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The Last Day of Break

MLK day was Lyndon's last day of break before the semester started. I tried not to be sad losing the freedom breaks provide us with to do whatever we want whenever we want (or whatever Cosette wants whenever Cosette wants). We took a loooong walk from our place down to the MET. It's beautiful and full of lovely art and we love it. We took the Percy Jackson tour of the Greek art. Yeah, we are nerds. It gave us a purpose. Most of the time we end up in the same gallery so time to look at something different. It made me think of our time in Greece. Oh how I want to go back since I know now what it is like abroad and traveling with Lyndon (you walk a lot).

The first stop was at the armor. The full armor set weighs 70 pounds! 

Next we stopped at a scarcophagus that depicted the myth of Theseus, Ariadne and the Minotaur.

Lyndon and Herculese (honey, you mean Hunkulese, lol).

Dionysos or Mr. D to Percy Jackson fans, is also known as the Greek god of wine. 

The cutest kid in the world! Nerei…

Cosette's Photo Shoot

We got some photos of Cosette a couple of months ago and they turned out so good! She is a natural in front of the camera, but what can I say I am her mother. I love looking at them and seeing how much she has grown up. It makes me sad because she is growing up so quickly but happy to see her grow and develope into such a sweet, smart little girl. I feel very blessed that I get to be her mommy and see her grow up. She makes our lives worth living. So bear with me there are a lot of photos but they are so cute. You will not be disappointed. 

Thanks for being my baby Cosette. We have never been so happy. 

Three Minute Dance Parties

This Christmas season we had pandora on playing music constantly. That resulted in Cosette and I dancing around the living room doing lots of awesome dance moves. She thought it was hilarious when I would lift my leg up. We ended up laughing on the floor a couple of times. Since then amazon had an awesome deal to get different albums for dirt cheap! This has resulted in a few new albums add to our collection and a lot more dancing. We mostly will dance to one song that we really like which is only like three minutes. So there, we have three minute dance parties all the time.

New Years Utah Trip

We got to celebrate the new year twice this year. First time on the plane flying out to Utah and the second time driving to Lyndon's parents house. Party in the car! 
Our trip to Utah was nice. There was so much snow! I forgot what it was like to live in snow. We mostly hung out at Lyndon's parents house and visited lots of family. Visiting with family was the best. Cosette enjoyed running around a really big space (grandma and grandpa's house is HUGE compared to our tiny nyc apartment). Her next favorite thing was playing the piano and singing a long. Plus, she had lots of aunts, uncles, and cousins who keep her entertained.   

Cosette and my cousin's baby.

Coco is sharing her love of reading with baby Penny.

Lyndon's sister is leaving for her LDS Mission and had her farewell while we were there. It was nice to spend time with her before she leaves for Chile for 18 months. 

Cosette got to spend some fun bonding time with her cousins Gregory, and George.
We do not get to…

2012 Favorite Moments

We have been traveling around the new year so we are a little late in posting about how great 2012 was. Here are a lot of our favorite moments from 2012. FIY these are not in any particular order.

Apple picking at Barton Orchards.

Lyndon's fun trip to London and the Olympics.

My parent's spring visit. 

Taking Cosette to the park during spring.

Our day trip to Philly. It is an awesome city!

Going to the Cake Boss bakery several times.

Lyndon's Dad and brother visiting