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Traveling Half Way around the World

We made it to Manila! We flew over the US and the Pacific Ocean to get here. Our total travel time was 55 hours. It was long but surprisingly not bad at all. Cosette was an angel and the Haneda Airport in Tokyo was like a hotel. If those two things had been any different attitude in writing would not be so positive. This odessy of a journey begun way before our first flight. Packing up our apartment for our subletters took a lot longer than we supposed it would. So instead of being refreshed and ready for the long trip over we were tried and I did not want to get out of bed. We got enough sleep to keep on going till our flight from NYC to San Fransicso where we tried to rest. That flight for me was the worst. Cosette did sleep but was up for a lot of it. The plane was cramped and Lyndon and I were seperated by the aile. Thankgoodness for kind and patient people who sat next to us.

Playing at the San Fransico airport.
  Our flight to Japan was awesome. We had a whole front row of a secti…

The Last Hurrah

Things have been pretty busy around here. Cosette is very very mobile. She is crawling everywhere and holding on to things and getting around. She can stand by herself for moments at a time! As I am typing she has pulled all her books out of the book shelf. Like mother like daughter. My Momma will tell you I pulled many a book out as a baby. Lyndon has been busy with finals. We have not seen much of each other these last couple of weeks. I have been busy with trying to get us ready to leave for the summer (we leave in three days!!!). My parents came to visit for a few days giving us the opportunity to have one last hurrah before we leave.

Momma came up a few days before Dad. She was very happy to have Cosette all to herself.

Coco gave Grandma her tour of NYC wchich was taking Grandma to play at the park. 

I had to take Mom to visit the Cake Boss. She is an exceptional cake maker herself. 

Coco was not as excited as we were to see Carlo's Bake Shop again. The lobster tails were worth i…

Brooklyn Botanical Garden

Another post about a different garden, but hey it is spring and everything is blooming. This time we visited the Brooklyn Botanic Garden with some of the ladies from our church. The Bluebells are in full bloom at this time and absolutly lovely. 

 The bluebell garden is set up so there is a path that runs through the garden so you can stand on it and get a picture looking as if you were standing in a fied of Bluebells. It is enchanting! If you look closely at the top photo Coco and I are standing in the middle of the bluebells.

Lyndon was not able to come on this adventure with us. Finals have commence and he is hunkered down in the library till they are over. He is very knowledgeable about trees. When he was in Cambridge he developed a facination about trees because there were so many. So I took the picture below of the Chinese Chestnut for him

Cosette enjoyed the trip to the graden even though it was freezing. She wore her little bear suit. I thought I was done with it since May is tomo…