Friday, 17 February 2012

The Cake Boss

I used to watch this show on TLC called "Cake Boss". It was pretty fantastic. It is about a bakery in Hoboken, NJ and all the fancy cakes they make. This is really appealing since my mother is a fantastic cake maker. When we moved to the city I found out the Cake Boss Bakery (the actual name of the place is Carlo's Bake Shop) was right across the river from the city! Lyndon and I went back in January and tried some of the delicious pastries. It was really cool actually going to this place I had seen on many episodes.

Coco and I waiting in line.

We made it!

Examples of their cake art.

Mmmm! Delicious!

All cakes! The second one from th eleft is a flower basket! Amazing!

For Valentines Day I wanted to go back and get Lyndon something special because he loves pastries. I went with my friend and we took our babies across the river to Hoboken. This time the bakery was really busy. We had to wait outside for about 30 minutes before we could even get in. It was still worth it get some of those delicious pastries and to say we had been to the Cake Boss Bakery.  Plus Hoboken features a beautiful view of the city from across the river.

View of the city.

View of downtown. The tallest building is the new One World Trade Center.

Truly love at first bite.

Pastries we got. Friuit tart, cream puff, cannoli, 
and lobster tail my favorite.

My Favorite picture of me and Cosette.

Carlo's Bake Shop we will be back again very very soon. 
I need some lobster tails. One to share was not enought at all. 

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Our Little Coconut

Here is a cute story about our "little Coconut". 

She woke up one evening shortly after we had put her to bed which is unusual. We went to check on her to make sure she was alright. Lyndon brought her into the living room and she had pulled her arm out of the sleeve in her sleeper. It was the cutest thing, plus she had a little bit of bed hair. 

And that's all.

Baby Food Time

Hazzah for baby food! Cosette starting eating solids back in January. She had started eyeing our food trying to snatch it from our plates as we ate. So time to move on to a new phase of life: introducing baby food. Baby food is for babies but not really for Cosette. Well, at least peas and brown rice is not for her. Rice cereal yes, but peas no. The first time she took a bite she stuck her tongue out with disgust. Time goes on and her taste buds have not warmed up to much.

 The first bite.
What she thought of it. 
And ready for more!

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Chocolat, Chocolat: A Brief Guide on the Art of Chocolate Tasting

Lyndon and I decided to celebrate the world's greatest food with a party. We started a new tradition and had the first ever Plothow Chocolate Party. Now in your mind you might be thinking of all the decadent chocolate desserts and how delicious they are (I know your mouth is watering at this moment thinking of it), but we went in a more "sophisticated" direction. Instead of gorging ourselves on chocolate treats we had a chocolate tasting party inorder for our pallets to become aquainted with the many different types of flavors chocolate can have.

There is an art to tasting chocolate. We base our tastes on what we like and do not like. To truly desire to appreciate a flavor (especially chocolate) we must use all the senses.

Sight: First evalutate the color of the chocolate. The darker the color the richer the cocoa. Gloss is important when looking at chocolate. If the chocolate has a nice gloss to it then it means that it has been tempered well. If the chocolate has a dullness to it watch out. This means that the cocoa butter may have crystallized poorly in the cooling process.

Smell: The chocolate's aroma tells about the quality of the chocolate. A chocolate with a high percentage of chocolate has a stronger smell than a low percentage chocolate. If there is any unpleasing odor to the chocolate it may have een badly aged or has dried out.

Taste: Concentrate on the degree of sweetness. Think about if the chocolate's taste is balanced or to strong, if there is an acidic taste, if there is any bitterness. There are all indicator of the percentage of cocoa.

Touch: Touching the chocolate will help you determine the amount of cocoa butter in chocolate and the finness of the cacao. Things to notice by touch are the texture of the surface, if it begins to melt with touch, and if it is smooth or silky.

Hearing: Hearing is used to see if the chocolate is to hot or cold to taste at the moment. If the chocolate yields a dull snap then it is to warm and if the snap is quick and dry then it is probably too cold at the moment. The snap also tells about the percentage of cocoa in the chocolate. The higher the percentage of the chocolate the harder to snap it (99% being the hardest to break).

Going back to the tasting part, there is an order to tasting chocolate. First you must smell it. Then bite a part off and let it begin to melt in your mouth. Once the chocolate starts to melt chew it up making sure to chew on both sides of your mouth. Then last swallow and remember the after taste.

After reading this you have a little bit better understanding of how to truly enjoy your chocolate when eating it.  Bon Appetit!

All the chocolate that was sampled. Don't you wish you were there.

Two Front Teeth

Cosette's teeth are starting to come in! Well only two. Her bottom two front teeth to be exact. She woke up in the middle of the night the other day, which is very unusual for her. In my tired state I thought well maybe she is starting to teeth. I felt her gums and nothing. The next morning I was at my friend's baby shower and someone noticed her teeth were coming in. Cosette has not been to fussy so far in the teething process. She is a trooper.

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