Just a Little Update

It's still Christmas here on our blog. As most during the Christmas season, we were really busy! I mean really busy. Lyndon had finals, we had to pack up our apartment, pack for Europe, and we had all the other holiday activities going on. But we did it. Lyndon finished finals, we packed up everything, and barely made our flight. We spent the holiday's in beautiful Ireland with Lyndon's sister and her family. Shortly after the new year we flew over to Paris where we will be living for the next few month while Lyndon finishes his last semester of law school. So yeah we have been pretty busy! Here a few photos from the last month in Ireland.

We have missed those European cathedrals. Lyndon was in heaven.

We visited the Irish Coast a few times. Too cold to swim, though.
Yum, yum yum!  


We still used the public transportation. That is just how we travel.

Hanging out.

Cousins playing in the sand. There is nothing better right?

Love the Irish coast, and my hair.
Bullman Pub we ate at in Kinsale. I finally had fish 'n chips there.

Me and the kiddos getting ready to leave for Paris!
That is where we currently are. We are so, so, so, happy to be here!


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