYC.

So I came down with mono the night before we were supposed to move to the city. It was awful. Since I could not travel Lyndon went up witn my Dad and brothers, Eston and David. So once again we were separated for a few weeks till I was healthy enough to make the journey up there. Luckily Coco did not get sick. Lyndon was here during Hurricaine Irene. Manhattan was not hit very hard. Lyndon said there was some mild flooding in down town but that was about it. He went walking around the city after the hurricaine had passed and said it was completly empty. Thank goodness he was safe. Cosette and I flew up when she was 5 weeks old. At that time she was starting to smile. Now she smiles all the time.

David, Eston, and Dad by the Manhattan Temple when they helped Lyndon move up to the city.

Lyndon down on 66th Street by the Manhattan Temple.

Hippos in Central Park.

Eston inside one of the hippos.

We live in the part of Manhattan called Morning Side Heights. It is a lot more residential and all of Columbia University is located in this area as well as their affiliate schools. We really like the area. It is described as having more grocery stores than night clubs. We live in a tiny one bed room apartment but we love it. Our window has a stunning view of the law school and Harlem (if you down about ten blocks north you find yourself in Harlem). We live right across from the law school which is awesome! Lyndon is able to go from home to school so easily. Central Park is about six blocks south from us. It was stunning when the leaves were changing color. There is a family in our ward that lives on the top floor of our building so we have a lot of fun with them. The elevator in our building is the slowest elevator in the world. It is a little scary to ride in it at frist because it slowly creeps up clicking as it reaches each floor. At least it works. Moving with out an elevator would require a lot of muscle. Living here requries a lot of muscle anyway because you have to walk a lot. It seems like any time I leave the house even when Lyndon is with me it is an epic adventure to get anywhere. Thank goodness the public transportation is excellent. There is a subway stop just a couple blocks from us on Broadway. However, there is no elevator so if we ever take the stroller we have to carry it up and down the stairs. Alothough this may seem challenging practically everytime I take the stroller out by my self there is always at least one person who offers to help me carry the stroller up and down the stairs. This disproves all the things I have heard about New Yorkers not being very nice. I would not say they are friendly though. 

Beautiful Central Park on a gorgeous fall day.

View of Harlem from our window.                               

We have done a lot of the sights. My sister Bethany goes to school in Pennsylvania so she has come a few times to visit so we do the sights with her. My Mom came to visit and we saw a lot of stuff with her. There is a Megabus from Knoxville to DC so it makes it really cheap and somewhat easy to get from New York to Tennessee. Lyndon's Uncle Steve came to visit us too. I have really enjoyed going to the Met and walking around Greenwitch Village. There is so much to see. Everyday is an adventure if you want it to be. 

Aunt Bethany and Coco when she came to visit.

My Momma and Cosette at Toys R Us.

My sister Bethany, me, and my Momma with Cosette in Central Park. The sun was shinning in our eyes.

Our ward is fantastic. We are in charge of teaching a sunday school class for the parents of pre-nursrey age kids. There are a ton of babies! Coco has many many little friends. The mother's lounge is usually pretty busy. It is great! There is a mothers group that gets together really often. Our ward boundaries are the smallest out side Utah so everyone lives pretty close to each other. Our ward building is in the Manhattan Temple. Its located downtown by the Lincoln center. It is really pretty down there. 

Columbia (You might recognize it from some movies).

Times Square.

Coco with her Halloween candy (aka Mommy and Daddy's candy :-)).

The Statue of Liberty. We took the Staten Island ferry for free and you get to go right by the Statue of Liberty. Pretty sweet deal.

Me and Bethany at Columbia.

Mommy and Coco.

Coco and Dadddy ready to go trick or treating.

Coco and Daddy.

Happy Birthday to Lyndon!

Lyndon's delicious german chocolate cake.

To sum it up we are enjoying our time here.

Saturday, 10 December 2011

New York Livin

So I started this post a while back and forgot to post it so here is what was happening a few months ago....

We love the city! New York life is suits us well. Our experience last year in the UK has really helped with the transition to NYC. NYC and London have a similar feel to each other.

Lyndon is loving law school. He says it is the hardest academic experience so far. He is keeping up with all of his reading and other school work and has started a philosophical group at the law school. He can meet with his advisors to discuss internships, etc coming up in the next few weeks. 

Cosette is now three months old! She gets cuter everyday. She smiles all the time and is starting to giggle. It is so cute. She has also started to try rolling over. She is not quite there yet. She gets her body in the weirdest contortions trying to roll over I am afraid she might hurt herself but she never does. She is perfect! I say that because she is almost sleeping through the night. We have had a couple of nights of uninterrupted sleep. It is great! 

I am not doing to much. I have gone out and explored the city a bit. The Metropolitan Museum of Art is my favorite thing I have done so far in the city. I love it! There is so much to see you can spend days in there. 

She is smiling! :-)

Our sweet baby Coco.

Lyndon touching the toe at Yale. Yeah, we visited Yale. It is set up very similar to the English universities. There are different colleges with in the University just like at Cambridge. Yale was pretty cool especially since I am a huge Gilmore Girls fan. Yeah, I got to visit the college Rory was in. It was awesome! Not to mention the architecture was beautiful. 

Now that we have been In NYC for a little bit I now understand why people Love NYC. And we sure do!
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