Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Disneyland Paris!

We went to Disneyland Paris, which is almost as glamorous as it sounds. I must say if Disneyland is the happiest place on earth than Disneyland Paris is the happiest place is the happiest place in the universe. That is only because it is Paris. Okay I will be honest, we enjoyed Tokyo Disneyland better. But the it was the Sleeping Beauty Castle and it was pink so it was not a day wasted. It was one of the top things on our Paris bucket list and the day was a success. 

Henry was happy to be at Disneyland. He did go on several of the rides. He even fell asleep on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. I think that makes him a brave baby cause pirates do not scare him!

They really wanted to climb up the bean stock. I really like how our childhood films and stories are brought to life here. I can remember watching Mickey and the Bean Stock as a child and this is the bean stock! I know I am an adult, but this is awesome!
There were not many characters dressed up and out that day. That made getting a picture with Eva a treat. We did see Belle as she was headed to the Princess Pavilion. Cosette was so excited that she saw Belle in her yellow dress. Ever since she has said "I am so lucky I saw Belle in her yellow dress!"
Heading to visit all the countries on the Small World ride. Another one of the kid's favorite rides that day. Lyndon and I liked figuring out what country each set of dolls was from. I think we did pretty good at figuring them out. Of course, the French ones were our favorite. 
Welcome to Agrabah! Look at this! Yes! Combination hookah and coffee maker. Also makes julienne fries. It will not break, it will... it broke! We quote that part of the movie a lot. Husband does such a good impression of that character. We laugh a lot, well I laugh a lot when he does the impression. And yes, he did do it after I took the picture. Best husband!
I am so zen sitting on a bed of nails.
Waiting in line for the Dumbo ride. It was long, but she was so excited about it. She did not like any of the rides that were in the dark. That made this ride a highlight of the day.

The expression on her face makes it worth waiting in that long line. It makes my heart soar to see her so happy. That is why we parents do things like this. 
Disney bought Star Wars and have incorporsted it into the parks and merchandise. Lyndon was especially excited to see the x-wing replica.
But he is not sure how he feels about all the Star Wars merchandise. I think that this R2D2 hat was pretty adorable.
It would not be us if we did not take a ride on the carousel. Cosette is kind of obsessed with them, and we are too! It makes us happy to see our sweet little babies happy. 
Cosette was very excited to visit "I know's" Castle (I know is what she calls Sleeping Beauty). She took here with me and sang the whole I know you song. It was a very precious moment we shared that day. Disney sure creates a good atmosphere for those types of moments.
This Disney Land is the one to go if you are into Disney Princesses. There was a lot of the princess things here, and the castle is pink! It was any girl's young or old princess paradise. I was really excited to see the Sleeping Beauty Castle because she is my designated Disney princess in my family, and she is Cosette's favorite too.
Did you know the Sleeping Beauty story is really about me and Lyndon? That's why she is my Disney princess, haha. 
Inside the castle the Sleeping Beauty story was depicted through stain glass. It was pretty spectacular!
Cosette and I were loving all the Sleeping Beauty things there. This little shop was a replica of the Three Fairies woodland cottage. We were in Sleeping Beauty heaven
This photo sums up what Cosette thought about the day. She loved it!

We stayed all day at the park and watched the fire works show at the end. Cosette enjoyed watching the fire works and has talked about seeing Belle ever since. When she talks about something we have done for a long time after doing it that means she enjoyed it. Which as a parent is very rewarding to know you did something your child really enjoyed. Now we just need to visit a Disneyland in the US because me and the kids have only been to the ones outside the country. I think that merits a good excuse for a trip.

Friday, 25 April 2014

Pere Lachiase

I am very behind on blogging. We have had so much going on that there has been very little time to document what has been happening. This post has been sitting in the drafts section for a while. We went here way back in March. After our Andorra trip we kind of planned different outings to do each weekend because our time in Paris is running out!

Pere Lachiase Cemetery. Sounds kind of creepy and morbid and why would you want to spend a Saturday walking around there? Well you really want to go there because first a lot of famous people through out history are buried here, second it is really pretty. The most ornate tombs and graves I have ever seen are here. The place is huge! You can get lost so easily and spend hours wondering around, which is not so bad because this place is really cool. The kiddos and I went here with out Lyndon when we first got to Paris and had such a good time we went back. Plus, we knew Daddy would love seeing this place. It is not stroller friendly so if you plan on going with babies leave the stroller at home. The paths are all cobble stone which makes it a bumpy ride for the littles and hard to push the stroller around. 

When we went with Daddy we focused more on seeing all the famous people. We saw some pretty good ones too. 
Lyndon was especially excited to visit David's grave. He is a big fan of his work. We got to see several of his paintings in the Louvre while there.

Oscar Wilde's monuument. He is not burried here, but there is this memorial to him. It is surrounded by a glass wall so that fans cannot get in. Apparently there have been several incidences with female fans prostrating themselves on the monument and other weird stuff.  
Gertrude Stein. I would have loved to be in Paris in the twenties when she was here. 
I was especially excited to se Moliere's tomb. Lyndon and I saw a couple of entertaining plays written by him while we were dating and newly married. I really liked the plays so hence my excitement to see his tomb. 
The main attraction at Pere Lachise I would have to say is Jim Morrison's grave. Both times I went it was covered in flowers and people all around it with the aroma of mary jane wafting through the air. We did not linger long. 

This place had the coolest architecture, if you consider tombs and graves architecture. This  building was especially nest. It looked kind of Gaelic. 
This place goes on and on forever. It was a lot of fun to explore and see the different types of graves/tombs. 
This day was one of the more beautiful days we had had in a while. The sun was out, the weather fine, I think we could officially call it spring time.

We saw this engraving while walking around and I thought it very poignant. 
There are "street" signs posted around the cemetary and for good reason because it is huge! 
Cosette ran up to this one and asked to have her picture taken with it.

These graves were so beautifully sculpted and decorated. It is just like Paris to have a cemetery that is so beautiful the things in there should be in a museum or look like they came from the Louvre.

I love the stain glass inside the back wall of the tomb on the left. There were many that had it.

Dr. Who fans will appreciate this. I thought this statue kind of looked like a weeping angel. I kept my eyes on it the whole time so we were a okay.
Such beautiful doors. It is like the angels are welcoming you to the next step beyond the veil.
I hope that most of you have read the Madeline series as a child. We are big fans. We were reading one (I think it was Madeline to the rescue) and Miss Clavel and the twelve little girls in two straight lines were going around Paris and there is a picture of them at Pere Lachiase! I snapped a photo of it so I could show Cosette one day that we have been where Madeline has been. 
That is one outing documented. We have plenty more to come. Paris you never disappoint. 
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