Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Lady Liberty

While we had our spring breakers here we went to see the Statue of Liberty with them. We have only done the Staten Island Ferry which just sails by her so this was a real treat for us. Cosette was especially excited because the week before we were downtown looking at her with Aunt Ellen. Cosette wanted to go to the Statue of "Livery" so bad. We are grateful Grandma and Grandpa visiting gave us the perfect excuse to go. 

So excited to see the Statue of "Livery"!

With my babies and a view of our city. We could see Daddy's work from here. And we were dorks and faced timed with us while we were on the island because we could see his office. He said that he could see us waving. He's a good Dad. 

The fam-bam. 
My baby brother who is not a baby at all anymore. 
Snapped a photo with a replica of the torch inside the museum. 

Our tickets allowed us to go as high as the pedistol. This was our view. 
Looking for Daddy's work. Cosette carried one of the museum adios the whole time. She listened to just about all the info available on it. Not sure if she got any of it, but she had to have it the whole time. 
Grandpa and Grandma with their favorite girl who cannot get enough of her audio device. 
It was a really fun outing. It is one of those things that is on our to do list but way at the bottom because she will always be there. After going I have decided that we have to go again with Lyndon this summer and visit Ellis Island because we missed the last boat over there that day. And one day when our kids are bigger we will book tickets a year in advance and go up to the crown. That is something to look forward too. 
Boys looking at boats.
Cosette and Grandma with Lady Liberty.
Me and my favorite girl.
We were really lucky and had beautiful weather because NYC has decided that it will always be winter and never spring. We need more visitors to bring good weather.
We ended the day at our favorite pizza place in the city, Adrienne's Pizza Bar. It is the bomb.com! Seriously best pizza ever. It is close to Lyndon's office so he was able to swing by and hang out with us for a little bit. It made us all happy. The End.

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Spring Breakers

Mom, Dad, and brothers came to visit us for their spring break! 8 people in 500 sq ft for a week made for close quarters, but these folks made it easy. My parents have been to visit us multiple times here, but my brothers have only been here once before. And that trip was kind of stinky because they were helping moving Lyndon in to our apartment right before he started law school. So nobody knew any of the cool things to do yet in the city. These boys definitely needed a second visit to get to see NYC from our seasoned knowledge. We hit a lot of the main sights, and a few off the beaten track.  

Eston and Dad at the Natural History Museum. We love this place. 

Uncle David teaching Cosette about the universe. She had so much fun with them. 
My normal weight if I lived on the Sun. There are a bunch of different scales that will tell you what your weight is on different planets, stars, moon. Pretty neat to contrast between Earth and all the others.
Uncle David and Henry making matching facial expressions. 
We spent a great deal of time in the Asian peoples wing. Cosette showed everyone how the Lion Dance from the Chinese New Year was done. She was a pro at it. 
They were here on St. Patrick's Day and got to see part of the St. Patrick's Day Parade on 5th Ave. The parade went from 11am to 5pm (or noon to five, we just got there around 11). My Mom told us while we were there that one of our ancestors is Niall of the Nine Hostages who was an Irish King whose family ruled from the 6th to the 10th centuries. Seeing the Irish Wolf Hound was my favorite part of the parade. 
The bag pipes were blaring and the kids enjoyed it, minus the cold. I think spring is going to come eventually. Maybe in June?

We were right by the MET so we had to show them the world famous works of art. They loved showing grandma and grandpa around the museum. We have a pretty decent idea of where everything is. And throwing the coins in the water in the Ancient Greek and Roman wing was the highlight. 
Cosette and Grandma with some Assyrian lions. 
Cosette and Grandpa with a big Buddha. 
Looking at the fish in the coy pond in the Japanese Tea Garden. 
This was my favorite piece I saw this visit. Irises are my favorite flower and this was simply stunning. 
We were touristy with them and went on a visit to the Statue of Liberty! It was the highlight of the week. 
This is what the first day of spring looked like in NYC. We "HOPE" that spring will come soon. 
When we were at the MOMA I asked Cosette if she wanted a picture with Van Gogh's Starry Night. She said no and then told me she wanted a picture with this Picasso. The girl really likes horses. 
I like to call this one Kids at the MooMA. 
And this is what she would rather be doing than looking at art.

It was a great week to have them come and visit. Lyndon has been working literally nonstop the last six weeks, so I really enjoyed having the company. The kids enjoyed having all the attention. I was grateful to show them the incredible city we call home. It is such a great place. And it was a victory because David said that he liked NYC. Yay!

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Henry, I love you.

Henry turned 18 months old yesterday on St. Patrick's Day! This little boy has stolen my heart. He is at a really fun age right now. I can't help it but kiss his little head every chance I get, and then he leans in his head for more! I never knew that you could have so much love until I became a mother. When Cosette was born, I was bursting with love for that little girl. I never thought I could love anyone as much as I love her (except for Lyndon). Then Henry was born. My love for him was not as overwhelming at first as it was for Cosette, but as time progressed my love for him has grown so much, it could make a mountain as flat as a pancake. I am so in love with this little boy. I say it all the time, but he is the sweetest little sweetheart there ever was. He exudes joy and brings smiles to all our faces. It is contagious! I know before he was born, I felt sorry for Cosette because she would not get as much attention and then I felt sorry for him because he could not get as much as Cosette did. Now I just laugh at myself for thinking that. They are both so lucky to have each other, and Henry is so lucky to be a second child because he has Cosette to teach him the ropes and go on adventures with. He is a lucky, lucky boy. 
Things he is doing now: running like crazy, saying even more words than I can count, singing along with me when I put them to bed, telling me to "come" and gesturing with his hand when he wants something, climbing on the couches and letting me know he needs me to catch him by chanting "catch" over and over again, playing games with Cosette that mostly consist of running around the apartment as fast as they can, calling me "Daddy" even though last week he was calling me "Mommy" (I don't get that one), and doing so much more we can hardly keep up with him. Seriously, in the last couple of weeks his energy levels have sky rocketed! When I say he is running everywhere, he is running everywhere making me get my pregnant body moving faster than it should sometimes. His favorite stuffed animal is an elephant we got when we found out we were pregnant with Cosette (post here with picture). It is the only stuffed animal he has ever taken interest in and sleeps with it every night. His favorite books are Dragons Love Tacos, and Secret Pizza Party both by Adam Rubin. He gets really excited when the trains come in at the subway and when he sees cars go down the street. He loves dogs! One time someone let us pet their dog and he was so excited he started giggling. It made my mamma heart melt like butter on a hot frying pan. Oh and every car goes "choo, choo" according to our Mr. H. Pretty much he is one of the coolest kids ever along with his sister. 
He looks like such a big boy in this outfit. We went to the Manhattan Children's Museum one night and explored their Japan exhibit. 
Baby mullet. It is the cutest and probably only time in his life where he can get away wit one. 
My favorite picture of him ever! I put it up on the last post I did, but had to put it up again because it is the cutest photo ever of him!
Blurry post bath time shenanigans. 
Cosette snapped this picture of us. It is another one of my favorites. 
Wearing his shark hat grandma made for him.
Obsessed with dogs (or in this case fox) in any form. 
We are all Henry obsessed over here. Cosette tells me a lot that "Henry is my best friend". And I hear her say every other day when they are playing nicely, "Henry, I love you". Another mamma heart melting moment. 
I'll say it once again, Henry, we love you! Happy 18 month birthday buddy! xoxo Mommy, Daddy, and Cosette

Monday, 16 March 2015

Ellen's Visit

We love having family visit. The kids love it! I love it! And when Lyndon is home he loves it! My sister came up for her spring break and she brought spring weather to the city. The first thing Cosette did when she saw Aunt Ellen she ran up to her and gave her a big hug. I'm sure Ellen's heart was melting. It was sweet. We have been going non-stop since her arrival. She came at the best week of the year so far. The temperatures warmed up for us, even getting to 60, melting a lot of the snow and making it possible, bearable, and necessary to be outside! She has visited us several times, but we still managed to have a lists of first for her to experience. I love New York City. It's always an adventure no matter how many times you come, even for us locals.
We were able to go to a play ground! It's been months. Both kids were so happy to be there.
Starting spring off right with the cupcake of the day at Georgetown Cupcakes. Probably our new tradition when visitors come. Who can deny the best cupcakes in the city when it's free?
Dragons in Chinatown. Going to Pearl River Market is one of our traditions. 

Found this awesome subway mosaic for my little horse lover. 
Wall Street Bull. Cosette wanted to ride it, but the thing is huge! Kind of impossible for her to climb up on and no time since we had to literally push our way through to get this picture.
Brunch at Jacob's Pickles. Biscuit French toast. Need I say more.
The dresses from the Cinderella movie were on display at Saks! We were in girly heaven. Wish Bethany could have been there to see them since it is her princess. 
The Fairy God Mother's Dress. Cosette said that this was her dress. 
We made a stop at the American Girl store because we are American girls. 

My future chef. We could not pull her away from this little patisserie play set. 
My little dog lover. I didn't capture it, but he was giving it kisses. 
He had just as much fun as Cosette did. He is obsessed with babies right now, which is a good thing right now. The Bitty Baby section was a fun place for both of them. 
We just happened to pass the Balto statue in Central Park and of course we have to take a picture. 

We are zoo people and Ellen is too. We hit up the Central Park Zoo, another first. So glad we could take her. The sea lion show at the Central Park Zoo is the best. It is always so fun to see what these creatures do. And cool side note: the NYC Zoos breed sea lions, so most of them are born and grow up here. Pretty cool.
The red panda was out scurrying about.
Look closely and you can see the snow monkeys hanging out on the rocks. Ellen was pretty ecstatic to see them. We decided that we are going to take a trip to Japan and see them in their natural habitat. I can't wait! Huge bucket list thing for the both of us. 
H and the snow leopard! So excited to see it this close since we have only seen it once before way off in the back of the exhibit. Such a beautiful animal. 
The grizzly bears replaced the polar bear at the CP Zoo. I love their exhibit. There are so many different view points to see the animals and it's huge so plenty of space for them to roam around. 
My favorite picture of this boy ever! I love him to pieces. I'm so grateful to be his mamma.
We went to Brooklyn on the nicest day of the year so far. 60 degrees people! It was gorgeous!

Ellen has been here several times, but we have never made it to Brooklyn. Walking across the bridge is cool. You have to start from the Brooklyn side because then you can see the city skyline. So cool. 
Cosette wanted her picture taken. I love her. 
We had lunch with Lyndon and then walked over to the World Trade Center. Another first for Ellen! It's really nice area and so well done to preserve the memories of those who died. We both were a little emotional. We have a lot of friends who were here when 9/11 happened and we have been told that the smoke came all the way up past where we used to live by Columbia. I'm so grateful to live in this amazing wonderful country! God bless the US!
The museum is now open! We haven't been and will have to make it down there sometime. Excited to visit it. 
We were really touristy and went on a carriage ride through the park!
The kids were so excited. We did not get to choose our horse which was kind of sad because we had picked out a sparkly purple one per Cosette's request. You have to take the one at the front of the line, but we lucked out. Our driver was really nice and gave us a good tour. We now know where Beyonce lives.  Henry was the cutest and said "hi" and waved to everyone we passed. It was adorable!
And our horse was beautiful! His name is Chestnut. Cosette has been telling Daddy all about Chestnut and naming every horse she needs Chestnut.
Group picture on the carriage!
We were so sad to see her go. It was a really fun week and we established some new traditions. City Bakery hot chocolate and Strand Bookstore are going to be our new tradition. Come back soon Ellen! We love you!

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