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Cosette's Two-Years Old Photo Shoot

Before baby boy's arrival we had Cosette's two year old photos done. She is at a such a fun age I want to preserve the memory of her sweet little spunky self. She had a lot of fun taking these photos. She got to wear her horse skirt for some of them and hold one of her horses. You can see it in her hand. She is obssesed with horses.

Daddy helped get some smiles out of her by helping her to fly high in the sky, as she calls it.
Her face in this one is priceless.

She is my little jumping queen. She loves to run, spin, jump, and dance if you can't tell. It is hard to keep up with her sometimes. Cosette we love you baby girl. xoxo mama

2 Months and Smiles

Henry is two months old! The time has flown, but gone slowly if that makes sense. It feels like Henry has been with us a lot longer than two months. But no, it has only been two. He had his two month check up this week and his doctor is very happy with the way he has been growing. He now weighs 11.5 lbs! I was shocked when I saw it on the scale at the doctor's office. He has plumped up, but that is almost double his weight since his birth. The best part about him getting "older" are his smiles. A lot of smiling has been happening around here. It is my little paycheck for all the late nights, dirty diapers, etc. It is totally worth it to see his sweet little smile.
Love you Henry.

Days Like This

This happened a while back. I convinced Lyndon to come out with us and go for a long walk, which always means we end up at the MET. The weather was absolutly perfect and it was a beautiful day. So lovely! We stopped at Central Park on the East side and had a picnic and soaked up the sun. Oh, I want to go back to that glorious day. 
Lots of loving on Henry.
On the roof top of the MET! Family photo. View from the roof top of the MET. Our "pink" tree. I love to see the red leaves during fall. Cosette pointed this one out to me and told me it was a pink tree. I love our "pink" tree.
There is something to be said about relaxing and enjoying the day (carpei dium right). With two kids and living in NYC it always seems like we are on the go and do not spend a lot of time relaxing. Days like this I will have fond memories of. It doesn't get much better than spending some time with the ones you love.

Plothows 2013

It is that time again to take family photos. This year it was necessary since Henry has joined our family. I want to get a family photo done once a year and so I guess this is the second year I can successfully check off. I love seeing how our family is changing and growing too. Looking at last years photos Cosette has changed so much. She was a tiny toddler and now she is this tall, spunky, beautiful two year old. Anyway, I hope you enjoy them. We had the same friend who took Henry's newborn photos take these.

Top of the Rock!

This past week has been Birthday week in the Plothow House. Lyndon's Birthday is today! Happy Birthday husband! Every day for the past week we have done something fun for Lyndon't birthday. Last night we went to see the view from the Top of the Rockerfeller Plaza (Top of the Rock). It was beautiful and fantastic, but the wind was freezing cold. Lyndon liked it a lot better than the Empire State building. The presentation is much better at the Top of the Rock. When you get in the elevator to go up the celing of the elevator is clear and there are lights along the elevator shaft so it looks really cool as you go up. Plus, there is a really nice observation deck. And you can see the Empire State building up close. It was lite up red, white, and blue for Veteran's Day. We made a little video/slide show of our outing up to the Top of the Rock. Enjoy and wish husband a wonderful birthday!

Henry's Newborn Photos

We had some newborn photos done of Henry. We had some taken of Cosette as a newborn and they were so precious. We wanted to capture this sweet newborn phase of Henry as well. He is about a week old in these photos, so still pretty brand new. Enjoy the cuteness.

Sweet tiny toes. This picture makes him look like he might have red hair? Not sure if he will. We shall see.
I think this one is my favorite. It cracks me up how Cosette is trying to pose like Henry. Makes me smile.

He has the sweetest face in this picture.