Thursday, 26 January 2012

Cosette is half a year old!

Yes our baby has reached that miles stone. Cosette turned six months old on Sunday  January 22. 

Her drawers have been cleaned out and now she is wearing her 6-9month clothes. Everytime I have to switch her into a larger size I get really sad. She is growing up way to quickly. Things that Cosette can do are sit up on her own pretty well. I usally prop her up in the boppy so she does not fall over and hit her head. Cosette loves to smile! She is such a happy baby. Everyone who sees her when we are out is instantly in love with her. She has great control of her hands. She can move things from one hand to another. She loves touching everything! She is so cute when she really wants something her little arms will reach out for it. We were at Costco and Lyndon had her in the front pack. She really wanted to touch the shopping cart handle. She was leaned all the way forward reaching her little arms out. It was adorable. She is very very verbal as far as a baby can be. She makes lots of cute little sounds. She blows raspberries quite often. It is great. She has started eating solids. Basically just rice cereal but she loves it. She is not crawling yet but is definitely trying to. Her toys will be out of reach and she gets her bum in the air. Once she can get control of her legs she will be going everywhere. She is sleep trained and will go down will hardly any crying. We love her and are excited to see what things she will do next.


One month

Two months

Three months

Four months

Five  months

Six months!!!!!

Holidays 2011

I guess every entry will be a massive update. The second month of 2012 is almost here and I still have not finished 2011.

We spent Thanksgiving in good ole Tennessee with my family. It had been about 5 years since I was last home for Thanksgiving so it was time to get the whole clan together to eat some turkey. Like getting anywhere in New York it was an epic journey to get to Tennessee. We drove through the night stopping for about an hour at a gas station to sleep. Cosette slept through the night so it actually was not a bad idea that we did that. The moment we got to my parents everyone rushed to grab Cosette. Lyndon and I were grateful because that meant we could sleep!

Uncle David and Cosette. He is so cute with her.

Our Thanksgiving feast was postphoned a day because my poor Mom got sick the night before Thanksgiving. It worked out though. We just celebrated it on Friday. My Aunt Irma and Uncle Dale joined us for our feast. They brought a delicious chocolate fudge pie. Mmmmmm!

Caramel Apple Turkeys! Our Thanksgiving dinner favors.

Preparing the feast.

Eston and David preparing for the feast.

Uncle Dale and Cosette.

Leslie, Ellen, and Grandma.

We visited the Knoxville Zoo. Cosette is a Camel.

First family photo on the tortoise.

Lyndon and I went on a date to a local town's Christmas festival. It was magical.

We did some black Friday shopping. The deals were fantastic. We got just about all of our Christmas shopping done that weekend. I have converted Lyndon to the whole black Friday crazy shopping event. We had fun.
The Christmas season in New York is awesome. The city is decorated every where you go. The song "Silver Bells" kept coming to my mind as we went around the city. How could it not. It's Christmas time in the city. The month of December was rough for Lyndon due to finals. His entire grade depends on how well he does on his finals. That was stressful, but he made it through. December was rough until we left for break. Lyndon had finals and then I had another major mono episode while my sisters came to visit. My sisters came up after they all finished their finals and the day they arrived I came down with a fever. It was awful. Luckily my sisters were still able to get out and see a lot of the city.

Cosette's Christmas outfit. I could not resist the reindeer on the bum pants.

Advent calendar! Believe it or not it took us forever to find one.

My sisters and I at Columbia.

Family photo among the Columbia lights.

Sister at Rockerfella Plaza.

Cosette wearing Aunt Bethany's hat.

We went to visit Lyndon's family in Utah for Christmas. We had a blast! The weather was great. No snow! Temperature wise it felt like March. We did not need any heavy coats or our winter boots. It was great. About half of Lyndon's family had not met Cosette so they had fun getting to meet her. She loved playing with her cousins, Gregory and George. Gregory would make her laugh and laugh. We went and saw a ton of movies and played a lot of games. It was great getting to spend time with family and friends. We were able to meet up with a lot of our friends from Cambridge and catch up with them. 

Cosette and George.

Cosette and George with their Aunt Hannah.

Aunt Brooke and Coco.

Maggie, Hannah, Edward, and George on Christmas Eve.

Our stockings I made with the help of my Mama.

Lights at temple square.

Coco loved opening her present. I think she liked the wrapping paper more than her present.

Cosette and Gregory.

New Years was pretty low key. I got sick again but that was short lived. Lyndon played games with some friends. I layed in bed reading Harry Potter. Once people had left Lyndon came in and we look at the clock and it was midnight. Pretty chill evening.

Over all our holidays were perfect. We had the wonderful opportunity to spend both major holidays with family. I loved it! Happy New Year!
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