Sunday, 22 February 2015

Baby Plothow

Baby Plothow #3 will be joining our family this summer! It's the most exciting new of 2015 so far in our family. The pregnancy has been going pretty well. I am currently 17 weeks and pooped all the time. In a way it has been nice that it has been so cold and yucky outside that I have not felt the pressure to get out and go see everything (but we are so ready for spring over here! Oh my gosh! We are snow-over it ). But seriously, so ready to get out and about again.
The Baby is healthy and has been the entire pregnancy. I had my early anatomy scan this week and got to see our sweet baby kicking, punching, moving around. Baby looks really, really good. Baby is developing perfectly. At my appointment the doctor said that Baby weighs five ounces and is about 10 cm in length. We are not going to find out the gender so when baby comes it will be a surprise! I thought that when Lyndon and I committed to waiting it would be hard, but it really hasn't. I guess since it is our third it is not as exciting as it was the first time around. We know it will be a white human baby and gender doesn't really matter to us. Girls are great and so are boys! 
The kids (Cosette) are excited! Cosette has been telling me that she has a baby in her belly too. It changes day to day if she is having a boy or girl baby. She is very protective of Baby too. When ever Henry is sitting on me or I am carrying him in the carrier she makes sure he is not squishing the baby. She is going to be really excited when this little one arrives. Henry recently has taken an interest in babies. He picked up one of Cosette's baby dolls the other day and was carrying it around kissing and loving on it. Whenever he sees pictures of babies he will point and say "baby". He is going to be excited once Baby Plothow comes. We just have to make it several more months.

 I am really excited to meet this little one! Every now and then when life seems a little bit crazy with the two toddlers we have and I'm like what are we doing having another one?! But then I remember how babies bring so much love into a home. 

That new born phase is such a precious time. It was with Cosette and with Henry too. Two of the best times in my life. I can't wait to experience it again with this little one. I am excited for all of our capacity to love to grow more with this little one joining our family. And this picture of these two melts my heart. Can't wait for Baby to get its own pic with big sister and brother.  
Holding my three babies. Two on my lap and one in my belly. Heavenly Father loves us so much to put us into families.

Thursday, 5 February 2015


January, glad it's over. It is always the hardest month of the year in the city. We survived by visiting lots of museums, play dates at friend's houses, indoor play spaces, and several visits to the library. We had a few days where it got to almost 40 degrees and even made it to the playground (but then had to leave quickly because Henry decided he needed nap). Us parent got sick, but the kids were spared. Another thing to be grateful for so far this year.
Pony rides on our trip to Chuck-e-Cheese.
The sweetest boy with the best smile! He loved this ride. It was not pretty when it was time to go.
Tickets, tickets, ticket. 
Lyndon had a lot of "early" nights, meaning he was home after dinner, but before the kids were in bed. Cheers were heard throughout the building!
I have been working on this project for a while and I finally finished it! This month has been perfect for staying indoors and working on unfinished projects and reading a lot. I have read about six books this month. Serious hibernation going on.
Snowmen in the Flatiron district.
We took one Saturday and had a family fun day. It was much needed and it was so nice to get out all together and enjoy the city. It is still a lot of fun, even with piles of snow on either side of the side walk and with the pedestrian walking sections blocked by snow. We got this awesome museum pass that gets us into a ton of kid museums in the city as well as around the world. We have used it to go to the Brooklyn Children's Museum, and on our family fun day we went to the Math Museum. Coolest museum! It is probably more enjoyable for kids a couple years older than Cosette, but we had a blast. Henry loved it! He was so happy doing everything. It was the coolest museum. Pictured above they are rideing bikes that have square wheels on a bumpy surface but because the wheels are square you have a smooth ride. Math! It's genius.

Henry's face. He really had the best time! Too early to call him my little mathematician?
Our disco babies.

Finally tried the cookie shot at the Dominique Ansel Bakery. Lyndon got the gingerbread mousse pine cone. It was competently edible. That DA, what a culinary artist. 
We survived winter storm Juno, which turned out to be a lot more hype than it actually was. We got a really fun snow day out of it and fulfilled Cosette's winter wish to build a snow man. It was a powder snow, so it was a nicely shaped snow pile complete with a carrot nose, olive eyes, and mouth, but she was beyond thrilled. Central Park has looked so beautiful, just like Narnia, with all the snow. That is a bright spot in all this cold.
Everyone literally was at Central Park that day. It was so nice to see the Park inhabited again because it becomes quite empty during winter. 
Making snow balls. 
Powder snow = snow pile snowman. 
Frosty returns!
We managed to squeeze in a date night, where we went down to K-town and enjoyed some Korean Bar-B-Q. It was amazing and we want to have it for dinner every night. 
There was also a lot of Asian French style dessert places. Asia knows how to make good bread and the cutest pastries. It was hard to eat this cute bear. Oh, and talk about a great photo bomb, haha.

After writing all of this January did not seem too bad. Everything is always better when we are together. Ain't that the truth.
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