Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Fall in the Smokies

I flew down south for to visit with my family this last week. Tennessee is beautiful in the fall. I keep forgetting how beautiful it is down there in every season. Fall is especially beautiful. Growing up there is probably why fall is my favorite season.

 We took a day trip up to the Smokey Mountains, a must if you ever go to Tennesse in the fall.

Look at that view! Now that is what fall looks like. I love the Smokey Mountains. We saw this beautiful sceen while driving around Cades Cove. We did not see any bears but we saw deer and wild turkeys.

Cosette of course playing in the rocks.

Grandma and Cosette. They became very good friends. She could say grandma by the end of the trip and could tell you who her grandma was. She is the smartest!

Us kiddos hanging together. All we need is the twins. We missed you Beth and Les.

The youngest carrying the oldest. Never thought my little brother would be this big. The kid is 13 and 6'2''!

Cosette got to spend good quality time with her uncles. They adore her. David is really funny. He asked "why do babies have to cry so loud"? I forget that he never grew up with babies in the house. Thank you Eston and David for being so good to my baby.

I wish time would have allowed us to go camping but at least we got to enjoy this beautiful fall day.

Happy Fall!

Monday, 15 October 2012

The Corn Maze Quest

We are on a quest to find a corn maze. Lyndon has never done one before and really wants to do one this fall season. I started searching and found a place in Queens that has a corn maze! We ventured out on Friday to check it out at the Queens County Farm Museum

The trip out there was a little longer than we thought. It did not help that Cosette had her first major tantrum while on the bus. She did not want to do anything but cry. Thank goodness the bus was not full and we were only a couple of stops away from destination at the "storms" peak. Of course once we got off the bus and started walking she was fine. 

The Farm Museum was pretty cool except only the grounds are open on Friday. On their website they did not say anything about the corn maze being closed on Fridays. We knew that some of the other things would not be open but we did not care because we were on a quest to go to a corn maze (and we still are). It was disheartning but we made the trek out there so we check out the grounds. 

Cosette did not like the scare crows so crows must not like them either. 

I love the red color of the house. It makes me think of the Wizard of Oz. I am glad that we are not in Kansas and in NYC. 

Cosette loves stones. She likes to pick them up and hit two stones together. She was more interested with the stones than anything else. Maybe she will be a geologist. 

As we looked over the field Lyndon and I discussed how you cannot even tell that the city is close by.

But then we turned around and there the city was.

I love love love Cosette facial expresion in this picture! And I love her pigtails!

She is the sweetest girl! She was trying to feed the goat. At one point she offered him her brochure. 

Her first encounter with pigs. She did not find them too impresive.  

We were disheartened because the corn maze was closed but walking around the grounds turned out to be fun. Cosette got to run around out side and we got to sit in the autum sun and relax a bit before we left. 

We are still on a quest to find a corn maze before the season is over. 

Happy Fall!

Saturday, 13 October 2012

A Coco Update

Cosette is now 14 months old! Almost 15 months (October 22). 
Let me tell you she is into everything! We have started calling her our little tornado. She is still perfect. What am I saying, she will always be perfect! She is starting to throw more fits but she is consoleable. She has maintained her sweet demeanor. She always wakes up smiling so we always start off our days great. I love it! She will randomly give us hugs and kisses. I love her kisses. 

This little girl is a talker. She keeps us up sometimes just gibbering away. It is so cute even at one in the morning. She can say a lot of words. She can say daddy, momma, thank you, hi, bye, I, love and a lot of other words. She will come up to me and say something in her baby language walk away and come back and say something else. It is so fun!

Books are her favorite. She pulls them out of the book shelf and will sit and flip through the pages. She has started dancing. At first she would get on our bathroom scale and dance then our coffe table became her stage. It is so cute. She gets so excited and happy. I think we have are going to have a ballerina on our hands  or perhaps a gymnist. Did I mention she is trying to jump. She has not gotten her feet off the ground but she tries to jump. She saw some older kids at the park doing it one day and came home and has been trying to jump ever since. 

We watch Veggie Tales with her somtimes. Our favorites are silly songs with Larry where Larry comes out and does a silly song. Our favorite silly song is the hoperana. We love the hoperana :-). 

We are so happy Cosette continues be healthy and happy. We feel really blessed to be her parents. 

Friday, 12 October 2012

Name Change

You proabaly have noticed we changed the name of our blog to A Curry of a Life. We have been wanting to change the name for a while. I originally started the blog because family had requested us to so they could see what we were up to while in England. So for lack of inspiration my"creative" brain came up with The Adventures of Christine and Lyndon. But now we have Cosette too and some how we have to indclude her into the title.
 I found the inspiration for the new name while reading Julia Child's book My Life in France (great read, by the way). Her husband, Paul, was talking about how they have had so many adventures/variety in their life. He said "if variety is the spice of life, then my life must be one of the spiciest you have ever heard of. A curry of a life". I can really relate to that comment. We have had so many life changing events and changes it is kind of overwhelming to think about. Plus, we love curry. I think it is probably one of our favorite dishes. So there you go. 
Our blog is now titled A Curry of a Life: The Adventures of Christine and Lyndon. Thanks for reading.

Beth's Fall Break

Bethany, my awesome sister, came to visit us for her fall break this last weekend! She gets to come and visit a lot since she goes to school not too far away. I love when she comes to visit. 

Cosette loves it too! It is another person for her to play with and be loved by. 

Our church's semi annual general conference was also this last weekend. Instead of going out and doing a lot of touristy things we spent the weekend listening to our church leaders and eating a lot of delicious food like this pumpkin dip. We also celebrated Beth's birthday by making a delicious cake with nutella frosting. We dubbed it 'you only live once frosting'. 

My favorite talk from general conference was this one. Lyndon's favorite talk was this one. What were your favorite talks?

The city has become really chilly over the weekend so we are busting out jackets and scarfs. Soon it will be cold enough we will bust out our winter hats. I am so not ready for winter! Hopefully it will not be too brutal.

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Apple Picking at the Farm

We ventured out of the city to go apple picking at Barton Orchards. The drive up was stunning. Fall is here! The leaves are all changing colors and it is beautiful. 

We got lost on our way up. Google maps lead us astray again (When we were in Europe google maps gave us the worst directions. At one point the directions were turn right, turn right, take a left. No street names or anything. Beware of google maps! It is the scariest thing you might encounter this Halloween season). 
We were okay with being lost because we got to see this beautiful farm. I love the red leaves.

And our future home. Beautiful house! And grounds! There was even a lake.

We made it thanks to the locals who gave us directions. Friday was a great day to go because it was not very crowded and they do not charge admission during the week. Yay!

Cosette ran over to the fun stuff right away. She knows what is up. 

She is the cutest count dracula you will ever meet.

I guess I am Glinda the good witch of the south because I give treats not tricks.

The orchards have a wide variety of apples. When you go they give you a list with all the apple varieties with the information about which ones are in season and which apples are best for eating, baking, and making apples sauce. That was helpful. We picked mutsu apples which are in season in October and are good for eating, baking, and making apple sauce.

The apple picking was fun. We had to walk a ways into the orchard cause the front trees were picked clean. Some of the apples were so high up that I got upon Lyndon's shoulders in order to reach them. I wish someone had been around to get a picture of that.  

Cosette went around picking up all the apples on the ground. 
She was not interested in picking the apples off the trees. 
On a side note here is a short Coco update. She has been saying daddy a lot lately and today was pointing to herself saying daddy. We are now trying to practice her "ka" sound so she can say Coco. 

We like to call her Captain Coco and this picture captures that sense of adventure she has. Our little train conductor. It was a really cool play ground. There was a boat and a castle along with the train. A child's paradise. 

Cosette tasted the apples first. She ate the whole thing so we know they are good.

Barton Orchards had beautiful produce. I wanted to buy it all. They had a lot of other good food there as well. There was all sorts of fruit butter. They even had pumpkin butter. There was apple salsa for sale as well. That sounded delightful. We did enjoyed apple spice doughnuts and sampled some fudge so our taste buds were satisfied.  

Our harvested goods. We are going to be making a lot of apple goodies this weekend! If you have any good apple recipes let us know.

We took a hayride out to their pumpkin patch! It was pretty spectacular seeing all those pumpkins. One of my favorite Halloween traditions is pumpkin carving. I cannot wait! 

Cosette tried to pick them up. She is strong but not that strong. We found a Coco sized one for her to carry around. She just threw it.

Apple picking was a roaring successs (according to Lyndon). We really enjoyed this family outing. I want to go again. The orchards have berries and peaches earlier in the year so we will be back. At least for now we can check another thing off our fall to do list. 

Happy Fall!

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Best Tuesday Ever

Tuesday was pretty awesome this week at our place. 
Some friends invited us to go to the Brooklyn Children's Museum. It was awesome. Cosette had a blast playing.

The babies are so cute in their little aprons. 

They had a Brooklyn section with stores and a replica of the bus. Cosette took us for a spin.

Cosette was born in the year of the rabbit. I thought this description in the chinese section described her pretty well. 

After being in the pizza parlour I was dying for the real stuff. New York Pizza is the best. 

She is a budding artists. 

No matter what there is to see she drawn by some mysterious power to the stairs. 
We have to go back to this museum! Cosette had so much fun and we did not even see everything.

Later that afternoon we got to meet the amazing talented Julie Andrews! Her new book that she wrote with her daughter came out yesterday and she was having a book signing at Bank Street bookstore. She is as classy, elegant, and beautiful as she is on film. She told Cosette how beautiful her name was and how beautiful she was. She charmed the pants off us. It was a dream come true meeting her. 

I grew up on the Sound of Music and Marry Poppins and have always been a fan. All three of us left starry eyed, well Lyndon and I did. Sadly there were no pictures allowed.  

Best Tuesday Ever!
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