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Things We Have Done Way Back in 2011

I found a couple of posts the other day that I wrote during our time in Cambridge and shortly before Cosette was born. I have no idea why I never published them, but for family history purposes I am sharing them now. These are events that took place May/June 2011. I was eight months pregnant with Cosette and Lyndon was finishing his masters program in Cambridge. Enjoy this first blast from the past. 
We really took advantage of our last term spent in Cambridge. Both of us were keeping busy with school. I finished two of my three independent study courses and Lyndon completed his dissertation. We were living in a different part of the city so we visited some of the colleges that were closer to us. Lyndon found this really nice used bookstore in the city centre. We have gotten a start on our library with a beautifully illustrated copy of Wind in the Willows and original fairy tales plus a couple more. The night we decided to attend evensong at King's College happened to be the requie…