Christmas Traditions

I am still posting about Christmas, but it's almost over on the blog. This year we spent Christmas with Lydon's sister and her family in Cork, Ireland. They just moved over there for work back in September. They live in the southern part of Ireland in County Cork, which is the largest county in the country and one of the most picturesque places in Ireland too. They live in a little village outside Cork City called Carrigaline. It is a cute little village reminiscent of all the ones we drove through on our travels in England. 

We incorporated a few Christmas traditions. One that their family does is go out to eat on Christmas Eve, I think. At least that is what I was told. So we went to a restaurant in the village Christmas Eve. We had a table in the front of the restaurant to ourselves. It was a nice dinner. Cosette ate all her food and some of mine. She loves French fries or chips we should say since we were in Ireland. 

Another Christmas tradition we did this year is from Lyndon's childhood. Every year the siblings would draw names and get a present for the person they drew the name for. Christmas Ever they would open those presents. We decided to do that this year with Brooke's family. It was a lot of fun. We went to a shopping center together and picked out the gifts.The kids had fun. It made Christmas Eve more special. 

Gregory was excited to open presents. I think George has him around the waist, haha. It was a party!

Cosette and George were being funny. They would hug each other and then fall on the chair laughing. I am glad she got to have some fun times with her cousins. She still asks to go to Gregory and George's house.
Cosette got to open her present first. She was trilled with the "princess" jacket she got. When she opened it she gasped and said "princess". Good job on the present cousins!


George and Cosette wanted to help everyone open their presents. 

It was a good Christmas.


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