Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Happy First Birthday Henry!

Henry turned one year old on September 17. Best day of September.

I feel like a champ that I made it through the year with two kiddos! For me the first birthday is more of a mile stone for me than the kid, haha. Both times I have really wanted to play the "Rocky" music and take a lap around the apartment. That first year is a tough one and plenty of reasons to celebrate. I think Henry is probably one of the best traveled one year olds. He has been to seven countries so far in his young life. That is something he can brag about to the other babies. Anyway, back to the birthday festivities!

I am pretty sure Henry enjoyed his birthday. I volunteered at Cosette's pre-school that morning and Henry came a long. He gets really excited everytime we go to drop her off. I take him in with us to get Cosette settled and he always cries to be put on the ground and once he is he takes off crawling around. He enjoys the other kids being there and all the books and toys. So I am pretty sure he was in heaven because we stayed the whole time.
We had a small family party that night. I made him and Cosette individual bear shaped cakes. Cosette is a champ. She has been pretty good about understanding that it is not her birthday as far as a three year old can understand. I let her pick out a present for Henry and made her a little bear cake also, so she felt involved in the birthday and special too (because she is!). And she did help Henry unwrap all his presents. We actually got him some presents because we have no boy toys in this house. Just about everything is pink and girly. So we got him a few toys because it is a big deal to turn one and now we have something that is blue.
At Cosette's birthday he was into all the paper, so I thought he was going to enjoy ripping the paper up more than his toys. To my surprise he enjoyed the toys. I think I can call that a Mom victory!
Le cakes.

We were happy Daddy was able to be here for the party. We have been lucky work has not kept him away too much yet.
He really liked his cake. He smashed it to smithereens, and ate pretty much all of it. Another good thing about being one little boy, you can eat more delicious food.
Yay for boy toys! Thank you Grandma and Grandpa for the gift. I like that out of all the blue, green, red, yellow, orange cars he has he is playing with the purple one. 

He loves cake.
Here is a clip of the cake massacre. It is the cutest demolition ever.

Happy Birthday Henry!

Love, Mama

Friday, 26 September 2014


I have a friend who plans destination playground excursions every week around the city. The first one we were able to attend was in DUMBO. There is an awesome pirate ship playground  right next to the water, which was kind of perfect for Cosette because she and Daddy were playing pirates a lot. We all have pirate names. I will probably write about that sometime. It is right next to the Brooklyn Bridge and the lovely historic Jane's Carousel. And there is the original Grimaldi's pizza, Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory, Lizzmonade, Pier 1 playground, the list goes on and on and on. Kind of a pretty fantastic spot to hang out. Look at Cosette's face! That is the face of pure joy. You can have that face in NYC.
And that view of the city! Not too shabby, not too shabby. 

Jane's Carousel. What a beautiful place to take a horse ride.
She was very proud of her horse. She kept going on about how beautiful it was. 
H playing coy. He loves the carousel.
The four of us. After moving and all the exhausting work that goes into that we were enjoying our last few days of spending all our time together before Daddy starts work. I am really missing these days right now. 
They held hands till we had to part ways. These girls are precious. I am so grateful Cosette has made good friends here.

We are looking forward to the next destination playground adventure soon!

Monday, 22 September 2014

The Beginning of a New Era

It is the beginning of a new era in our lives. Lyndon has started his job! He has been working for a couple of weeks now. He loves it! He really enjoyed his internship with the firm he did last summer and he is really enjoying the work he is doing. He told me one night that is was so nice to be back. His first week of work he was so happy when he came home every night and the second. Hopefully the third week and all the weeks after will follow the same pattern.   
Hello Wall Street.

Me and the kids are adjusting to not having our Daddy around all the time. We do miss him a lot. The long hours have not set in yet, but I know they are coming. I have been pacing myself (well trying too). I still manage to be exhausted at the end of every day no matter what I do. I have been praying that I will have the the physical and emotional stamina to get through the day, I think I was more nervous for Lyndon to start work, because it is a rather large adjustment for me. He has always been there if I needed him to run an errand or just want to come and hang out with us and now he can't. And the three of us miss that, but it is time to move on. We definitely took advantage of his flexible student schedule and  we do not feel deprived of time together, at least right now. Things have been really great. The kids and are doing fantastic! We have grown a lot closer together the last couple of weeks. Cosette is a total Daddy's girl, but has been coming up to me and giving me more hugs and love since Daddy has been at work. Henry is a total Momma's boy, but when Daddy comes home is so happy to see him now. And he will got to Daddy without making a fuss. Improvement all around! I have been really really happy these last couple of weeks. 
We go and have lunch with Daddy at his office once a week. That is our plan for right now. So far we are two for two. It is nice to see where Daddy works and gives the kids some more Daddy time. We have gotten to meet a few of his co-workers so now when he comes home we can put faces with names when he talks about work. Plus the views are incredible! We did this with Lyndon when he did his internship (post here) and are really happy to be able to continue it again.

Things I have learned so far with Lyndon working:
1. Little swimmers do not work like a regular diaper.
2. Macaroni and Cheese noodles make really great mustaches on my kids.
3. We are so blessed to have a Daddy like him.

Our lives are really being enriched right now. We are all very tired at the end of the day, but I think our overall happiness has greatly increased since Lyndon has started work. I am so grateful that he has worked so hard in school and when he was preparing for his interviews. He has done what he has needed to do to take care of us and I am so grateful for that. I could not ask for a better husband and father. Me, Cosette, and Henry are so blessed to have him in our lives.

This is an exciting new adventure for our family. I know it might seem funny, but I am really excited for all the adventures me and the kids are going to have. Weekends are going to mean something more because it is really going to be family time. Before the weekend just felt like another day, but not anymore! It is a day to spend with Daddy! As long as he does not have work to do.

A friend of mine posted something about how great God is to put us into families and I have to 100% agree with her. It is so great! There are no other people I would want to go on this adventure other than Lyndon and my babies. We are so happy together. 

Monday, 15 September 2014

Goodbye Tennessee. Hello NYC!

Our time in Tennessee ended to quickly. We got back from apartment hunting on Friday and moved to NYC the following Thursday. I thought we would be there till the end of August possibly even part of September. I was sad to leave early. We had plans. But there is no place I would rather be going. Plus, Lyndon and I have a room to ourselves again! That in itself is reason enough to move. Henry also got a few more teeth before we left. His smile is getting cuter and cuter the more teeth he gets.
We made another visit to the zoo with some good friends. This time we fed the giraffe! It was amazing to get that close to this beautiful animal.

These two cuties became best friends over the summer. We miss her and her sweet family so much. 
Lyndon and Cosette got hair cuts before we left. This was Lyndon's first haircut in over a year! It was time people, it was time. This was also Cosette's first haircut. I did have Lyndon grab some of her hair to put in her baby book. I am a sentimental momma. 
Cosette and Lyndon drove a moving truck up to NYC together. Me and Henry flew up the next day. Cosette was excited to ride in the big truck. It was good for her to get some one on one time with Daddy before he starts work. 
Cosette running around in her new room. Lucky for her the kitchen set was in the moving truck. 
 New York is home, and we absolutely love it here!

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Maggie's Home!

Lyndon speaking here. I enjoyed going out to Utah and spending some time with my family. I especially enjoyed catching up with Maggie! She has spent the last 18 months serving in the Vina Del Mar, Chile as a missionary for our Church. She got home mid July. The mission treated her well and she looked great. I was happy to see that she still eats her unique food combinations. (Although I must admit that everything she ate was delicious!). While I was in Utah I played board games with Ethan, went rafting and had a quick round of golf with the men of the family. We are hoping that Maggie can come out to NYC to visit us soon so she can see Christine, Coco and especially Henry whom she has not yet met in the flesh. We are glad you are home Maggie!

The Anderson County Fair

It would not be summer without a trip to the county fair. Lucky for us we were in Tennessee for the Anderson county fair. We did not go a lot growing up. I think the last time we went was when I was in high school. I remember going on the one "roller coaster" with my little brother. Even though we did not go a ton we have great memories from the times that we did go. I know my sisters and I will never forget riding on the strawberries when it started pouring rain and we were five or younger. 
Lyndon, my sister, and I left the kids at home and had a night at the county fair. Ellen and I had some sister time going on the ferris wheel. 
The view from the top. After going I wish we had taken the kiddos with us. They both would have had a blast. Pony rides, the carousel. Next time babies. 
The real reason we were anxious to go to the fair was to see the how I did in the baked good competition. And I did pretty well because there I am pointing to my first place ribbon! I had been working on cooking bread this summer. After all the delicious bread we had in Paris I really wanted to learn how to make bread better. I had really wanted to enter a pie in the fair, but no pie category. My wise mother suggested I enter my Brioche I was making probably bi-weekly. So I decided to be courageous and enter it in. I barely made the entry deadline. I thought the cut off time was at four in the afternoon, but luckily remembered it was at noon (what was I thinking?). I got there with enough time to enter it in and I guess the judges liked what they ate. I won a blue ribbon at the county fair! I also got a cash prize of three dollars. Winning county fairs is a lucrative business people. 
I will do anything for Lyndon. Even ride crazy rides like this one. It takes you to the top then drops you to the bottom with out any warning. I love my man.

Going to the county fair was another thing to check off on our Tennessee summer bucket list. Thank you Lyndon for helping me check these things off my list. I wish summer would not have to end.

Monday, 8 September 2014

Graduation and Cronuts

Lyndon graduated on a rainy spring day, which did not reflect the atmosphere of the event at all. We were so excited to see our Daddy graduate! I'll admit it, I cried. Not sobbing, but I did cry. The atmosphere and pomp and circumstance got the better of my emotions. Law school was not as difficult as we had been told. I can't speak for Lyndon, but I really enjoyed our experience at Columbia. Lyndon will tell you he is very happy to be done.

Cosette had to try on Daddy's "funny hat". 
My handsome hubs.
I took my Lyndon's mamma, Emily, to go try a cronut. She loved it!
Two of the sweetest girls in the city.

The good stuff. The wait was definitely worth it. That month's flavor: Lemon Blueberry Verbena with a Greek Yogurt Ganache filling. 

And after seeing all of the other goodies there I want to go back and try something different.
Here is a little clip of Lyndon walking. There were two massive tents set up on Columbia College's campus for graduation. The graduates sat all together in one and the family and friends sat in another one right next to it. The ceremony was played for the friends and family on giant TV screens. Lyndon wanted to walk with the kids. It was really sweet, as you can see in the clip. My heart melted a million times. 

Congratulations Lyndon! We are so proud of all that you have accomplished!

xoxoxo Christine, Cosette, and Henry

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Our Epic Pioneer Day Trek

Latest Pioneer Day post, but our pictures have been scattered across all sorts of phones, computers, and States even. And finally we are in one place so we can get back to recording our Plothow adventures.

So Pioneer Day! My home town is perfect for Pioneer Day because of the street names. There are a lot of streets named after States. In honor of Pioneer Day (July 24) we "trekked" all the way from New York to Utah. That would be New York Ave to Utah Ave.

It gets even better because there is an Illinois Ave in town as well so we also made the "trek" from Illinois to Utah! 
And one more of Cosette striking that awesome pose. Gotta love that girl.

Lyndon actually has pioneer ancestors that did travel across the country to Utah back in the mid 1800s. Now that we are married I have inherited that pioneer heritage as well as our children. Pioneer Day means a whole lot more when you have ancestors who did make that journey.

Maybe next time we are in Tennessee for Pioneer Day we will actually walk the distance instead of driving it. That will give us a more "authentic" experience.

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Our Anniversary

Lyndon and I celebrated our fourth anniversary on August 14! It feels like we have only been married two years, but no, it has been four. I guess time does really fly when you are having fun, or keeping really busy, which is what we have done. It is kind of incredible to think all that we have done in the last four years together. They have been the most exciting years of my life and the happiest years of Lyndon's life. He tells me everyday (he really does) that he is so happy being married to me. Talk about a confidence booster!
This year we spent our anniversary looking for an apartment up in New York City. And we found one! We put in an application and signed the lease (which usually never happens) on our anniversary. And then we went to dinner with our brokers. That was romantic, haha. We were working with our own broker and then the apartment we were looking at had their own broker. Kind of confusing, but New York real estate can be pretty complicated. Anyway, when the apartment broker found out it was our anniversary he said he was going to take us to dinner at a Turkish restaurant his friend owned across the street called Seven's Turkish Grill. He invited our broker and it was a date. He paid and how could we refuse a free dinner.

The restaurant was amazing! We ate a lot of really good Turkish food in Greece, and this was even better. The pida (spelled pida not pita) bread was not like the usual pita bread that you use to make sandwiches. It was more like a focaccia and so much better. Fresh hummus, tzatziki, eggplant salad (eggplant mixed with a tomato sauce), smoked eggplant salad. plus some white beans with red onions and olive oil. My taste buds were absolutely delighted! And those were only the appetizers. I decided to be adventurous, for me at least, and try the lamb stuffed cabbage. Something different and definitely something to try again. Lyndon chose a more traditional meal of tiny lamb "burgers" with the traditional sides, rice, and veggies. We ended with the best baklava I have ever had (which says a lot because we have eaten a lot of baklava) and a ball of ice cream which had chocolate ice cream on top almonds and a cherry in the middle and vanilla on the bottom covered in a chocolate shell. Are you hungry yet? If you are order some Turkish smoked eggplant salad. The most pleasantly surprised I have ever been by a dish. Those flavors are something out of this world!

You might think awkward spending your anniversary with basically complete strangers, but we had the best conversation. Our broker we felt like we were really good friends with because we had spent the last couple of days with her basically all day. The apartment broker was a fascinating person. He collects rare books and sells them too. He found a first edition at a random book sellers, who did not know it was a first edition, which he bought for something like five dollars and then turned around and sold it for $2,500! It was Catcher in the Rye by J. D. Salinger. He was Turkish and he and Lyndon discussed Turkish history which was very interesting to listen to, especially from a native's point view teachings versus a Westerner's.

Lyndon picked out a Japanese cast iron teapot to add to our collection of Japanese dishes. That was one of the items we need to complete it. Also, while we were in Japan we learned that it is custom to give an expensive dish to a spouse or loved one on a special occasion, like an anniversary, that has symbolic value. We have borrowed that tradition and incorporated it into our gift giving to one another.
While apartment hunting we ran across this building called The Henry! Had to stop and take a picture of it with our little Henry.

It was a very different anniversary than we were expecting. Our trip to NYC was completely last minute. But we were together! Nothing is better than being with each other. Cliche, I know, but the truth is often cliche.

I love you Lyndon! I am looking forward to this next year and all the adventure it brings. 

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