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The Big Buddha

Our first day in Hong Kong we went to Lantau Island to see the pink dolphins and the Big Buddha. This was my favorite day of the trip. I really enjoyed seeing the islands jut out of the ocean. They are so beautiful, especially since it was kind of stormy so everything was misty. They looked so ethereal and mystical. I loved seeing that. I absolutely loved seeing the monastery and the Big Buddha. We read all about Buddhism and how this Buddha came to be. It was so interesting and sounded so nice. I would love to leave the world and head up to the mountains to meditate right now. It's kind of noisy at our place, haha. I loved it! The paintings/murals about the Buddha were beautiful and just looking at them made me feel more at peace. I think I reached a state of nirvana by the time we left. Not really, but it made me think a lot, which is what great art should do. I loved it. I wish we could have spent a lot more time going to the different temples. It is so different from anything …

Miracles do Happen

One of the biggest surprises and miracles from heaven happened. Tuesday morning I was woken up by a phone call from my sister who lives in Seattle. I called her over the weekend making plans to possibly stay with her for a few days when I fly back to the States at the end of May. She called me and said that she was coming to Singapore and she was getting in on Wednesday, the next day! She said that she felt strongly that she needed to come and certain events had transpired for her to be able to hop on a plane like she did. It was probably the surprise of my life and a testimony to our little family that miracles do happen. Heavenly Father is mindful of us no matter how it seems sometimes. And I need to remember that because sometimes it seems pretty bleak. He is preparing a way we just do not know it. Once again I need to remember that. My health has not been good and we have been praying for a solution. One of the solutions we came up with was for me and the kids to go back to the St…

Plothows do Hong Kong Disneyland

This is the last video from our Hong Kong trip. We went to the second happiest place in Asia: Hong Kong Disneyland! (Tokyo Disneyland is the first happiest place in Asia, if you are wondering). We finished the trip by spending two days here. It was me and the kids first time having more than a one day pass. We opened and closed the park both days and had a fabulous time. I guess we can now join the Disneyland warrior's club. There will be more pictures and all the details to come.

Plothows do Hong Kong Part 2

The second video from our Hong Kong trip gives a small highlight to the whole reason we went: to go to the Hong Kong Temple! There would have been more video from that day, but my phone got misplaced and I thought someone had actually stolen it. That was scary, especially since I would not have been able to get a new one till I went back to the states because they are really expensive over here. 
This video covers the Hong Kong Temple, the markets at Sam Shui Po, the Jade Market, the Star Ferry, the Hong Kong Flyer (as we call it), our day in Stanley where we pretended to be pirates, and other tid bits from the trip.

Plothows do Hong Kong

We got back from Hong Kong a couple of days ago. The trip was two thumbs up. We really needed a family vacation.

Here is a video from our first couple of days in this cool place. We went to Lantau Island to see the pink dolphins and the Big Buddha. Sadly we did not see any of the dolphins due to it being a bit stormy. We almost didn't see the Big Buddha because it was so misty. This was my favorite day of our trip. We bought a selfie stick for the trip and I had a lot of fun using it. We got some fun family shots and funny video, as you will see. We keep cracking up when I awkwardly say "lose some weight" when referring to Lyndon's comment about Henry being super heavy after carrying him up a mountain of stairs, literally.

We took a ton of video and were going to make one movie, but that would have been ten minutes or longer, so we broke it up into three shorter films. More pictures and details to come. xoxo

Jurong Bird Park