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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween Everyone!! This is my favorite holiday of the year. I love Halloween. I have been trying to pack in as many Halloween activities as possible, especially this week. Here are some photos of our Halloween fun. Some lovely friends organized a pumpkin painting acitivity. Cosette got really into painting her pumpkin. She painted the whole thing blue, green, and yellow. Then she proceeded to decorate it with stickers. She is an artist.
This year our sweet baby girl is a yellow horse. Horses are her favorite animal and yellow is her favorite color so it works. She is really adorable in her costume. She looks awesome!
At our church Halloween party. Our friend Josephina is holding Henry. She is awesome! Henry got along well with her. He fell asleep in her arms.  Sweet little boy to the left. To the right is the end of the annual Harlem Meet Pumpkin Float. You can take your jack o' latern down in Central Park and watch it float across the Meer. It's a pretty haunting sight.�…

The Blaze

When we were in England, our landlords forbade us from displaying our Jack-O-Lanterns. They did not celebrate Hallowe'en because they thought it was too pagan. Well, setting aside the demonic aspects, Hallowe'en is a blast, and after our experience in England we discovered it is much better with lots of carved pumpkins. After our pumpkin fast, imagine our delight when we discovered THE GREAT JACK-O-LANTERN BLAZE last year, near Washington Irving's Sleepy Hallow, no less! This year we knew we had to go back and see the thousands of carved Jack-O-Lanterns again. So we bought our tickets early. Unfortunately Christine fell ill the day we had our tickets. Feeling impetuous I, Lyndon decided to brave the cold dark world and take Coco to THE GREAT JACK-O-LANTERN BLAZE all by myself. Things were complicated when just before it was time to leave, Coco took a nasty fall and cut her lip on the asphalt while on a trip to the grocery store. After changing out of our blood soaked cloth…

Birth Story

It has been a month since Mr. Henry's arrival so I guess I will share a little bit about the day he was born. Lyndon says I should share the birth story because this blog is help our families keep up with us and it is kind of funny. There are no gory details so don't worry.

I was nine months pregnant and I was not sure if he was ever going to come. I mean I had been pregnant this entire year so far. 2013 did not know a non pregnant Christine. I was really ready to have him and not be pregnant anymore. Anyway, I did not have hardly any contractions the weeks leading up to his birth, which for me was weird because with Cosette I had Braxton Hicks all the time. I mean all the time! With Cosette I was afraid I was not going to know when I was in labor because I had so many brackston hicks. Anyway, at my last appointment my doctor told me that she would probably not see me at my next appointment the following week because he was probably going to come in the next week. I went home s…

Union Square Drawing

Today I am sharing a video the wonderful missionaries in our Stake put together. We have sister missionaries serving in our ward right now who have gotten to know pretty well. We have them over for dinner about once a week. The other night at dinner they told us about an activity the missionaries got together and did on one of their day's off. All the missionaries in our Stake got together down at Union Square and drew the plan of salvation on the side walk with chalk. Awesome idea! It is something that people will be curious enough to ask what is going on. Great way to meet new people and teach the gospel. We love the missionaries!

The Cloisters

We finally made it up to the Cloisters! It is the second part of the MET where the medieval collection is housed. The Cloisters is really cool; it is an actual French monastery that Rockefeller had taken apart and shipped piece by piece to Manhattan and put back together. The perfect place for the city to display all of it's medieval art, right? The collection up there was fantastic. I went down into the treasury where all there were several crypt on display. I felt like Indiana Jones in the Last Crusade, but with all out the rats thank goodness. There was one room that was set up like a chapel with speakers playing choir boys singing like you were in an actual service. It was amazing! The main piece we wanted to see were the unicorn tapestries. I have talked about this several times on the blog, but Cosette is obsessed with horses right now. Does not matter what kind of horse it is she loves them. She really liked the tapestries. She kept saying "Unicorn!" over and over …