We Gather Together

This Thanksgiving is one that I will remember, but want to forget, which makes me sound ungrateful, but I'm not I promise. Every single one of us got the stomach flu, but Raphael, a couple days before Thanksgiving. It was really miserable. Lyndon had taken the week off just to hang out and actually spend some time seeing Singapore, but then got sick. Silver lining is he used sick days instead of vacation days, so maybe we can squeeze in another few sick free days (fingers crossed) this holiday season. That is something to be grateful for. The kids bounced back fast, and Lyndon and I took a few days to fully recover. We did recover in time to celebrate Thanksgiving, minus having an appetite (at least for me).

Our friends have an annual Thanksgiving bar-b-q that we attended on Thanksgiving. If you have never had bar-b-q turkey you are missing out. It is a Thanksgiving tradition that we might keep going once we get back to the states. It felt more like the 4th of July with swimming and bar-b-qing, than Thanksgiving. But that's Singapore for ya.

Easiest Thanksgiving shopping. 

Getting snuggles from this guy is the best kind of medicine.

That Saturday we got together with some friends from Lyndon's office and had another Thanksgiving dinner. We made pumpkin pie, which I did not get a picture of and I am so sad about. It was a beautiful pie. The kids helped me cut out leaves and turkeys with the extra pie dough and we placed it on top of the pie. It was a Plothow culinary masterpiece!

That was our expat Thanksgiving 2016.

I am majorly grateful that we have all regained our health and no one else has gotten ill (knock on wood). I am grateful for my three beautiful babes, even though they give me a run for my money they give me more fulfillment in my life than I could have ever imagined. I am grateful that Lyndon is a hard worker and loves to explore the world as much as I do. I am grateful for all the time and energy he has put into his job this year to provide for us. I am really lucky to have him. I am grateful for my Grandmother. Her health is not what it used to be and I am so grateful for all the time I got/get to spend and talk with her. She is a wonderful wonderful woman, who has raised strong daughters, who in turn have raised another generation of strong women. How grateful I am to be part of that tradition.

We moved into our apartment a year ago on Thanksgiving, and thinking about this past year I don't even know how I made it through. There have been times, even recently, when I have struggled to find something to be grateful for even though I am grateful for all that I have and done. The world is not an easy place to live and sometimes when I am so tired, but cannot even sleep I struggle to find something to be grateful for. Then I have to sit there and rationalize everything in my mind and remind myself to remember times when I did have a lot of gratitude and to think of all the sacrifices that people have made for me. And then I think of my kids and am grateful that I have them, because I would be a nobody without my little family.

I tried, and failed, to do a ten day thankful "challenge" with the kids where we would say one thing we were thankful for everyday up until Thanksgiving, ten days in total. I did do it some, and pretty much Cosette was the only one who participated with me. But here is a little video of things we are thankful for. Just for the record, Raphael is thankful for pie.

And after watching this, I just have to say that I am grateful for way more than just my raincoat, haha. 

Happy Thanksgiving! We are grateful for all our friends and family to reached out to us over the holiday. It is nice to hear from you. Xx


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