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First Snow

We had our first snow of the season yesterday! I was not looking forward to it at all. On the other hand, Cosette was so excited. She kept saying, "I've been waiting my whole life for this". Even with my Grinch attitude about snow, I will admit I was happy it came. It was really magical. First snow of the season, first snow we've experienced in two years, Henry's first snow he will remember, and Raphael's first snow ever. That made it an especially special snowy day.

We were by the Lincoln Center and stopped for a snow ball fight. I found the magic of snow again while playing with the kids.  It was really fun while we lasted. We were done after half an hour. It was just a wee bit cold. We are still acclimatizing over here.

A short film below of the beginning of our winter "fun". Praying that the snow magic will last all winter. We just need to buy proper snow gear, and a sled. 


Thanksgiving Week

We had a full house for Thanksgiving this year. My parents and sister came up for the holiday. Eight people in our NYC apartment for a week. Good thing we love having visitors. 

The highlights of the week were:
1. Seeing Cosette and Henry in the Primary Program at church.
2. The Three Bears Holiday Bash at the Swedish Cottage.
3. Seeing the Michelangelo exhibit at the MET. 
4. Eating delicious ramen.
5. Macy's Balloon inflation (post here).
6. Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade (post here).
7. Thanksgiving Dinner.
8. Meeting Santa at Macy's. 

We also showed them some favorite places around our neighborhood. We cannot go a week without hitting up a couple of our favorite playgrounds. 

Macy's Parade Balloon Inflation

The night before the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, the balloons get blown up around the Natural History Museum. It is another favorite tradition of mine. I love that we live right next to the Museum, so we did not have to travel far, and got to see all the setting up. The excitement in the air was tangible. It is really cool to see the balloons in the parade, but  seeing them the day before makes it a little bit more meaningful. The kids recognized them at the parade the next day, and were excited to see their favorites.

It was my parent's first time, and I think they did not realize how big of deal this event is. You have to get there early. We went right after school with friends. That was fun. We all swung by our apartment, since it was the closest, to drop all the school bags off. Then we went with out large group down to see the balloons. I love the community that we have at our school. We have made a lot of wonderful friends. 

They city did it a bit differently this yea…

At it Again: Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

Thanksgiving has become one of my favorite holidays, mostly because I am in charge of the cooking, so I get to make the food I like. Really it is because it is such a great time of year to be in the city. The Macy's Parade is my favorite Thanksgiving tradition. Watching the balloon inflation the day before, then getting up and waiting for the parade. It is just so much fun. There is an energy that the holidays and tradition like this bring and fuel our excitement and memory making. 

This is the fourth year we have done the parade. We have it down to a science, at least I like to think we do. Lyndon and whatever other dudes are visiting us go down and save us a spot around 4:30. Then I bring the kids down at 6:30 and we wait until the parade starts at 9. We dress like it is the snow apocalypse, bring tons of snacks, and blankets. That is the not so fun part, but it is so worth it. The parade is incredible. I love it so much. It really is so exciting once it starts.

This year my paren…