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The Rock of Cashel

Cashel was the seat of the King's of Munster (must be where we get the name for Munster cheese) in the 5th century. Before that it was center of tribal and religious power for a thousand years. Then in 450 St. Patrick supposedly came here and baptized King Aengus making him Ireland's first Christian ruler. It is also said to be a site of druidic worship so has both royal and religious history. It is pretty cool to drive up to it. The Rock of Cashel is on a mountain above the town so you can see it off the distance driving up to it. It was an  awesome site to behold!

Saint Fin Barre's Cathedral

Christmas Day we went to St. Fin Barre's Cathedral in Cork City Centre for Christmas Day mass. We attended Christmas Day mass at King's College while we were living in Cambridge and thought we would continue that tradition since we were in Ireland. I guess we could continue that tradition in the United States, but there is something about attending a service in these beautiful cathedrals. We like going because it helps focus the day on Christ and his birth. The service was beautiful. We sang O Little Town of Bethlehem to the tune a different hymn that for the life of me I cannot remember now. If I remember I will post it later. It was amazing! Lyndon and I have been humming it since. 
St. Fin Barre's Cathedral is an Anglican Cathedral which we kind of surprise since we were in Ireland which is mostly Catholic. It is built on the site that was the entrance to medieval Cork. It is St. Fin Barre's Cathedral because he established a monastery here and is said to be the foun…