Monday, 29 December 2014

Christmas Day

Christmas day was a more low key day for us than usual. We got the kids up and told them Santa had come. We did the the picture with them coming out and seeing the living room filled with presents. It was kind of magical. We opened presents which the kids probably enjoyed as much as playing with their new toys. Henry loved ripping opening the presents. It was special because he understands what things are and he got really excited about the presents as he opened them and saw what they were. Cosette was thrilled with all her presents. She would open one and yell "this is exactly what I wanted!". We then got ready and attended Christmas Day mass at St. John the Divine Cathedral. It is nice to have a some religious celebrating on Christmas. We attended services on Christmas Day at King's College when we lived in Cambridge and last year we attended it at St. Fin Barre's Cathedral in Ireland. It is becoming a tradition. The rest of the day we lazed around. The kids played with their toys, I took a nap, and Lyndon played with the kid's legos. We went out to dinner at a Indian restaurant, which Lyndon wants to make a tradition from now on. I am down with that. No cooking or clean up. That is a great Christmas gift in itself. It was a merry little Christmas. 

Here a few photos from our Christmas season. 

We met Santa again at the Christmas party at Daddy's work. 

The Rockefeller tree. 
Saks 5th Ave windows. They were fairy tale themed this year. The only way we got Cosette to go was to tell her that we were going to see Cinderella.
I love 5th Ave this time of year. 

The Plaza always has the most beautiful Christmas wreaths. 
We made it to the MET to see their Christmas tree. One of the most beautiful in the city.
We had all of the girls in Cosette's preschool class over to decorate Christmas cookies. It turned into a princess cookie decorating party. It was fun and I think they ate more frosting than anything else. 
Met Abby Cadabby at the Winter Festival. 
Christmas head bands for everyone! Lyndon and I both have ones too.
Our annual gingerbread house. 
We finished the house. Worst house we have ever decorated, haha. It definitely looks like the kids decorated it. 
Kisses for brother. They are sweet hearts.
We hope you had a wonderful Christmas Day!
Lyndon, Christine, Cosette, and Henry

Friday, 26 December 2014

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! We all here hope that your day has been filled with joy and good cheer. I am sharing this video of Cosette telling the Nativity story which is fitting since it is Christmas day. I am so grateful for the Savior and this time of year to focus on him and his birth. The kids have a Christmas book about this story and the page that talks about baby Jesus says "And he is the reason for Christmas day!". He truly is. He is the gift. Merry Christmas to you all!

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

The Littlest Christmas Tree

Merry Christmas eve! I dont' know about you, but we are really excited for tomorrow. It's been really rainy here this week in NYC making us think we are in Ireland again for Christmas. We wrapped all the gifts last night and are ready to have a relaxing night. Movie watching and hot chocolate are probably going to happen. Cosette has been singing Christmas carols every time we are out and about. The people on our bus or train get a kick out of it. It's helping us all really get into the Christmas spirit. Her favorites are "Frosty the Snowman", "Up on the House Top", "Once within Royal David's City", and "Rudolph the Rednose Reindeer". I'll have to get some clips of her singing some of them. 
I wanted to post some pictures of our Christmas tree. It has been a very important part of our home this holiday season. The kids have been loving it to death, literally! Several ornaments have been injured and the lights will need to be put back on again, but it has been a really special part of our Christmas this year.

A little tree for our little apartment. Cosette is taller than our tree this year.  

Holding up her special Christmas ornament she got for Christmas the year she was born.  
Trimming the tree.

The kids got an early Christmas present from Great Grandma Baba. It is one of those little people nativity sets and it has been played with non stop since opening it. It has really brought the Nativity story to life for them especially Cosette. Henry will get it in a year. Right now he just makes the camel and donkeys roar, which someone has to do. Cosette has been playing out the Christmas story with all the characters and  likes Mary the best. It's been a good Christmas season. Merry Christmas Eve from us in New York City! We hope wherever you are that you can feel the love of the Saviour. He is the gift! Merry Christmas!

Monday, 22 December 2014

Chicago Part Two

This trip I did mostly things that I could do or better enjoy without kids. Although, I did miss those little sweet hearts so much! Seriously the moment I got into the city I missed them like crazy. Their sweet little hands and cute squishy faces. I was going to kiss them and hug them until they couldn't take it when I got home. But since this was a trip where I was sans kids I wanted to do things that would be easier without them. I curled my hair everyday, whether or not it looked good I don't care because I got to curl my hair! I don't want to sound like everything was better because I was without my kids, because it was not, but it was nice to relax and not have to vigilant all the time. There were things that I wish they had been there for, but luckily New York is not lacking anything that Chicago has so we can do similar things back in our city. 
We took a walk down the Magnificent Mile and saw all the magnificent Christmas lights. 
The greatest friends.
So many beautiful Christmas trees.

The Tribune Tower has pieces of different buildings in it. We found a piece of the Salt Lake Temple! A few other cool ones were from the Palais du Luxembourg in Paris, Corregidor which was used as a military base in WWII off the coast of Manila in Philippines. We tried to go there while we were there. I thought this was the coolest idea for a building.

Their Macy's had magnificent window displays too.
Chicago art. It's everywhere.
We spent an afternoon at Chicago's Art Institute. The Lions outside are pretty iconic.
Saw some pretty great art. It is a really impressive collection for the size of the museum. 

Picasso's  The Old Guitarist.
Chagall's American Window are beautiful. We set there for a while admiring them.
Edward Hooper, Nighthawks.
George Seurat's A Sunday Afternoon on La Grande Jatte. I was especially excited to see this one because it inspired me as a child. I went through a pointillism phase. 
Monet's Haystacks.
American Gothic. Apparently it is a dad and daughter, not husband and wife. Incredible to see this iconic piece of American art.
We went to the south side of the city and took a tour of Frank Lloyd Wright's Robie House. It is the culmination of his prairie style. Wright wanted to create a American style architecture because up until this point American architects were borrowing styles from the old world. Obviously he got the idea for the prairie style from midwestern landscape and he used it to create his houses to feel like the long and expansive like the prairie. The windows were my favorite. There were so many and the light just flooded in. 

Wright did keep a bit of the old world style but in his own style. There windows represent that. 
My favorite part of the trip was going to see the Joffrey Ballet perform The Nutcracker. It is my favorite ballet! The dancing, the costumes, the music is incredible and never gets old. I am now convincing Cosette that she wants to be the sugar plum fairy for Halloween next year. And it is working! I love love love this ballet.

My trip was just long enough and I could not wait to get back to these cuties. Next time we go to Chicago together!
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