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Mom in Singapore

It's been a month since my Mom left SG. Surprisingly we I have handled it well. I thought I would be bawling at the airport when I dropped her off, but her flight left so early in the morning (we got there at 4:30) so I was too tired to cry. Then I cam home and life has continued on.

We had a wonderful visit together. We got to show her our beautiful island in the sun. She got to experience our life here. It really is the best when you live away from family and they come visit and then they know what you are talking about when you talk to them because they have experienced it. They understand more of what you are experiencing. It was great.

Her visit really helped me get back up on my feet and I am re-energized and ready to take on the world. I have been feeling and functioning so much better since her visit. I could relax with her being here having an extra set of hands, good hands. My Mom has the best hands when you need a helping hand.  It was just nice having someone around. I g…

Running Play Date

I have been trying out Instagram's new Instastories gadget lately and captured some video from a morning at Bishan Park. I am still figuring the thing out, and did not realize I had to download all the video from the Instagram app, so I am missing a lot of the footage I took, which makes me sad, because there were some pretty awesome clips of the kids that I would treasure forever that got deleted. So the video is a short one.

I said in my Color Run post, I have been doing a lot of running with the kids because that is the only way I can get a work out in. I got our friends who live close to us to meet us at Bishan Park and have a running play date. It worked out well enough. We got in a couple of miles together and the kids got all their energy out and to be with friends. This friend actually lived in the same neighborhood as we did in NYC a few years before we got there. They were in our same NYC ward and have a lot of NYC friends in common. It's a small world after all! I co…

School Time: Entrepreneurship Day aka School Fair

Tuesday was a big day at school. The kids in Kindergarten 2 (K2) were in charge of organizing the school fair and in charge of all the activities. The theme this year was "A Day in Story Book Land". Each class was given a classic story and had to create products and a booth for their story. Cosette's class was assigned Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and Henry's class had Jack and the Beanstalk. Henry has been obsessed with Jack and the Beanstalk lately and it all makes sense now. I love the kid's school. One of the purposes of the fair was to help the children learn how to use and manage their own money. All the proceeds went to . I made a video of the day, so you can experience it first hand. 

 We had a lot of fun. I did not really have any expectations, because I was just trying to get out of the door with the three kiddos, mornings are so crazy no matter how well we prepare ahead. So many things in Singapore exceed my expectations and the school fair was anot…

Ready to Run

I am crazy and decided and I want to do a marathon in the spring, which means I have a lot of training ahead of me. If I do not do a marathon, I at least want to run a half marathon. I have my sights set on doing the Great Wall Marathon, but we will see. Trying to balance our life and add in things like running that take a lot of time and energy might not be do able. I am just saying that in case I fail and do not even make it to a half marathon, but failure is part of life and trying is important. 
I have been trying to run a few times a week. I am not doing well.... If I do go run I usually have to do it with the kids. So the boys are in the stroller and Cosette is on her scooter and we make our way to the splash pad or play ground. which is about 1.5-2 miles from our place depending on what route I take. So I get in 3-4 maybe more miles in when I run with the kids. I always run Wednesday night while Cosette is at piano. I have an hour to run, so I give Henry the kindle and he gets t…