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Lyndon's Conference Part 2

Saturday February 16 was the day of the conference. It was a beautiful day. 

Dr. Paul Kerry, Brigham Young University, spoke on the Family and the Republic.  

Dr. Brad Wilcox University of Virginia was the keynote speaker. His lecture was titled Put a Ring On It: Why Marriage Matters for Couples, Children, and the Country.

Dr. Mark Regnerus, University of Texas shared his research on the differences of adult children of parents who have same-sex relationships. In his lecture he shared his statistics from his study on all different family trypes including traditional, single, divorced, when one parent is dead, along with the same-sex parents.

Dr. Robert Lerman, American University shared his research on how family patterns affect the economic well-being of Americans.

Dawn Eden is a theologian and author of Thrill of the Chaste and My Peace I Give unto You. She spoke on chastity

Sherif Girgis is a PhD and JD candidate from Yale University. His lecture was the address that caught the protestor…

Lyndon's Conference: The Family in Modern Society Part I

This past weekend was Lyndon's conference The Family in Modern Society at Columbia. He has worked so hard on this, pretty much since March until now. So this has taken up twelve months of our lives. All the hard work payed off. The conference was a success! Lyndon should be very proud of himself for putting on a conference discussing conservative topics at a very liberal university. We are going to have a series of post about the conference so be prepared to read. And really do read it. it is all very interesting.

Lyndon and I have participated with another organization, The Love and Fidelity Network, that puts on a similar conference every year at Princeton Universtiy (which is actually where we started to get to know each other). After attending the LFN conference for several years Lyndon felt inspired to have a similar conference at Columbia. We both are very passionate about perserving traditional families and marriage in our society. Lyndon felt that Columbia would benefit fro…

Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!
This has become one of my favorite holidays in the last few years. This year especially I am really into it. It probably has to do with my sweet Lyndon who proposed to me on V-Day four years ago. Since then he has made Valentine's Day a fun and special day. He always surprises me with something fun. Usually we go eat some where fabulous and go see a ballet or opera. He likes to do something cultural on this speical day. This year I am getting into the spirit more. Cosette can do a lot more things. We made special Valentine's for our families and made yummy cookies. She kept sneaking cookie dough and eating it. She is my daughter. 

The finished product waiting for Lyndon. I went to the Cake Boss Bakery last year to get Lyndon something for V-day and was inspired to make the dark chocolate bowls filled with chocolate covered strawberries. It was a lot easier that I anticipated. Oh, and that cloth on the table are the pajama pants I made by myself! I can …

Tennessee Trip

We have been gone for a little while. Well Cosette and I have been gone for a while. We flew down south to enjoy some time with my family. It was so nice. I got to be there for my brother's sweet 16. We had a dinner party for him at "Dunnton" Abbey. We all helped cook all the food and served it to him and his friends. I think really only David was a specific person (Carson). Leslie and Sam we joked were Anna and Bates. Cosette was just cute. It was really nice to be there for Eston's Birthday. I cannot even remember the last time I was home for any of my family member's brithdays. That means it was time to go down and celebrate one. 

We missed the massive snow storm the North East had but we did get some snow of our own. 

Cosette got to do a lot of fun things. We got to go to nursery school with my Mom a couple of times. Cosette loved playing with Moses (the family dog). I wish we had the space for a dog because she loved playing with him so much. At least she can …

2011 Babies 2013 Photos

In our Church's congregation there were 14 babies born in 2011! Which means Cosette has a lot of buddies to play with. Last year we got together and took a photo of most of them. I think 11 of the 14 ended up in the photo. It turned out darling. They are set up in age order in the photo. 

We decided to get together again this year and take another one. Little did we know that the kids have become very camera shy. 

Cosette and her buddy Oliver. She sat down next to him and put her arm around him. I did not  have to even pose this photo. 

Then I sat her down next to her best friend Jane when getting ready to try to photo again and she started giving her kisses! It was so stinking cute.

Most of them ended up crying by the time we were ready to take the photo and since they can walk now got up and ran off to find their mommy. Who knew toddlers hated getting there pictures taken so much?