Thursday, 27 June 2013

Precious Moments with Cosette

Cosette was the sweetest today. We have been trying to teach her soft touches especially when playing with others. You know kids at her age can be prone to hitting when they do not want to share. Today we were playing and she started patting my face saying "soft" and then gave me a big hug. It melted my heart. I am grateful I get to spend my days with my sweet sweet little girl. 

Monday, 24 June 2013

Strawberry Picking

Summer time is my favorite time, not just because my birthday is in the summer, but becase strawberries are in season! We went with some friends up state to Lawrence Orchards and picked us a bunch of strawberries. It was fantastic! The weather was great, the strawberries were plenty, and we got to (hopefully) start a new tradition. 

While picking you were allowed to sample a couple strawberries. Cosette did not get that memo. She pretty much ate whatever she picked. I do not blame her. The berries were delicious.


She is getting good at saying "cheese" for the camera. Now we just need to get her to look at the camera while saying "cheese".

Horses are her new favorite animal. She was delighted to find some at the farm. The one she and Lyndon are standing next to apparently is an old horse that the family lets roam around the farm. Cosette was in heaven with all the straberries and different farm animals. 

Every farm has to have a farm dog and this farm is no different. They have a mastive and like its name it was massive. The thing was huge! It probably came up to my hip. Cosette was in love. She loves dogs so much. She followed that dog around for a while petting him and talking to him. It kind of freaked me out because the thing was so big. He could have taken her head off easily. Thankfully he was a sweet old dog used to kids petting him and playing with his ear, which is what Cosette was doing.  

Here is a better picture of how big the dog was. HUGE!

Lyndon with our loot. We ended up picking 10 lbs. of strawberries and a bunch of rhubarb. We wanted to make sure we had enough strawberries to make everything that we wanted to with them. Plus, strawberries are mine and Cosette's favorite fruit. She and I could eat strawberries everyday. Some weeks we do. 

We really like this farm. There was a little village for kids to play in. The buildings were the perfect size for Cosette to play in. She mainly just played in the fire house and ice cream parlor (which is where I would have hung out too). 


Lyndon found this little village just about as much fun as Cosette did. The guy who owns the farm built all these buildings himself for his daughter. Lyndon would love to do something like this for Cosette if we had the space. I guess he could build her minature ones that would fit into our NYC apartment. 

We are glad it is summer time!

Friday, 21 June 2013

Working Man

Lyndon has started his internship for the summer. Cosette and I miss him. We wait up for him every night to get home. Sometimes it is later than others. Cosette gets really excited when she hears the door unlock because that means Daddy is home! We get to go down town and visit him sometimes for lunch. His cafeteria has the best views of the city. It is awesome! Lyndon we love you! Love Christine and Cosette.

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Take Me out to the Ball Game

We checked off another thing on our NYC bucket list by going to a Yankees Game! Lyndon's firm took all the interns to the game so Cosette and I decided to tag a long. The stadium is not a long subway ride from us which made it really nice. We sat with a bunch of Lyndon's co-workers and got to meet them. He works with a good bunch of people. 

Baseball is so much more fun to watch in person (in my opinion). It was just like the song "Take me out to the ball game". There was a lot of good food, even some cracker jacks. Cosette liked those the best. She kept asking for more and more. She loved the game too. She made friends with a lot of the people sitting next to us. 

Go Yankees!

After going to this game I think we are officially Yankees fans. 

Monday, 17 June 2013

Happy Father's Day!

It's a day late but I would be amiss if I did not give a shout out to my sweet husband on Father's Day. Everything that is wonderful in my life is because of him. Thank you Lyndon for being a wonderful husband to me and the best father in the world to our daughter. We love you!

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Mystery Bird Story

 We saw some pretty cool wild life this past week. We walk by a cathedral in our neighborhood a lot and sometimes I hear these exotic bird noises coming from the cathedral. I have been really curious to know what kind of bird is making this noise because it is not your typical song bird or pidgeon that you usually see. We were on our way out when we walked by the cathedral and heard the bird. I was telling Lyndon I hear this exotic bird sometimes and what in the bird world could it be? Then we saw it sitting on the fence, a red-tailed hawk! It is our mystery bird. Apparently they have nested at this particular cathedral and a momma and her three babies live there. They babies are now starting to fly and this one got down to the fence and was swaking up a storm. We saw it make the exotic sound. Their bird call really does sound exotic, I promise. We are kind of nerdy and thought this was pretty cool and snapped some pictures of it. Red-tailed hawks do live in the city. I have seen a few since living here but I never knew they are our neighbors.  

Baby hawk making the exotic sound.

Other baby bird learning to fly.

They have chosen this apostle's hand/shoulder to be there home. The momma bird is pearched on his hand. 

I am kind of relieved that I now no longer have to wonder what bird is making that sound, because it was just bugging me. Mystery solved!

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Learning to Whistle

Here is a little video that Lyndon took of Cosette learning to whistle, hence the title, and me getting my hair braided. It is nothing special but just another video to see how cute and wonderful Cosette is. Enjoy! 

Monday, 10 June 2013

Taking the Megabus to a Wedding

My beautiful cousin got married over Memorial Day weekend. I took the Megabus down to DC with Cosette and met another cousin who was kind enough to let me ride the rest of the trip to TN for the wedding. What a trip that was. I have decided that Cosette gets bus sick. Last time we took the Megabus she got sick and within an hour of being on the bus she got sick this time around too. Only once though and it was not too bad (I got everything cleaned up and her changed within less than five minutes). It was kind of a hard trip over all. Cosette and I were both so tired most of the time. Thank goodness that we were staying with wonderful family members who were kind and helped me out with Cosette. But enough about the hard stuff and back to the Wedding!

These two good looking love birds got married in the Nashville, TN LDS Temple. The ceremony was beautiful. It was very sweet and simple.

The groom spinning around with his new bride. It was really sweet. 

Siblings! My Momma with my Uncle Keith and Aunt Sabrina (they're twins).

More siblings! The beautiful bride and her brothers and sister. Awesome kids! 

The wedding reception was a family affair. My Momma made the cake, my uncle was in charge of decorations, and everyone else pitched in to help set up the reception. Like all family recpetions it was a party. The night ended with a dance off between the groom's brothers, and brides brothers and cousins. I am sad I missed that. Cosette had enough after a while and we had to head home. My family filled me in on what happend. 
The trip back to NYC was a lot easier. We spend the night in DC and caught the Megabus the next afternoon to head back to the city. We got to spend a little while in downtown DC at the Smithsonian Natural History Museum before catching the bus.

Cosette and Hannah showing off their dance moves.

Looking at jungle animals. She roared at the lions.

Playing around.

The bus trip to NYC was uneventful, but I do not think we will be taking the megabus anymore during this pregnancy. We are happy to be home this summer.

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Bronx Zoo

Before Lyndon started his internship he planned a weekend out for us to enjoy. We used our zoo pass for the second time and went up to the Bronx Zoo for the first time. Lyndon did research as usual. He found out that this zoo is one of the top five zoos in the country, depending on what list you look at. This zoo is awesome! There are so many animals that I have never seen before. We loved it!

She kept calling the camels cows.

Looking at endangered birds. They live in the middle east and there are only a few left in the wild. Lucky we have them at our zoo.

Cosette found some ducks. 

Mongolian pony we saw on the Bengali Express.

Tree Kangaroos.

Checking out the polar bear. This is one of Cosette's favorite animals at the zoo. 

Slepping Monkeys.

Tapier. I have never seen one of these in person before, only on tv.

We found a bug sculpture and had to get a picture on it. The tradition continues. Other photos of this traidition here, and here.

These two at when we got home. Cosete had a lot of fun. 

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