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Christmas Break

We made our first gingerbread house. We both had to get pictures with it since we could not believe it didnt fall apart.

We did a lot of Christmas baking. This beauty won at my friend's dessert party. 

The holiday markets at Union Square were magical. Getting some Italian sipping chocolate at Max Brenner made the experience extra tasty.  

We went to our church's ugly Christmas sweater party. My sweet santa sweater won us second place!
One of the best things about Columbia is the nice long break. We are not even half way through it yet.

Oh yeah, Christmas Card 2012

Yeah, I should have put this up a while ago. We did Christmas cards this year. Here is the lovely thing itself. We have a few extras so if you did not get one and want one let us know. We will cross out Merry Christmas and write in Happy New Year. 

This Christmas

We spent in New York. Just the three of us. Lyndon will describe it as the best Christmas ever! Even though we have a kid who did wake up exceptionally early which was unexpected (her molars are coming in which is the cause of her early rise) we still got to sleep in pretty good. We let her run around for a while which resulted in her running past the pile of presents and into the kitchen where she opened the cabinet and of course dumped out a bag of almonds (may they rip).
I made a bunch of candy for our stockings this year rather than going out and buying a lot. I am a little too ambitious sometimes but it all turned out. Lyndon still bought candy for my stocking. I will not want for anything reese's for a while.
"Santa" found Cosette's kitchen set on the East Side and repainted it for her Christmas gift. Her favorite gift has to be her baby stroller. She has been taking all the other babies strollers at the park and pushing them around so we knew we had to get her o…

Christmas is.....

This Christmas season our Church has put out an ad campaign about what Christmas really is about. I love seeing these ads around the city reminding me that Christmas is more than a Christmas tree (although I do love our Christmas tree). Christmas is the celebration of the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Christmas is about him and what he represents. Like the ads say Christmas time is about family, service, love, worship, and Jesus Christ. I included a video that our Church recently put out on their youtube channel. It shares a beautiful message about Christmas.  

We hope that you all have a very Merry Christmas! 

We met Santa

We met the man himself today at Macy's! I love that I have a daughter and have a reason to go visit Santa. The store is so beautifully decorated and Santa land is so magical. I love it! Living in NYC is making Christmas my favorite holiday.  
All aboard the polar express.

We are at the entrance to the north pole. There were noises and movements underneath the floor that makes you feel like you are actually on the polar express. 

Elf on a tree.

In my head I am shouting "I cannot believe that it is 4 Days Til Christmas!" I cannot wait! 

Cosette loves the stuffed animal section. She tried to climb under and play with them.

That is the big man himself, the real Santa!  Merry Christmas!

She is a reader

This little girl loves books. All she wants to do is have us read to her. The other day she grabbed bear-chan and read him a little Christmas story. She is awesome!

Our Favorite Christmas Song

While we were in England we only heard one Christmas song the whole Christmas season. It was about a this guy wishing that he was home for Christmas. He sang it in this really low voice that Lyndon and I started to make fun of. Every where we went including our Church's Christmas party, the grocery store, walking around the Lions Gate mall in Cambridge, this song was played. We did not really pay attention to the lyrics except for the wish I was at home for Christmas part, so we did not realize till later that this song was about the English soliders serving during WWII wanting to come home for Christmas (so sad). This song has become one of our Christmas traditions. We listen to it and reminisce about our wonderful Cambridge experience and now have fun dance parties to it (it is a great dancing song). Anway we though we would share it with everyone because this is now our favorite Christmas song.  

Merry Christmas!

Family Photos 2012

We got some family photos taken a few weeks ago. It was about time. The only time we have ever had our family photo taken was right after Cosette was born by a hospital photographer. Like I said, it was time for some family photos. Our awesome friend who did Cosette's Halloween video took our photos. She is very talented and we are very pleased with the pictures.

 In the next sequence of photos you can see that Cosette is getting fed up.

We finally were able to distract her a little bit with leaves. However, that did not last long. Poor baby.

This one is my favorite, me and my love. 
We got them done just in time for our Christmas card. Another first in our married life. :-)