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Merry Christmas from Singapore

It's a little belated, but we wanted to wish all our friends and family all over the world Merry Christmas!
This Christmas season was went by to fast. December was a really busy month. We moved in to our new apartment at the end of November and I spent most of December unpacking and Lyndon at the office. Plus, being in a new country and learning the ropes of Christmas in Singapore made the whole month go by in the blink of an eye.
I missed NYC a lot. Christmas time is the best time to be in the city. NYC knows how to do Christmas, and I was not sure if Singapore would do the holiday justice since Christianity is not the main religion. There was not a lot of religious symbolism, although surprisingly Tangs on Orchard had a big sign with John 8:12 (I think that's the right scripture) on it. That made it difficult to make Christ the center of our holiday. We tried and Cosette will tell you that we celebrate Christmas because it is Jesus' birthday. So something sunk in.

Christmas Eve Baby

Cosette said the other day that when Raphael grows up she wants to marry him. She is the best big sister to baby Ralphie, except when she puts him on the couch where he can roll off. It's not happened yet, and we have had many discussions about what will happen to him if that happens, so I think he is safe.
Things Raphael is doing at five months:
Rolling over like a champ. The hair on the back of his head has grown back because he loves being on his tummy.
Sleeping like a champ. He has basically sleep trained himself. He gets pretty fussy when he is tired and we put a passy in his mouth, lay him down, and he goes to sleep most of the time. It is so nice. I attribute it to him being the third child and sometimes Momma has to take care of the other two kids and go to the bathroom. All three kids are in the same room and it is working out great.
He has become very aware and curious of his surroundings. He is out of the "baby fog" we will call it and is really interested in what…

The Force is Strong in Singapore

Like everyone else in the world, we were really excited for the new Star Wars movie. Like so excited. We tried to watch the first six before number seven came out. We got through one and two. Lyndon's work keeps hims busy so it was not possible to finish them all. We will watch the rest. We have added it to our list of new year's resolution.
I remember that one of the first things that I learned about Lyndon when we were dating is that Star Wars is his favorite movie. The second one is his favorite. We have watched that one so many times I cannot even count. 

Super Christmas Saturday

.We had our dear friend Marissa over to make gingerbread houses with us. She served her mission in our ward in NYC and while she was there we had her and her companion over to make gingerbread houses. They loved making it and we had such a good time doing it with her that we decided to make it a tradition and have her over to make them again.
Making these things is a science almost. I say that because you have to cook the gingerbread long enough that it is harder (not crispy) but hard enough to stand up on its own. I am still learning how to use my oven over here. It is weird and I know I am not doing it right, but things are getting cooked so it is kind of working. Anyway, the houses this year were not as sturdy as years past. We didn't build it on the "sand" or on the "rock" but somewhere in between (the sock? or rand?). And getting the royal icing the right consistency is a little tricky. It's a learning process every year. Our houses stood firm so it all…

The Zoo is our Happy Place