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Central Park: Conservatory Garden

I love Central Park! We live so close to it I need to take advantage of it more. Last week Cosette and I took a little adventure to the Conservatory Garden on the East Side of Central Park. 

The garden is divided into three smaller gardens featuring the French, Italian, and English garden styles. I cannot decide which style I like best. I am biased after living in England to be more inclined toward the English style but the French and Italian styles still both nice aspects to them. The tulips were in full bloom and stunning! 

Sadly Cosette did not enjoy the gardens as much as I did. She is teething and therefore a bit grumpy sometimes.

The French garden is the first garden we entered in. It is still structured like the Italian garden but not as much. There was a ring of pink, red, and purple tulips surrounding a fountain in the middle. It was lovely. Coco is posing so happily. 

Lilac bushes separated the French and Italian gardens. 

My favorite were the tree covered walk ways in between th…

Cosette Update: 9 Months and Growing Up too Fast

Cosette turn nine months old this past Sunday. 

The months have flown by and I cannot believe my little baby is getting so big. 

At her last docors appointment she weighed 17 pounds. Yeah, she is getting heavy. Things that she can do now are push herself up into the sitting position, pull herslef up, and the pincer grip, and crawling. As you can expect she is keeping busy and keeping me busy. 

Practicing Pulling up.

The pincer grip has been probably the thing that has caused me to keep my eye on her more closely. She likes to put things in her mouth using those dainty fingers of hers. It has given the motivation to keep my floors cleaner. I started giving her cheerios which she loves. 

Using the pincer grip to pick up grass.

This week she has decided that she wants to feed herself. She holds the spoon with me and we dip it into her food together. It is cute. She is enjoying being read to more. She will actually sit and let me read a book to her. The books about baby animals. She laughs when…

It's Always Fun when Grandpa and Uncle Edward Come!

Last week we had Lyndon's Dad and brother Edward come stay with us for a few days before they headed to Europe (lucky!). We gave them the grand tour of New York.

We took them to Midtown their first night in. We saw Times Square, Rockerfella Plaza, Empire State building, Chrysler building, Grand Central Station, etc. We covered a lot of ground. Next day we toured Downtown. We started the day off walking across the Brooklyn bridge. It is really cool to see the city skyline walking across the bridge. 

We took a mini cruise around the Hudson. It took us back to the Brooklyn Bridge, over to the Statue of Liberty, and by Ellis Island before heading back.  

Lyndon's family enjoys the food network, and New York happens to be the food network capitol. So we found a restuarant that was featured on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. However, John's on 12th did not fit our expectations. I was thinking it would be a deli or some hamburger joint, but no, it was the best Italian food my lips hav…

First Easter

Easter was wonderful! Not only was it Cosette's first Easter it was really our first time celebrating Easter as a married couple. Last year we spent Easter on the road. We basically drove straight from Utah to Tennessee last Easter. It was that time last year the Midwest and South had a lot of tornados and yes we drove through one. We did not realize it because we were so tired. I saw lightning hit close to the road and thought that is a little close but kept driving. Yeah, we are crazy.  Anyway Easter this year was not life threatening so it was fantastic! We marched in the Easter parade, had a excellent meal with friends, and Cosette was paid a visit by the Easter bunny.  

The Easter Bunny brought her a little lamb, bunny (Thanks Grandpa and Grandma Plothow!) and lots of yummy baby food.

Despite all the fun stuff that she had in her basket the grass was her favorite.
Happy Easter!

Vera Survey

Hi Everyone!

My friend is starting a magazine in NYC called Vera Magazine. It is a fashion and lifestyle magazine for the modern women that takes a fresh twist on perspectives and issues that matter to women. She needs people to take a survey to help with researching the type of content their target audience is interested in. So please take this survey! It closes on Wednesday (tomorrow) so time is of the essence. It is not a long survey. It took me about 3 minutes to complete. If you are interested in the magazine you can also check it out on facebook here. Thanks!

Summer Destination Manila

The two summers Lyndon is in law school he has to do internships. This summer we are going to the Phillippines! This is really not a surprise because we have been telling people that is probably what we are going to do, but now it is official. Everything has fallin into place and we can officially say we are going to the Phillippines! Lyndon is going to be working for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in their Manila office. He will be working for LDS charities in their office of legal council doing humanitarian work and welfare. He will also be involved with Islamic center for democracy to help promote democracy in Islamic countries. We cannot wait!

Easter Parade

Most of you probably have heard about the old movie Easter Parade with Judy Garland and Fred Astaire where they promenade down 5th Avenue on Easter Sunday in New York City in their best Easter bonnets. The Easter Parade is and actual annual tradition in NYC. Some friends and I decided it would be fun to make our own bonnets and promenade in the Easter Parade. 

 Cosette wore a hat too. She was so tired. She fell asleep five minutes after this picture was taken. She was the belle of the parade. Tons of people took pictures of her and made comments 
about how cute she was in her Easter bonnet.

All of us gals who participated in the Easter Parade.

5th Ave. on this beautiful Easter Sunday.

 My hat. I designed it myself. We had our own little Easter Parade through central park after Steak Conference. 

 Cosette and I ready to promenade down 5th Ave.

Happy Easter!