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ZooRassic Park

The Zoo and River Safari had a dinosaur exhibit going on the last couple of weeks. We made a couple of trips up to the Zoo to see the dinosaurs. Like everything the Zoo does, the exhibit was fantastic. There were some stationary dinosaurs, but most were animatronic. And we could touch them! We might not have been supposed to touch them, but they were so close to us on the path we did. Everyone was, so that makes it okay right?

The kids had a lot of fun, and we met up with friends at the zoo. It is always a trek to get there, but so worth it. It makes us all so happy. I love the zoo.

Girls Day to the Nutcracker

Cosette and I had a girls day last weekend to see The Nutcracker! I was so excited to take her. I love this ballet. And I have been waiting for this moment or a moment like this where I can take my girl and introduce her to something I love so much. She is at an age where she is able to sit through movies, ballets, etc enjoy them ( I made her sit through a choir concert earlier that week that she only somewhat enjoyed). She enjoyed The Nutcracker. She asked lots of questions during the show, mainly when were we going to get ice cream. She said that the Spanish Dancers and the Sugar Plum Fairy were her favorites. It was nice to hear that she was paying attention, Most of the time when I ask her what her favorite of whatever we were doing is and she will always say "the end". It was refreshing to hear something other than "the end". She was engaged the whole time. I had told her the basic story line, so she would understand what was going on. She loved the costumes, …

School Time: Last Day of School

The kids finished school back in mid-November. It was kind of an emotional day for me. Their school has been so fabulous and their teachers so great. I got a little emotional when I went to pick them up and tell their teachers thank you for all that they have done for my kids. All three of us are really excited that they will have the same teachers and classmates this coming year.

Each student has a binder with all the projects and teacher evaluations in it. It is basically a scrapbook of their school year. Both kids had one and these binders make me so happy! Seeing their progress that they have made, their cute art projects, pictures, handwriting. I am so in love with these binders. The second best part is that I did not have to make it. Love that! If we ever have a fire those binders will be something I run in after for. They are so special to me. And I know one day the kids will be happy they have them.

School here is a little bit different. The school year begins in January and goe…

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