Sunday, 17 August 2014

A Henry Update

This little "big" boy deserves a post all to himself. I used to do a lot more updates about Cosette and the milestones she was making and I really need to do that with our Mr. Henry, or the Big H. He has a lot of nicknames.

I will start off with all his nicknames. We call him the Big H, Mr. Henry, my little big boy. My Mother calls him the Hen Hen and my dollop of vanilla pudding. She is a grandma so she can get away with calling him things like that.

Henry is ten months old, almost eleven months. He is a really fast crawler. I thought he would be walking by now because he started pulling himself up early. I guess when you can get around well crawling you can pass on the walking for a little while. He is almost there. Sometime when he knows he is being mischievous, I will be following him as he crawls for the dog food or stairs and he starts to crawling really fast. I will grab him and lift him up and he has the biggest smile on his face. I love that little smile.

He has six really sharp teeth. I do warn people that he does bite when they want to hold him. His toothy grin is so adorable. He puts everything in his mouth and especially likes to chew on paper. We try to keep things off the floor, but there is always something he is chewing on.

He is the sweetest baby. He has started giving hugs and kisses to us. One night I got to witness the sweetest interaction between him and Cosette. She would ask him for a hug and kiss and he would give them to her over and over again. Things like that get me through those hard days. When he is crawling away and I call him, he will turn around and I will hold my arms out to him and he will crawl back to me with a huge grin on his face. He is a mommas boy.

He doing really well with eating his solids. He loves Cheerios, Chex cereal, strawberries, chicken, rice, corn. He is pretty good about eating most of it. The green stuff we gave him at first he was not so fond of, but that is no surprise. He likes to drink water too.

He likes to clap. When other clap he will join a long. He gets a big smile when you start to clap with him or for him. He smiles a lot.

He loves the water. He is a little fish. The first time he was ever in a bath tub, he rolled over on his stomach and started kicking. Bathtime is probably one of his favorite times of day. He really enjoyed going to the pool and lake this summer. He would crawl around in the really shallow water and splash around. He even sticks his face in the water and brings it out smiling. He is trying to blow bubbles, after watching Cosette demonstrate one day.

We feel so blessed to have him as part of our family.

Monday, 11 August 2014

July Was the Best

July will always be one of my favorites months because it is my birthday month, and I love summer time. July means the heat is on and we go to the pool a lot and get real tan. I love the sunshine. We have had a great month and here are some photos that did not make it into other posts. Above is the view from the top of the ferris wheel at the Anderson County Fair. 
We have been to the zoo a few more times. We got our traditional tortoise picture, and both kiddos were smiling!

Chick-fil-a had their cow appreciation day and we could not pass up a free meal. The things we will do for free food. And that is my Dad with a cow blanket wrapped around him, haha. Cosette was kind of frightened/obsessed with the cow. Everytime we drive past Chick-fil-a now she yells out "there's Chick-fil-a!". We like that place, a lot!

Cosette completed her summer nursery school program. She loved going to school. Every day she would wake up excited to go play with her friends. She loved having a backpack and lunch box to take to school. There would be times in the afternoon she would head to the front door and tell me that she was going to school. Now pizza is her favorite food because they had pizza on Fridays at school.  
My Mom and I went blackberry picking with my Aunt and cousins. I love pick your own places. And Tennessee is blowing me away with its beauty. I love it down here, humidity and all!
We made some really good blackberry jam from our loot. 

Aunt Carol and Benny found a bird's nest in one of the blackberry bushes. He kept looking for more nests while we were there.
There were birthday celebrations galore this month! Cosette thought all of them were for her. Eva was a sport and let her help blow out the candles. 
A blurry picture of Cosette on a giant trampoline at a playgroup rainy day activity. 
H was excited to climb on as many things as he could. He is a mover. 
Not the best quality picture, but you can see Cosette flying down the bounce thing. Best rainy day activity!
Uncle Fred let the kids drive the wheelchair around the zoo. If you ask Cosette she will probably tell you this was her favorite zoo trip.  
The otters were so playful at the zoo that trip. I love watching them swim around. They are little performers. I am a swimmer so I am a sucker for aquatic animals. 
And kind of stinking adorable.

I look forward to soaking up the last bits of our Tennessee summer. We have big plans for August. 

Saturday, 2 August 2014


I turned twenty-six last Friday. This was one of the best birthdays I have ever had. I don't want to say it is the best birthday I have ever had because I have had some pretty great ones. But this one was spectacular! I do not think I have ever felt so loved and special on any of birthdays like I felt on this one. All the credit to that is due to my wonderful husband! He really is the most exceptional human being on Earth. He outdoes himself on my birthdays every year. He did real good this year, real good. 

He likes to do surprises and took me to The Orangery for a fabulous French dinner a few days before my birthday. He was trying to throw me off the scent of another surprise he was cooking up. After dinner we went back to my parents house where a bunch of my friends and family were there for a surprise party for me. I was surprised! It was so wonderful. I have never felt so special and loved on a birthday. Lyndon was really sly and I had no idea at all. Lyndon knows me and loves me so much because the party was "Paris" themed. He had found picture of Paris and Monet and hung them all over the walls, and ordered a bunch of French pastries from a French bakery. He had my sister help him pick up the pastries and hang the pictures up. It was the sweetest thing. 
Then if that was not enough, on my actual birthday he took me to see The Wizard of Oz at the Tennessee Theatre! That was my favorite movie as a child and to see it on the big screen was out of this world. I forgot how much I love that film.  
And he made me a birthday cake! The best birthday cake I have ever had. It was a peach cobbler ice cream cake. And it tasted better than it sounds and it sounds pretty amazing.

Nothing beats seeing it on the big screen.

The Tennessee Theatre has a Mighty Wurlitzer organ that was installed when the theatre opened in 1928. Anyway, before each show the organ is risen up on stage and an organists gives a little performance before the show starts. The organists performed a few pieces from The Wizard of Oz before we watched it. It was amazing. (Watch here).

The Tennessee Theatre is gorgeous! I wish every theatre was decorated like it.
At The Orangery they put a little birthday note on the table. 

Heres to another year! From the way it started I think it is going to be my best one yet. 

Thank you Lyndon for making this birthday so special! I am on lucky girl to have you.

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