Friday, 30 August 2013

Virginia Trip

We made a second stop on our way to Tennessee in Virginia. A little out of the way, but we have family there and we wanted to make a little family vacation out of the trip before little mister makes his debut. We stayed with my Aunt and Uncle's family this time around. They live close to the beach! Yay! Lyndon drug us all out into the water and started splashing around calling out to all sharks in the area that we were there (it was shark week on the discovery channel that week). Cosette loved the beach. She likes playing in the sand and water at the parks in NYC so the beach was like a giant sandbox. She did lose one of her water shoes and if you asks her she will tell you "the purple are gone". I feel bad because she was moderately upset about the ocean sucking her shoe out to sea.

She played ball with Lyndon, and my cousin Patrick.
Digging a whole to China.
Our second day in VA we spent at Colonial Williamsburg. Such a lovely place. My family would go there whenever we went to visit my Aunt so there are a lot of fond memories of this place. We enjoyed walking around the historic city seeing all of the buildings and kind of experiencing what life would have been like during that time period. Anyone read the American Girl Felicity books? Well this is where she lived and her adventures took place.

Family photo in front of the Governor's Mansion.

Saw the flute and drum marching band. I felt so patriotic.
Cosette took right up with my Aunt Sabrena. She kept calling her grandma, which Aunt Sabrena loved. Cosette was very sad to leave "Grandma Sabrena's" house.
Me and my lovely Aunt with Cosette.
We had a wonderful time relaxing, talking, sleeping, eating, etc. It was a much needed vacation!

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Greetings From D.C.

Greetings from DC! Okay so we are not there now, but we were. We took our time traveling to Tennessee for my sisters wedding. We made stops in DC and Virginia before finally making it to the my home town. Having a large extended family made all this extra stopping possible.
Lyndon and I have only been to DC together once when we were first married (post here), so we were excited to head back and go to some of the museums we missed out on the last time we were there. Sadly, we did not get to spend as much time in DC as we wanted to. Our little mister was giving me some pretty bad/painful contractions, so we cut our day there short. We still managed to see enough to feel like our day there was worth while.
Washington Monument.

Cosette showing off her new pink sandals.
Outside the Smithsonian Museum of American History. Absolutely loved the first ladies section. They had on display some of their outfits from while their husbands were in office. I enjoyed seeing how styles changed through out history and whose style I most identified with. Not saying I identified with Michelle Obama, but her inaugural ball gown was probably my favorite. It stood out to me more than most of the others. Surprisingly, I thought Eleanor Roosevelt's style was not too shabby. They had one of her dresses there and it was very elegant. 

Dorothy's ruby red slippers used on the Wizard of OZ movie, my favorite childhood movie. Wish I could add those to my wardrobe. Cosette thought they were pretty too. She is a shoe girl just like her mama. Her face is awesome in this picture.
There was a small section in the American Stories exhibit devoted to the Nauvoo era of our Church's history. I was pretty surprised it was included. Often time it seems that anything about Mormonism in history is left out.
We met Kermit the Frog!
Cosette liked the helicopter in the museum's war section. She likes to point to the sky whenever she hears an airplane or sees one.
Cosette decided to practice her photography skills during our time in the museum. Here are her first self portraits. Budding photographer? With some lessons maybe.

Big thanks to my cousin's family for letting us stay with them and being so hospitable. That is pretty much all we had a chance to see. Little mister was not feeling up to it that day. At least DC is not too far from NYC and we have more family that moved into that area recently, which gives us good excuses to go and visit.

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Govenors Island

I have loved our summer in the city (I am not ready for it to be over). There is so much to do! I love it! While my Momma was visiting we took a trip to Govenors Island. It is just a 15 minute ferry ride from downtown and it is only open during the summer. The weekend we went a French style carnival opened. Cosette being obssesed with carousels we decided to make the trip out there. It was worth it. We are going to go again. 

Goofing around on the ferry ride over.

Playing with a balloon. She loves balloons.

She was very excited to ride in the pink car. She is a very girly girl. 

This is a 100 year old carousel. She rode it three times. The horses mane and tails were made out of real hair. 

The fair ground. I can't wait till we go back to France.

She likes to go fast which is probably why she loves swings. Lyndon pushed her on the boat swing for a long  long time. He is a good daddy. 

It started to rain while we were there, but we came prepared. Rain jackets and ponchos for all of us. On a side note since we took a ferry, Cosette loves the public transportation in the city. She loves when the subway trains are coming to our stop. She always says "train coming" when she sees the front light. She loves loves loves taking the bus. Not sure why, but it is her favorite. This ferry ride to and from the island has now given her a love of boats. Safe to say I think she likes to travel, or just city living. She is my little uptown girl. 

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Birthday Weekend Part 2: Central Park Fairy Tale

One thing I love about Lyndon is that when I suggest we do something or tell him that there is something I eventually want to do in life he makes it happen, and pretty quickly. That is the setting for the second night of  my birthday celebrations.

Once again I had no idea what the plans were for the evening. All Lyndon would say was the time and what I should wear. He told Cosette what the plans were and tried to get her to hint them to me, but she is two and it did not quite click. We took the train down to Columbus Circle where Lyndon then lead me and Cosette over to the south side of Central Park which is the best place to go for a carriage ride. Yes, Lyndon's plan was to take me and Cosette on a horse drawn carriage ride through Central Park! Pretty darn romantic. It is one of those things that I wanted to do eventually during our time in NYC, but not high on my priority list because we are going to be here a while and have plenty of time to do it. Of course, I told Lyndon that sometime in my life I want to go on one of the carriage rides through the park and he made it happen. This is why he is the best. He makes my dreams come true.

Cosette is in a horse loving phase right now. She was very excited to go on the carriage ride. She made a little gasp of excitment when she realized we were going to ride the horse, well sit in the carriage. She stood up looking at it the whole time. Her favorite part of the ride was that the horse pooped and she talked about it the rest of the night. "Horsie pooped" she said over and over and over again. Lyndon tried to guide the conversation away from that topic, but she will still tell you today that the horse pooped.

We did not go all the way through the park because surprise number two of the night was in the middle of the park by the Basethda Fountain. We had sometime to kill before our next activity so Cosette and I sang "I know you" from Sleeping Beauty. That is her favorite movie and song to sing. She calls it "I know". 

The second activity for the evening was dinner at the Boat House. It is the only restaurant in Central Park. It is really nice. It sits right on one of the lakes in the park. The view is beautiful. There were three alligator snapping turtles that swam back and forth by our table the entire evening. It was like they were waiting to eat us.

Cute sweet angel.

After dinner Lyndon informed me there was a thrid activity that evening. We had some time to kill again so we walked over to the Alice in Wonderland statue and hung out for a while letting Cosette get some of her wiggles out.

The last activity of the night was a ride on the gondola around the lake by the Boat House. Lyndon had rented the gondola just for us and it came a little late so it was dark and we were the only people on the lake.  The city lights were beautiful. Everything was calm and quiet, something that you do not get much of in the city. Cosette really enjoyed the boat ride, surprisingly more than the carriage ride. 

While living in Cambridge, Lyndon became a very experienced and excellent punter. Our punter let him have a go for a little while on the water. 

I could not have asked for a better birthday. It really was like a fairy tale. Everything seemed pretty surreal. Starting year 25 like this definitely means it is going to be a great year. Thank you Lyndon for being the sweet husband you are. 

Monday, 26 August 2013

Birthday Weekend Part 1: Chocolate Tour

This post should actually be titled Lyndon is the best husband ever. I have been saying that a lot lately on here, but he really is. He tries really hard to make me happy and do special things for me. He pretty much rocks! He knows how to plan a special event, let me tell you. Best Valentine's Days, birthdays, and anniversaries since getting married to him. This year my birthday was done in two parts, well maybe three. He had to work late on my actual birthday so we did not do anything special but the next two nights he had made major plans. And he loves surprising me. So I had no idea what was going to happen.

This cupcake is actually part one of my birthday. Lyndon did bring me home a cupcake on my birthday with 25 five flowers, and 25 pieces of chocolate from Mariebelle. He "had" to eat some of the chocolate pieces so there would be 25 in the box when he gave it to me. Life is hard sometimes.

That weekend he surprised me by taking Cosette and I on a chocolate tour of the Soho and Chelsea area.

We stopped at the Chocolate Bar.

Happy girl in her new red stroller and sunglasses. 

Milk and Cookies Bakery stop. You can see she has her milk,

and her cookie, 

which makes for a happy girl. 

My favorite stop on the tour was probably Magnolia Bakery. The chocolate cupcake was really really good. It exceeded my expectations. We have gone once before and were really disappointed with the cupcake we got, but it was not chocolate. Super moist and the frosting tasted like momma's.

Dark chocolate macaroons. Need I say more?

Pasticceria Bruno Bakery & Cafe. Supposedly the best cannoli you can get in the city. It beat Bobby Flay in a cannoli throw down (does he ever win when he comes to New York?). If you like cannolis go to this this place. 

That is the way to spend a birthday. Eating lots of tasty treats. Originally we were going to get a babysitter for Cosette, but it did not work out, so she came with us. It turned out to be so much better with her there. She has a sweet tooth and was in heaven eating all the treats. Plus, she was so happy to be with both Mommy and Daddy. She loves it when we are all together. That is the way to spend a birthday, with the ones you love. Cliche but true. 

So that was the first night of my birthday celebration. Like I said earlier, Lyndon knows how to plan a special event. 


Saturday, 24 August 2013

Moving and Such

Moving. This is what our apartment looked like for a few days. We moved to a two bedroom apartment in our building. The move in date got moved up a week earlier so we were not as prepared as could have been and all of our friends who could help us were gone. But we did it! And we LOVE our new place! We now have tons of windows that stream in lots of sunlight instead of only having one. I no longer feel like we live in a cave, and let me tell you it feels good. We can see the Empire State Building from our window. It is a whole new NYC experience. All of our things fit. It is amazing! I am no longer having to find super creative ways to fit everything in our apartment. For the last two years our apartment was like a puzzle. If a piece was out of place it just did not work. Extra space does wonders my friends. 

If moving was not enough we headed out of town for my sister's wedding. Yay! Lyndon is no longer the lone in-law on the Dunn side. And I am not the only married sibling. We made stops in DC, and Virginia before making it to Tennessee. 

While traveling we celebrated our three year anniversary. Best three years of our lives. These three years have shown me that I am one lucky girl to have a sweet husband like Lyndon. (He really is the best!)
More details and photos to come. 

Happy weekend!

Friday, 23 August 2013

Summer Visitors

We had some visitors in July. Lydon's Aunt and cousins came to visit some family and we were able to meet up with them for a little bit. Lyndon took them around 5th Ave and Grand Central. We enjoy visitors because it gives us a chance/excuse to enjoy what our city has to offer. It gets us out of our everyday routine and do something fun.

My Momma came up for a visit too. We also took her to Grand Central. She had not been yet and really wanted to go. It was a low key visit. It is nice since she has come to the city a lot we have done most of the sights so we can take it easy when she comes. We had lunch with Lyndon one day at work and she got to see the spectacular views from his office. It is just as good or better than the Empire State Building. Cosette was in heaven having Grandma here. When we went to pick her up from the Megabus Cosette ran up to her and would not let anyone but Grandma hold her. 

I think the highlight of Grandma's visit for Cosette was making a cake with her. Grandma let her lick the icing spoon. Yum! 

It looks like before this month is over we are going to have a few more visitors. We are excited! Hopefully this baby will wait till they leave to make his appearance. Four weeks people! The countdown in on. We are excited for his arrival.
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