Saturday and a Little bit of Sunday

Lyndon was actually home. We had a family outing. We almost got soaked in a tropical storm. We had some good hawker centre food. I got to go out with some girl friends, and a date with Lyndon! It was a busy Saturday. A few photos from our weekend. 

Hawker centre lunch.

We started hiking part of the Kent Ridge trail. It was the worst hike, haha. Okay not the worst. It had just rained which made it extra humid and muggy, we walked for 15-20 minutes up hill which was miserable because I was pushing a stroller. Lyndon loved it, and that's why were were doing it. We made it through one of the many parks on the trail, and have yet to get to the bridge which is supposed to be the good part. We will see. Cosette getting a leg up from Daddy..... get a look at this view. 

Testing out the selfie stick.

Of course, my eyes have to be closed in the one picture where everyone is looking. 

Went to the opera with some girl friends at the Victoria Theatre. That place is lovely and we heard a lot of lovely music. It was actually a lecture based series on opera. The conductor would explain a bit about the piece and then we got to hear it. We heard music from Don Giovanni, Habanera, Wagner's Ring series, some Puccini. It was glorious. 

We got to see some dragon boat racing during drinks afterwards. Very different from "crew" in Europe and the States.

Beautiful building, and and elephant!
And some photos from Sunday.

The way I did my hair let me have a rather impressive half mustache. I showed Lyndon and he said "You mustache me a question," haha. We are dorks.

Cosette getting in on the mustache action. I love her! Five is my favorite age.

One more with my baby girl.

Good ending to a somewhat stinky cheese week. 


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