Saturday, 10 January 2015

Happy New Year

Me and the kids flew down south to spend some time with my family in Tennessee. It has been five years since I have been there this time of year (Lyndon and I had just started dating the last time I was there), so it was time to have somewhat of a "tender Tennessee Christmas" or New Year. 

Kind of out of character for me, I did not take any pictures. This trip was the most relaxed trip I have taken down there.  And that is just what the doctor ordered. Shopping, eating, movie watching, game playing, and hanging out with the best people. I got to spend a lot of time with my sisters that were home and my bros (they are the coolest!). Both my parents took the week off from work and spent the majority of it with the grand kids. I think everyone was in heaven. 

This little clip is a good illustration of all the fun everyone was having.

Henry took up really well with Grandpa (and Grandma too!). Cosette was excited to go back to Tennessee. We had a really fun play date with our friends we made over the summer. We took the kids to a trampoline gym and out to lunch. Cosette really surprised me at the gym by figuring out how to get on this rope that swung over a foam pit and jump in it all by herself. I was impressed. 

New Years Eve me and the kids had our own party. H does not do well staying up late at night so he went to bed, Cosette and I had an all girl party. We made cookies (the best cookies ever! That recipe, incredible.) and watched Little Women. She did not make it till midnight either. I missed my sweet Lyndon. I am so getting extra New Years kisses when we are back in NYC.  

All smiles at our all girls New Years party.
My Aunt Sabrena and Uncle Gaston came into town. We love them. Cosette used to call her "Grandma Sabrena". She spoils the kids like they are her own grand babies. She got Cosette this giant pink horse stuffed animal purse that Cosette has named "Aunt Sabrena". I have been laughing about that one all day. I always have to pack light when I go down there because everyone spoils my kiddos. I love it!

Sisters are the best.
Goodbyes are hard.
One last goodbye from Aunt Ellen and Grandma. "Aunt Sabrena" is in the middle, haha. 
My little travelers. They are the reason this year will be great. Life with them is a crazy wonderful adventure. There is never a dull day with them.

This trip was a the perfect way to start off 2015. I am not going to lie, I would love it to be this time last year and be getting ready to jet off to Paris. However wonderful Paris is, 2015 is going to be a great one. New York is not to shabby. Happy New Year!

Thursday, 1 January 2015

2014 Highlights

This year has been the busiest one of all for us. And as it comes to a close it makes me kind of sad because it has been such a wonderful year. Our study abroad I would do again in a heartbeat even with all the challenges that came with it (living a five floor walk up studio with two kids not easy, but I would totally do it again to be in Paris). I thought since we did not do a detailed Christmas card this year, just one with a photo, that I would give a brief summary of the highlights for each of us this year.
Lyndon finished his last semester of law school in Paris. He loved going to the Louvre and taking in all the beautiful architecture as he walked to and from classes. He really enjoyed going back to Cambridge on our way back to the states. He got to punt again and visit his alma mater Downing College. He graduated from Columbia Law School in May. He studied and passed the bar with flying colors over the summer. Started working at a law firm in NYC in the fall. Lots of changes for him going from being a student to a working man. He likes his job, but misses the extra time he had as a student (we all do). He really enjoyed going on vacation to Edisto Island, South Carolina and visiting Charleston. He kind of wants to live there now (it's the architecture). He also drove us all around the European continent on all our road trips without getting lost or driving into oncoming traffic.

Christine fulfilled her dream of getting to live in Paris. Our time there was not long enough and she is plotting ways of getting us back over there. She rediscovered her love for the South doing all sorts of fun activities with the kids over the summer while Lyndon was studying for the bar. She is beyond thrilled to be back in NYC and continues to try taking the kids around to see the different sites and activities the city has to offer. She started swimming on her masters swim team and dipped her toe back into the competition by participating in a charity swim meet this fall.

Cosette loved Paris. She loved seeing the Eiffel Tower where ever we went around the city, all the playgrounds we went to, chasing pigeons because they were everywhere, Notre Dame, the baby room in the Louvre, and Notre Dame Cathedral. Whenever she sees picture of Paris, she points to them and says "We went there!". She really enjoyed our summer. She made a lot of friends, went to a couple of weeks of summer camp, took swimming lessons, and turned three years old. She was excited to move back to New York and reunite with all her friends here. She started pre-school, and took some ballet lessons. She has taken up cooking with mommy every night helping her with dinner or whatever she is making. She is growing and learning so much it makes life very interesting.


Henry has had the most changes of us all, which is natural in the first year of life. He has changed from our little baby to a walking and starting to talk toddler. He loves the water. He loved going to pool and all the splash pads over the summer. Bathtime is probably his favorite part of the day. He did so well with all the traveling and moving we have done this year. He loves playing with his sister and getting into mischief with her. He started walking around his first birthday in September and soon after started saying his first words. He is into cars, legos, animals, and climbing all over everything. He is pretty good at it too. It makes going to the playground a lot more fun for him.

Here is to the best year ever! 2014 we will miss all the exciting adventures we had, but I am pretty sure 2015 will some have new ones in store for us. Happy New Year!

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