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Happy New Year

Me and the kids flew down south to spend some time with my family in Tennessee. It has been five years since I have been there this time of year (Lyndon and I had just started dating the last time I was there), so it was time to have somewhat of a "tender Tennessee Christmas" or New Year. 
Kind of out of character for me, I did not take any pictures. This trip was the most relaxed trip I have taken down there.  And that is just what the doctor ordered. Shopping, eating, movie watching, game playing, and hanging out with the best people. I got to spend a lot of time with my sisters that were home and my bros (they are the coolest!). Both my parents took the week off from work and spent the majority of it with the grand kids. I think everyone was in heaven. 

This little clip is a good illustration of all the fun everyone was having.

Henry took up really well with Grandpa (and Grandma too!). Cosette was excited to go back to Tennessee. We had a really fun play date with our friend…

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