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The Coco update

Here is what Cosette has been up to.

Playing dress up.

She is now 11 months old! The year really has flown by and she has changed so much. I miss infant Cosette. 11 month Coco is great though. She loves to read her book Blue hat, Green hat. She has a little stuffed bunny house that she is obssed with. It is so cute to see her take the little bunnies out and play with them.  

Poor kitty. She gets so excited around animals. It is cute but the poor cat. I tell her soft touches but she grabbed its ears, pulled its tail and fur. Thank goodness this was a nice kitty. No scratches, bites, or hisses from this pretty kitty. She took her first steps on Thursday June 21. It was unexpected but so exciting! She is not running yet but just taking a few baby steps here and there. She does great when holding on to our hands. When we go out she prefers to walk than carried.

She has gotten to be a very sweet little girl. She has always very sweet but it is coming out more. and more in her personality. Sh…

American Cemetery

Cosette and I met up with some friends at the American Cemetery today.

We played hide and seek while we waited for our friends.

Cosette and Reed standing by one of the walls with all the names of the soilders.

These two cuties had fun playing in the grass.

Found New York. We really miss that place.

The cemetery is the place I have found here that reminds me most of the US. Makes me miss that great country but we only have a few more weeks here. Today is our one month mark before we start our journey back home. There are still a lot of things we need to see here before we leave and cannot wait to go out and explore some more. <

Bohol Island Adventure

After a couple days in Cebu we hopped on a boat and went to the island of Bohol. Bohol is one of the places I really wanted to visit while we are here. It is home to the smallest primate in the world, the tarsier. Also it is the place to go swim with whale sharks and home to the Chocolate Hills. The things we got to do while we were there is go see the tarsiers, visit a animal park, and go dolphin watching on our way to the island Pamilacan. We are extremly lucky because we had our own private guide who took us to all those places. The other legal intern with Lyndon, Peter, created a non-profit organization that builds schools and hospitals in the Philippines. His project this summer was on the island Pamilacan. Our tour guide, Jerome, works with Peter to organize these projects. Since we were a friend of Peter's, Jerome offered to show us the sights. We were so lucky to have this connection. Jerome picked us up from the pier and had a car and driver arranged to take us around for…

Island Adveunture to Cebu

This is part one of our trip to visit some of the other Philippine islands. We went to the islands Cebu and Bohol. They are a part of the Visayas Islands located in the Central part of the Philippines. The mission president over the Cebu mission just happens to be a close friends of Lyndon's family so we were able to stay with them. They were great hosts taking us around to the local sites.
Since Cebu has the oldest history of any of the Phillipine Islands we mostly visited the historical sites. Cebu is the island that the where explorer Ferdinand Magellan was killed by the Filipino warrior Lapu-Lapu. We visited Magellan's marker and Lapu-Laupu's Monument on Mactan Island right next to Cebu. I thought it was worth visiting.

Beautiful plants in the area.

We headed back into the city and saw the Cross of Magellan, the Basilica del Santo Nino, Cebu Cathedral, and Fort San Pedro. 
The Cebu Cathedral was much bigger and more beautiful, in my opinion, than the Basilca. I like it b…