The Last Day of Break

MLK day was Lyndon's last day of break before the semester started. I tried not to be sad losing the freedom breaks provide us with to do whatever we want whenever we want (or whatever Cosette wants whenever Cosette wants). We took a loooong walk from our place down to the MET. It's beautiful and full of lovely art and we love it. We took the Percy Jackson tour of the Greek art. Yeah, we are nerds. It gave us a purpose. Most of the time we end up in the same gallery so time to look at something different. It made me think of our time in Greece. Oh how I want to go back since I know now what it is like abroad and traveling with Lyndon (you walk a lot).

The first stop was at the armor. The full armor set weighs 70 pounds! 

Next we stopped at a scarcophagus that depicted the myth of Theseus, Ariadne and the Minotaur.

Lyndon and Herculese (honey, you mean Hunkulese, lol).

Dionysos or Mr. D to Percy Jackson fans, is also known as the Greek god of wine. 

The cutest kid in the world!
Nereid and Polyphemus. She is a sea nymph and he a cyclopes who loves her. Ah, so romantic.  

Athena, the Goddess of wisdom, war, and the arts. She is fierce!

Gollum in human form (this was not part of the tour).

Finally we have Perseus with the Medusa's head.

Afer all that walking we took the bus home. So long winter break. At least Lyndon does not have classes on Friday. Just have to make it to Friday. 


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