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Sunday Night Stroll at Nisqually


Washington Favorites

This little buddy had as much fun as the older two. He is getting so big.

We stopped at MORA to get some ice cream. It was the best ice cream I have ever had. I am keeping my fingers crossed that they get a cookbook out sometime so I can get in on the secret. I had their signature Mora (blackberry) ice cream with half a scoop of coconut. Cosette always gets vanilla and Henry chocolate. Leslie got lemon bar. Hers was two thumbs up. Man, I want to go back there.
Love these kiddos of mine. They are my buddies. I have a lot of fun with them even if I am exhausted at the end of every day. It's worth every ounce of energy I spend. They are the best!
Possibly my favorite photo of all time. Henry gives the best hugs and kisses. I am hoping that he continues to give them for a long long time. Like to the point it's inappropriate long time.

Secret City Festival

A couple of weekends ago my hometown hosted the annual Secret City Festival. We went last year and had an amazing time and it was even better this year.
My hometown was part of the Manhattan Project during World War II and was a "secret city" until the war was over. The Festival pays homage to our town's history, which always makes me proud of where I am from and excited about science, haha. We are a science city.
Anyway, there are a lot of activities for kids, a craft fair, booths local businesses set up, performances, concerts the two nights of the festival, food, and a WWII reenactment. It's pretty fabulous and like I said has gotten better every year. Highlights were digging for fossils and other stuff in the dino dig, getting to sit in a real life fire engine and "driving" it, seeing The Charlie Daniels Band perform live, and of course getting to play in the sand. My kids love the sand box.
We finally got to see the reenactment. We have always wanted to g…