Monday, 27 April 2015

Tribeca Family Festival

We spent Saturday at the Tribeca Family Festival Street Fair. The Tribeca Film Festival puts it on every year and it was our first but not last time attending. It was so fun! We spent the entire day there. There were activities for every person in the family to enjoy. I had a blast. Best day of the month so far! Maybe next year we will attend of the films.  
We entered at the right spot for the kids, the bubble tables! We have already gone through a bubble wand and have started on our second bottle of bubbles this season. They were especially excited to make the giant bubbles. 

Henry was really good at the bubbles. He got a few big ones in and also got completely soaked. He had a blast.
Got this girl a balloon. She asks for balloons all the time. I am glad we were able to make her balloon dreams come true.
Minion sand sculpture. Those little guys in the movie make me laugh. 
We were lucky and were right next to the puppet show when it started. We got to listen to a hilarious retelling of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. It was seriously the funniest retelling I have ever heard. Cause I'm Goldilocks. I am still laughing over here. 
My handsome boys. I love them so so much.
There was a decorate your own cupcake booth which we could not pass up. She wanted to vanilla cake with yellow frosting. I am glad she still likes the color yellow. Henry liked eating all the excess sprinkles on her plate. 
Jazz band on stilts. We enjoyed listening to the music and their funny feet. Cosette said they were monsters because they were so tall. Her imagination is really taking off. The stories she tells me are hilarious. I love talking with her.
Learning about first aid on the ambulance. Henry was so excited to get into the truck. He is obsessed with trucks lately. We have to stop and look at every single one we walk by. He is all boy and I love it! It's new territory for me and I am enjoying engaging in the all the things he is interested in. Puppies, balls, and trucks fyi.
There were two things that we had to do while we were at the fair per Cosette: get a balloon animal and her face painted. So we made it happen. She had been telling us all day that she wanted her face to be painted like a turtle. I had told her she could get her face painted like anything she wanted and she came back and said she wanted to get it painted like a turtle. I was really surprised by it and she stuck by that until we sat down in the chair. she then told the face painter she wanted to be a pink/purple sparkly dragon. This kid is full of surprises! It was not a usual face painting job. They used a spray gun type devise to spray the face paint on their faces. Cosette did not like that too much and ended up only getting half her face done. I was proud of her for being brave enough to try it out even though she was unsure about it. She looked awesome!
Behold the fierce pink/purple dragon!
There was a stride bike activity station where the kids could ride these bikes that did not have peddles, so they just scooted themselves along. There was a short little course that had a ramp and one bumpy "bridge". The kids loved it. Cosette was a pro. It was my favorite thing we did with them that day.
Me and my little lover. He needed some help getting through the course. He loved it so much. He giggled and said "wee" as we went over the ramps and the bumpy part. 
Henry with his Strider ribbon. He totally rocked the course.
The film festival was doing a Back to the Future tribute since its the thirty year anniversary of its release. There was a free screening that evening you could get tickets to and a whole Back to the Future section at the festival where we got to see the DeLorean. Seriously the coolest car ever. 
The last thing we did before heading home was getting the balloon animals. This was the second thing we had to do per Cosette before we could leave. Once again she surprised by saying she wanted a dog, because these guys were pros and could make just about anything. I thought she was going to ask for a princess crown or something else. We were going to ask for a dog for H anyway so it worked out. We are, well were, for a brief period of time the owners of two cute balloon dogs. Cosette named hers "Totsie".  Henry let go of his on the way home and it blew down the street. Thank goodness for a Daddy who will do some crazy things to get balloon animals back. So this is the closet these kids will ever get to having a dog while we live in the city. It satisfied their pet craving for the moment. They will probably start asking again tomorrow.

It was such a fun day. I keep telling Lyndon over and over again how much fun I was having. It has been a long time since we have gone out as a family and had fun like this. Lyndon has been working so much, which is fine, we just miss him. It was nice to have him go on an outing with  us. I miss the student days where any day of the week could turn into a fun adventure. Me and the kids were out last week and it was so nice I wished Lyndon could have been there to enjoy it with us. Missing him so much makes days we get to spend with him so much better. We are so lucky to have such a great Daddy!
The moral of this outing is everything is better when we are together, especially in spring when the weather is nice.

Monday, 20 April 2015

Welcome Spring!

Spring is here! The weather is in the 50s and on good days 60s and there was one day so far when I did not need to wear a huge coat! I should be out singing like the Who's down in Whoville do at Christmas time to welcome in Spring.

The city is coming to life and it is a beautiful sight. We live close to a couple of community gardens and we have been checking out which flowers and plants are growing. When Grandma was here she read the kids The Runaway Bunny, and in the story it talked about the crocus flower which there happened to be some growing in one of the gardens next to us. Now every time we go by a crocus we have to take a picture with it. There Cosette is with the tiny yellow crocus blossoms. 
We discovered some elephant statues one day close to our place. There were big ones and little ones. Cosette made sure to get her big one and that Henry had a little one because he is still a baby according to her.
We are getting a lot more playground time and it is making everyone happy.
Cosette with the yellow crocus in full bloom. She was excited!
We finally went to the Native American Museum downtown. Everytime we go downtown we always see and it and say we should go sometime. So it was sometime and we went with a bunch of friends and enjoyed it as much as we could. Museum guards or security guards, whatever you want to call them, took their job very seriously at this place. Great for them, bad for us. We still were able to see some stuff without them getting on to us. We will have to give it another try. On a positive note, there was a giant tepee the kids could play in and a room where the kids could touch things. 
Friends waiting to go on the Staten Island Ferry to see the Statue of Liberty. It was a letdown for Cosette when she found out we were not actually going to Liberty Island. Another time my love. 
Awesome playground with a awesome view of the Freedom Tower. 
We particiapted in Sandsational, an event at Riverside park to help put new sand into all the playgrounds there. The kids had fun breaking in the new sand toys. 
Lyndon enjoyed getting some manual labor in that morning.
Cosette made her first sand castle of the season. She hardly leaves the sand box when we are at the playground these days. 
The Daffodils are in full bloom which is a sure sign that spring is here.
Cosette with her favorite pink "umbrella" at the Brookfield Place's current art instillation called Soft Spin. The kids had a fabulous time looking at them and finding their favorite color. 
Out and about downtown we found a field of crocuses! Not just one plant, but a field of blooming crocuses! We had to document this super exciting moment with a super awesome picture. Both of these pictures had to be included because her smile is top notch. I laughed so hard when I looked at them. 

We totally indulged in Sprinkles free cupcake day celebrating their 10th anniversary. It was the best free food deal ever! We got to pick out any cupcake they had available for free. Incredible! The kids both wanted sprinkle cupcakes and I had a lemon meringue. It was the pie in cupcake form. One of the best cupcakes I have ever had and the best one I have ever had from sprinkles. I was impressed with Henry because he picked that thing up and gobbled it up. Not all of it, but he make a good dent in it.  

Henry has become a playground champion. He is pretty independent and does not need a lot of help climbing up on things. At some playgrounds I don't even have to get up and help him which this awesome because I'm starting to feel really pregnant and running walking around the playground is getting me out of breathe. So thank you for the present my lovely boy. He loves the slide. He is a champion slider. Every time he went down this one he would plop in the sand look up with a giant grin on his face and head back to the stairs to do it again. It made my heart so happy. I love seeing these two awesome kids of mine growing and learning all these new things. They are the best!

Here is a little clip of him taking on the slide.

It was kind of the best week for free food because Ben and Jerry's was having free cone day that week too. Cosette wanted purple ice cream and they made her purple ice cream dreams come true by offering berry sorbet on the list. It was a happy happy day.
On a few of the really nice days we spend the entire day outside. We leave the house at 10am and haven't gotten home till 6pm. Those days have been the best. We come home exhausted but it is totally worth it. This picture was taken by the Natural History Museum one of those days. The city is absolutely beautiful right now. We have been waiting for these blooms for a long time. 
King Henry in his throne. This boy has come around to the swings again. For a little while there he was not a fan and would stay in them for about thirty seconds. The backward and forward motion scared him a little bit. But the other day he asked to go in one and we started out with very soft slow pushes and as he got more comfortable the pushes got bigger and faster. He stayed in the swing for a good forty minutes and that was not long enough for him. 

 Thank you spring for helping us feel alive again. I am excited for all the fun activities that are in store. 

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Easter Festivities

The week leading up to Easter we participated in the usual Easter festivities. We colored eggs, went on an Easter egg hunt. Nothing grand, but we have lots of pictures to share.
Henry's frist time dying Easter eggs.
Cosete was so excited to color Easter eggs. She had been asking for day and days to color them. 
The kiddos with their Papa. They hardly get to see him so it was super exciting to have him all to ourselves for one day.

Getting ready to hunt some eggs.
Henry's age group went first and he had such  a blast collecting the eggs. 

Cosette and friend. She like collecting the eggs that were shaped liked popsicles and cupcakes. Before the hunt started she told me that she was going to find a pink egg. She accomplished that mission several times. We came home with several pink eggs. 
My favorite picture from the outing. She came "doubly" prepared. 
My babies and their baskets.

We had friends over for Easter dinner and enjoyed this delicious beauty. I have been wanting to make a berry tart for years and finally bought the tart pan and made one! 

Family home evening that week we acted out the first Easter. Cosette was Mary Magdalena and Henry was Jesus. Afterwards Cosette begged to hear more Jesus stories. We will probably be acting out more Jesus stories at FHE from now on. I'm glad
Happy Easter from these two kids!

I am so grateful for this time of year because of spring and getting to celebrate the Savior's sacrifice for us. Because he lives I get to have a wonderful life with my amazing babies and hubby. I love them so much.
Happy Easter!

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