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Cherry Blossoms in Brooklyn

We have been spending a lot of times at gardens lately. We went with friends to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens to see the cherry blossoms before they were gone.

Cosette loves looking for airplanes right now. There were airplanes going over the gardens just about every five minutes. We stopped a lot to look at them. Cosette was having a ball.

We tossed some coins into the fountain. Cosette got a big kick out of that. Once I ran out of pennies she stasrted throwing her snacks into the fountain.

Such cute little girls! I love these photos.

Beautiful wisteria.

We made it to Cherry Blossom lane.

My Little Singing Piano Player

We took this video a while back and I just found it when going through pictures. She has upgraded from my little piano player (video here) to my singing piano player. Enjoy her musical talent!

Stree Fair and the Central Park Zoo

Our Stake's youth program sponsored a street fair as their fundraiser for their summer camps and activities this year. We went over to the East Side and partook in some of the events. There was a cookout with delicous hot dogs and hamburgers. I was a total pregnant lady and could not get enough. I will not tell you how many hot dogs I ate. This baby was liking them a lot!

Cosette decorated this beautiful cookie at one of the cookie decorating booths. She was especially excited about the mini oreo.

I got my hair braided. It worked out great that there was a hair braiding booth because I left the house that morning without doing my hair. I had no inspiration that morning.

The finished hair do.

Our next stop of the day was to the Central Park Zoo! We recently got a zoo pass that gets us into all the New York City zoos and the NYC aquarium. This was the first time we used it and we were pretty stoked about it. I love going to the zoo. 

A picture of ducks for Coco. 

A leaping leamur.

My favor…

As of Late

Here are photos from things that we have done lately.

We made a trip to Grand Central Station to see the "doll house". Target put together a doll house to show off there new home decour collection. Not quite as kid friendly as I hoped it would be. At least Grand Central is a pretty cool place. 

We have started having Sunday brunch. Lyndon cooked it one week. It was super delicious. Nice thick French toast with sausage potatoe cakes, fruit, and a fruit dip. The man went out and bought me raspberries! He loves me. 

We made a trip to Chelsea to the High Line. It was our first time there. 

You can see the Statue of Liberty off in the distnace.

We went down to Columbus Circle to see the Bluth's frozen banana stand and have started watching Arrested Development. 

There was a children's fair on our street one Saturday. Cosette enjoyed petting the animals. She loves animals.

Cosette and I made a stop off at St. John the Divine. It is such a beautiful Cathedral. We enjoyed some suns…

Conservatory Gardens in Bloom

We took a lovely walk over to the conservatory gardens in Central Park to see the beautiful trees and flowers in bloom. The blossoms on the trees come and go so quickly that I was worried we might not make it. I also wanted to see the tulips before they were gone. I went too late in the season last year to see them (post here). I guess that is one reason to be grateful it has been a cool spring so I can still see the flowers late in the season.
I love these gardens. It is such a nice little gem that we have so close to us. I have enjoyed visiting them thrououg the seasons and seeing how they change. This is the most beautiful I have seen the garden. The blossoming trees make all the difference.

 By the fountain in the French style garden. Cosette of course was not without her stroller and "Mime".

I love how colorful nature is. All the colors are present everywhere in such beautiful arrangements. It makes me think of the hymn For the Beauty of the Earth. The beauty I find in nat…