Saturday, 29 September 2012

Sky Scraper Mini Tour

For those of you who know Lyndon, you know he has a passion for architecture. When we lived in Cambridge we could not pass any building without Lyndon giving me a lecture on the building's architecture, the history of it, what time period that particular architecture was made in, etc. By the end of our stint over there I could tell you what type of architecture each building was in plus the period each building was built in. I am now a total expert on gothic architecture. 

Anyways, New York is a fount of beautiful architecture. When we have friends or family come to town Lyndon likes to give them what we call the skyscraper tour. We did this with some friends from the law school a few weeks ago. However, due to the weather we only did a portion of the tour focusing on Madison Square. If you come to the city Madison Square is the perfect place to go and see a variety of the city's beautiful buildings. Plus you are in a beautiful park with the delicious Shake Shack

Here is Lyndon's mini skyscraper tour: 

MetLife Tower. Completed in 1909. Built as a scale replica of St. Mark's Campanile in Venice, although four times higher.  It was the tallest building in the world from 1909 to 1913.

The New York Life Insurance Building. Despite its lack of height, this is one of the most striking buildings in the Manhattan skyline. Designed by Gilbert Cass, the architect of the Woolworth Building. Cass drew on the Salisbury Cathedral for inspiration as he continued in the Neo-Gothic tradition for his skyscrapers. The golden pinnacle was added in 1967 and lighted in 1985 for the 140th anniversary of New York Life Insurance.

Here is the great orator himself leading the group.

Love the Shake Shack. The concrete jungle frozen custard is fantastic. Get it! You will not regret it.

There was a guy making these giant bubbles that Cosette became mesmerized with. She loves bubbles. 

A bride and groom were getting their wedding photos done.

During the summer there was an event going on at some select parks called art in the park. Madison Square was one of the ones that participated. The giant nose above was part of the exhibit. Kind of funky. The different pieces were making wierd noises. Kind of funky. 

I love the flat iron building. It is such a unique piece of architecture. I find it so fascinating. I love it!

Cosette enjoying her first shack dog with daddy. 

Then it started to rain. She does not like the rain cover. 

If anyone wants to take the whole skyscraper tour let us know. 
We are always up for it. 

Thursday, 27 September 2012

In London, but only for a weekend

This is Lyndon. I want to clarify that before you read any more, because I do not want to be thought of as a beautiful woman. I make this special appearance to talk about my recent trip to London! 

I had a good interview with a London-based firm here in NYC, and they invited me out for more interviews at their home office. They were very generous with my travel accommodations. I flew out in business class! Here is the hotel they put me up in.

The hotel is only one block from the British Museum, one of my favorite museums in the world. I bought quill cufflinks and a rosetta stone magnet from the gift shop :)

I also visited the National Gallery very briefly.

One of my favorite parts of seeing London again was the Olympic mascot the Wenlock, and the Paralympic mascot the Mandeville. All around London there were these little statues in different poses and wearing different costumes. Everytime I came across one of these little guys I snapped my picture with them! Here is the full collection. The first two were at Covent Gardens.

Sometimes I got little kids to pose with me.

I also visited Dr. Samuel Johnson's home for the first time. Apparently BYU students frequently visit the house. It's probably the English Language study abroad students (that's one of my majors).

Here's Dr. Johnson's cat.

While we in the Philippines I heard that the Filipino tourism agency had developed a slogan to get more tourists to the Philippines, but not until I visited London did I witness examples of these advertisements. I especially like the one about the underground. I took it in the Subway system often refered to as the Underground. I thought it was a clever sign.

This is a sailing store. I like sailing (in the hypothetical at this point. At least I think when I get to sail some more I will like it).

For Sunday I traveled to fair Cambridge. Here is the apartment where Christine and I shared a bedroom. The rightmost window on the ground floor was ours.

I miss the English gardens. This was a garden I saw on my way to church.

Here's a larger scale English garden.

The Curleys were kind enough to offer me dinner while I was in Cambridge, and I enjoyed meeting up with many of my friends in Cambridge.

My trip was wonderful and very nostolgic. I hope to return with Christine soon. 

New Yorkers For Life

It is official. We are going to be residents of NYC for a long long time. Pretty much as far as the eye can see into the future. Lyndon accpeted a legal internship from a NYC based law firm for next summer. Those internships usually turn into job offers. So there you go. New York has been good to us so far and I am sure it will continue to be good to us for as long as we live here. 

Tuesday, 25 September 2012


Fall is officially here! To celebrate this wonderful season we took a day trip out into the New Jersey wilderness to Oktoberfest! It is very appropriate for us to participate in this German tradition as our surname is German. It was a family friend atmosphere and we had a lot of fun!

This is what Cosette thought about taking that picture. 
Not worth it.

The best part was the food. There was a lot of great traditional German food. We traditional German food like bratwurst, sauerkraut, potatoe pancakes, and lamb. Lyndon could not resist getting this giant pretzel. I am now a huge fan of German cuisine.

 I was so excited for Cosette to have her first pony ride. Sadly in the middle she decided that pony rides were dumb and insisted on only doing cool things. She is so interested in animals but at a distance. The ponies were a lot cooler in their pen. I tried to show her that pony rides are fun but she would not hear it.

Sumo wrestling. We are so doing that next time.

Best daddy daughter photo ever! I love these two.

 Animals encounter round two: the petting zoo. She kept her distance for a little bit but then the tempation to poke the animals over took her. She was so cute. She saw other kids feeding the goats grass so she started picking grass to feed the goats with. She is brilliant!

We ended up getting some animal food which I am sad to say she sampled. Oh well. She would not put the animals food in her hand to feed them with. Instead she would take it out of the cup piece by piece and place it into my hands. 

Happy Happy Fall Everyone!

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Celebrity Sighting

Totally saw this guy at the grocery store today. 

You should know him from that tv show House. Lyndon even recognized him which means this guy must be pretty recognizeable since Lyndon is not to much into pop culture. I like to think that we acted and kept our cool but I am not sure. I was kind of startled and totally did a double take. I think he noticed. Oh, I love NYC. 

Friday, 21 September 2012

9/11 Memorial

Flags on Columbia's campus on 9/11.
Cosette and I are going to do weekly outings every week and to start off this tradition we visited the 9/11 Memorial. Last week was the 11th anniversary of 9/11 and I have not been yet so I thought it was a good one to start out with. 

The 9/11 Memorial is surprisingly easy to get to from where we live. I was worried that it was going to be this huge hassle to get down there. When we got out of the subway the Memorial was less than a minute down the road. We did reserve tickets online which made it quicker once we got there. Having the stroller actually helped me jump ahead of everyone. I had to go to a different "line" and I say that because no one was in that line and we had a straight shot until security which was also not a hassle to get through. Another plus for having a baby. 

The Memorial is beautifully done. There are two fountains with the names of those who did not make it out ot the towers. The walls were tall so I had to pick Cosette up to see them. She really liked them. She just started making a "wow" sound. We saw the Survivor tree which is the only tree that survived the attactk. The museum is closed at the moment so there was not much else to see. We enjoyed the beautiful atumn day and being in downtown NYC. Cosette was able to do her favorite thing, dig around in the rocks, dirt, and find acorns around the trees. We did not do everything that we could of done at the Memorial. We will defintly have to go again, especially because Lyndon has not been yet either. If you want more information about visiting the 9/11 Memorial you can check out here and here.

Sorry no picutres of the memorial. Our camera drowned last week in some bubbles. So sad. Our new camera will be here soon and I cannot wait.

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Saturday Night Dinners with Chef Lyndon

Lyndon has decided that he is going to be in charge of dinner every Saturday night. This last week was his first culinary adventure. He made his grocery list and began to scavenge the city for all the ingredients. He made a Indian dish so you can imagine there was a lot of ingredients that were hard to come by. He had to make a few substitutions and go with out a couple of things. So if anyone in NYC know where to get cardamom pods lets us know.

However, the minor substitutions dinner was a success! He made Chettinad tomato chicken with rice. Yum, yum, yum. 

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