Sunday, 27 September 2015

Happy Birthday Henry

My Henry turned two last week. These two years have flown by! How is my little big boy so big now? He is the sweetest little sweetheart. We had a wonderful time celebrating him last week. And I could go on about him for hours. Before he was born I was so worried about having a boy, but he has turned our world into one full of joy and sunshine. Seriously this boy is the happiest little buddy. I had a friend's mom tell me ages ago that girls clothes are awesome, but boy toys are so much cooler. She was totally right. Henry really likes playing with his toys. Cosette is an artist and loves to create things, but Henry is all about making his dinosaurs, horses, dog go "roar"! He will come up to you and just "roar" at you. It's kind of awesome.
Here are a few things about Henry: He loves cars. He especially likes vans when we are out walking around. He eats sand like it's candy (totally gross, but nothing I do makes a difference). It's good for the immune system right? His favorite books are Dragons Love Tacos (which he got for his birthday!!!) and the Pigeon series by Moe Williams. He is an animal lover. When asked if he wanted to go to the playground or zoo he chose zoo. He says "hello" to all the dogs we see on our daily outings. He also says "hello" and "bye" to all sorts of vehicles we see around the city. He loves the swings at the playground. He grabs my hand and leads me over to them and we are there for at least thirty minutes. He sings Let's go Fly a Kite, I am a Child of God, and I Belong to the Church of Jesus Christ at various times throughout the day. He is the sweetest brother to Cosette and Raphael. He always goes along with Cosette in whatever she is doing. He asks to give Raphael kisses and hugs. I can go on, but I will stop there. Oh, he likes the color orange. At least I think he does. He asks for the orange plate, bowl, and cup at meal times. And he will say "mommy, watch this" and show me his newest trick or throwing a ball or what his dinosaur can do. Okay, I'm done.

We had a few friends over for a party. It was so fun. I'm so glad that he had some friends come over. The funny thing is they are Cosette's friends but he loves them just as much as her and they likewise. Several of her friends have older brothers (they are like six), and whenever we hang out with them Cosette will play with her friend her age and Henry and the older brother will hang out and play. It works great.

The pigeon needs a bath! This is a favorite.

We got him Angelina and Henry because we read a lot of the Angelina books and he loves when little cousin Henry is in them. The kids have been enjoying this one a lot. 
Cosette insisted that he have a duck cake for his birthday. I was going to do a fire truck, but she was pretty adamant. Henry loves Ducks anyway so it was a hit.
Jacob photo bombing the cake photo. He is an awesome kid. So glad he could come and celebrate with us.

Best group shot of the gang I could get.

I couldn't find the birthday candles so we used the number 4 candle from Cosette's birthday. Henry gets to turn four twice in his life. 

Happy Birthday Henry! 
I love you so much! Momma

Thursday, 24 September 2015

School Is In Session

This little lady started Pre-k a couple of weeks ago. It has been a really great thing. She is excited every morning she has school and when I pick her up she is always happy and smiling. Her first two days were short days and then she went full day. That day was a little hard for me. She was great, but I was kind of sad. I didn't think I would get sad, but It was hard her leaving that day. The school is really close to our apartment so I could make an excuse to walk by it on our outing that day. I am a stalker mom.

One of her best friends goes to the same program. It has been really fun because since most of her friends are in school now we can meet up with them afterwards for some good playground fun. That's our life right now. So exciting!! Well today is the first day of fall so I can now start saying happy fall!
Henry misses Cosette when she is at school, but having me all to himself f(or the most part) makes up for it. 
This was her reaction after the first day full day of school. 
Her face in this one. I love her to pieces. 
This is what me and the boys do while she is gone. Henry teaches Raphael about dinosaurs. 
We walk by the Pope's stage in Central Park after going to the MET. Henry discovered that he likes to make his voice echo at the MET. 
And car watching on Central Park West. Hanging out with these boys is fun. Henry gets really excited about vans. They are his favorite right now, along with fire trucks, and taxis.

It's hard to believe that we are at this point in our lives. We have a kid in school! So odd. I guess I am all grown up now. 

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Saturday Walk on the Highline

Me and the kids took Lyndon to experience the Highline on Saturday. It is one thing that he has not done because of school or work. Me and the kids we just get to play, and the city is our playground. And really we have only seen one section of the high line because that's just how it's gone down. We spent the whole afternoon there and really experienced it. And we got to contribute to a public art piece! Plus the Japanese curry taco at Chelsea Market made for a pretty much perfect outing.  I love this city!

The Highline is an old above ground train track that is not longer in use and has been turned into a public park. It is pretty neat to walk above the city but still be surrounded by it. Parts of the walking path still maintain part of the old train track reminding us of what it used to be. It's pretty great.
Lyndon and his sail boat.
Cosette told me that we were in a forest while we were walking through here. You know, it kind of felt like we were.

Hot dad alert!
Manhattan! We could find our apartment building on this map.
We spotted a fashion week event going on. One day I will go to a fashion week thing. 

There is a lot of incredible architecture down there. We spotted quite a few buildings that were just fantastic.

The kiss of life drinking fountain.
We all had a go.
Olafur Eliasson's Panorama, part of his the collectivity project. It's a city scape made up of white Legos created by the public. It was fun to be a part of it.  
The Highline had just a little bit of everything Lyndon and I love mixed in it. I'm glad we are making fun memories together here. NYC has been really good to us. We are happy to call it home.

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Labor Day

Labor Day  kind of marked the end of summer for us. Cosette starts school this week and cooler weather is setting in on the city, which I am not too sad about. Hopefully I will no longer be constantly wet throughout the day. New York apartments are not equipped for summer heat, at least ours is not.

We went out to Brooklyn to take the kids to the Brooklyn Water lab. It was fun to explore a little more of the area and see some pretty spectacular view of the city. I love that we can call this place home. The kids had a blast at the water lab. Henry insisted that I run through part of it with him and would not go unless I ran through it with him. It was sweet to hear his cries of joy as we ran through the sprinklers together. I remind myself that this time where he always wants me around will not last forever, so I run through the sprinklers with him and get all wet. We met up with friends so Cosette was happy running around with her buddies.

There were these plaques illustrating Manhattan's development through the years.  

Henry on Henry Street.

Her face in this one illustrates her independent and opinionated side. 

We had an all American meal at Shake Shack to celebrate this American holiday. We all got shakes this trip because we have never tried the shakes from Shake Shack before, crazy I know. Lyndon's was gross. He got the black and white which he said had a black and white cookie mixed into it. I don't even know how to describe the taste, but it was weird. The peanut butter shake on the other hand was delicious. I will have to keep myself from stopping by to get another one.   

Cosette starting school really changes the calendar up a little bit for us. School starting really does mark the end of the summer and fall approaching. Crazy how things like that change the way you view things. It's going to be a big change having more of a schedule to keep than before. It's going to be good all around for all of us. 

Farewell summer! I am already missing the long summer days. The sun is starting to set earlier and it blows my mind. Winter is approaching to fast. 
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