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A couple of weeks ago we had to go get our laptop fixed, Singapore phone plan, and get some photos off our computer hard drive. We found this mall down by city hall that is entirely dedicated to electronics. If we had time Lyndon would have spent a long time there. Electronics paradise. But ya know with kids it's another story. We had a few hours to hang around while our laptop screen was getting fixed. We were going to go pick some stuff up at the grocery store, but on the way we saw some pretty neat stuff and just decided to forget the grocery store and explore this area.

Tiny Dancers

Cosette has been taking ballet once a week since the new year began. It is her favorite day of the week. On the day she has class, she told her class at school that she had ballet that night. It is the cutest to see how excited she is to go. After her first official class as we were walking home and she asked to show me her special dance. She was all decked out in her outfit beaming and glowing with joy as she danced around the plaza of the community center. It was one of those heart melting moments as a parent. Seeing your child so happy (she was glowing like the sun), it was beautiful to witness and almost brought me to tears (I cry so much more that I have kids). I took this video, like a creeper, of her at class. I love that they were dancing to some sort of k-pop or j-pop. Parents are not allowed into the class unless your child is doing a trial class, so I am stuck at creeper status with all the other parents who were also taking pictures and videos. Cosette is easy to spot, jus…

Silk Road

Since moving to Singapore Lyndon and I have been going on a lot more dates. We have found some amazing babysitters in our ward. They are the sweetest girls and so good with the kids. It's been so nice to get some alone time with my man, even if Raphael tags along sometimes. 

We went to see a dance opera (basically a ballet) at the Esplanade Theatre downtown this past weekend for our date night. It's called Silk Road based off the Dunhaung Frescoes in the Gansu province of China. It was phenomenal. That is why I am sharing it. Both of us were so moved by the production, especially by the music and the costumes.  The music was majestic and touching. It forced you to become emotionally involved in the story, applauding the character's triumphs and crying in their pain. The story line was both personal and epic. The main characters were a father and daughter. It was so sweet to see their love and sacrifice for each other. Story lines are so often about two lovers, it was refres…

Singapore's River Safari