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We Gather Together

This Thanksgiving is one that I will remember, but want to forget, which makes me sound ungrateful, but I'm not I promise. Every single one of us got the stomach flu, but Raphael, a couple days before Thanksgiving. It was really miserable. Lyndon had taken the week off just to hang out and actually spend some time seeing Singapore, but then got sick. Silver lining is he used sick days instead of vacation days, so maybe we can squeeze in another few sick free days (fingers crossed) this holiday season. That is something to be grateful for. The kids bounced back fast, and Lyndon and I took a few days to fully recover. We did recover in time to celebrate Thanksgiving, minus having an appetite (at least for me).

Our friends have an annual Thanksgiving bar-b-q that we attended on Thanksgiving. If you have never had bar-b-q turkey you are missing out. It is a Thanksgiving tradition that we might keep going once we get back to the states. It felt more like the 4th of July with swimming an…

365 Days of Singapore

The last week of October was our one year mark here in Singapore! It feels like a pretty big milestone to be living here for a year. Cosette still does talk about going back to New York, and my heart hurts when I see my friend's pics on Instagram. But then it hurts thinking we only have a year left here.

The things I miss from the US other than family and friends are: the New York Public Library, fall, Greek yoghurt, and that's about it. I really like the summer weather year round. I am not missing those New York winters, or winter in general at all. It's so easy with the kids to just throw on shorts, t-shirts, sandals and we are good. No extra half hour to get everyone's winter gear on before leaving the house. And after writing this I will admit that the heat is getting to me a little bit. It is hot and we are constantly sweaty, but at least we got aircon.

Favorite things about Singapore: the beach, the zoo, our pool, the food, the people. There is a lot to love here. …

School Time: Children's Day

Children's Day is celebrated on the first Friday of October every year. The primary children (we are on the British System here in SG) do not have school. It is a day for them to spend time with their families, and be a kid. Essentially it is a day that celebrates childhood and brings awareness about children's rights to health care, education, etc. Many countries all over the world celebrate it, and it was a great cultural experience to have in Singapore. That weekend our community held a Children's Day festival with a little fair. I did not get pics from that, but Cosette had a lot of fun with her BFF Crescent. 

The kid's school celebrated Children's Day at the beginning of October. I volunteered to come in and sing some songs with the kids. There was a note in their communications book (basically school planner. The teachers will stick permission slips, and notes in there for the parents) that said parents were welcome to come to class that day, so I did. I am re…

Happy Birthday Lyndon!


Saturday and a Little bit of Sunday

Lyndon was actually home. We had a family outing. We almost got soaked in a tropical storm. We had some good hawker centre food. I got to go out with some girl friends, and a date with Lyndon! It was a busy Saturday. A few photos from our weekend. 

And some photos from Sunday.