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Spring Break Adventure

Columbia's spring break was last week so we took the opportunity to see the beautiful city of Philadelphia. We met up with a couple of friends and one of our professors from BYU and had a great day.

The Megabus dropped us off right in front of Independence Hall.

Cosette enjoyed our tour of independence hall.

Family photo at Independence Hall.

Me and Cosette in the room where the Constitution was signed! I took a class on the constitution at BYU. It was really interesteing because all we did was read documents and discuss if the constitution was based on ideas or interests. So what do you think: ideas or interests? 

Me and my homeboy James Madison. I am a James Madison fan. He is definitely an ideas man at the Constitutional Convention. 

Lyndon and George Washington.
The democratic process worked and elected Cosette as the next President of the United States.

Our beautiful baby. She was wonderful the whole trip.

Spring! Spring! Spring!

Spring is here! The weather is fabulous and the city is in full bloom! This = a trip to the park.

I love this girl! She is excited for this season as well. She loves being outside.

Her first time in the sand box; documented.

She is telling you that sand is fun.

Sandals are a must in this weather. We are kind of matching...well our shoes both have flowers on them :-)

Saint Patrick's Day

To celebrate St. Patrick's Day we went down to the upper east side and watched the St. Patty's Day parade. Here is one of the many bagpipe groups we saw playing the Scottish national anthem, which happens to be to the same tune as the hymn "Praise to the Man".

NYPD Emerald Society.

Cosette and I enjoying the parade.

The parade started with the horses.

Snagged a photo of the TN flag. It is inbetween the blue with the torch flag and the Illinois flag.

St. Patrick himself.

What the bagpipe outfit looks like up close. I love the hat.

Boy Scouts! They were my favortie.

Hats with a Twist

My family started a hat business selling scarf hats. Here is a video  about them featuring yours truly and Lyndon :-).
If you a interested in them click here

Valentine's Day and the rest of February

Valentine's Day holds a special place in our heart. We got engaged over Valentine's Day weekend back in '10. I will give you some back ground about that  magical night. Lyndon surprised me. He was a fast mover. We had looked at rings the week before and I thought he would not have had time to get one and thought he would have waited a little bit longer before proposing. We had not been dating long. We went to Swan Lake up in Salt Lake to celebrate Valentine's Day and I accidentally felt the ring box in his coat pocket. After feeling the box I was pretty excited for him to hurry up and pop the question. He did not make me wait long. We walked up to the temple after the ballet and found a quiet spot and he proposed! It was pretty romantic.

The day after we got engaged.
This year Lyndon decided to keep his Valentine's day plans secret and surprise me. He took me to lunch at this fantastic French restaurant in Midtown. I love French food! That meal was probably the best …