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Baby Plothow

Baby Plothow #3 will be joining our family this summer! It's the most exciting new of 2015 so far in our family. The pregnancy has been going pretty well. I am currently 17 weeks and pooped all the time. In a way it has been nice that it has been so cold and yucky outside that I have not felt the pressure to get out and go see everything (but we are so ready for spring over here! Oh my gosh! We are snow-over it ). But seriously, so ready to get out and about again.
The kids (Cosette) are excited! Cosette has been telling me that she has a baby in her belly too. It changes day to day if she is having a boy or girl baby. She is very protective of Baby too. When ever Henry is sitting on me or I am carrying him in the carrier she makes sure he is not squishing the baby. She is going to be really excited when this little one arrives. Henry recently has taken an interest in babies. He picked up one of Cosette's baby dolls the other day and was carrying it around kissing and loving on…