A Day in Mashiko

We had a slow morning and got to venture out to the beach for a little bit. This is the Pacific Ocean. I could not resist getting a pic. A wave did get me, not too bad though. My feet were not wet the whole day. 

It had stormed the night before and the waves were really rough. I find the ocean so fascinating. One moment it is calm and then the next the waves come crashing down on you. The Japanese have relied upon the sea for a lot. Lovely to see it up close. 

 This day was dedicated to shopping for dishes. Lyndon wanted me to get some nice Japanese dishes while I was there. The Yamanas took us to a town, Mashiko, which is famous for their pottery. There were shops everywhere. We spent most of the afternoon looking around. Ellen is a dish lover. She was in heaven. One store had a game you got to play if you bought somethin there. I found a strawberry dish I could not get out of my head for the rest of the day, so I ended up purchasing it, so I got to play the game. It was a ring toss game. I ended up winning two my rounds and my prize, more dishes! Really fun afternoon shopping and bartering for the best price. 

I have gone back and forth about what is my favorite type of food for a while, because there is so much good food out in the world. However,  after this trip it has reinforced that Japanese is my favorite and the best food there is.  Our lunch that day was sublime. 
Hot ginger milk. So, so, so good. 

My heart, and my belly were so happy. I have been trying to recreate a lot of the food we ate on our trip since being home. 

The Yamanas. Two of the best people I have ever come in contact with. I am beyond grateful for their friendship. 

Its yuzu season. 

Walking the steps up to Saimyoji Temple.

 Second stop of the day was the Saimyogi Temple. It was originally built in 737 and then rebuilt in 1492. It is the fourth oldest temple in Eastern Japan. It was a steep drive up the mountain to the temple. We had the place to ourselves mostly, and it was lovely to walk around and check out these beautiful wooden structures. It's completely surrounded by a forest and I just felt so at peace and at home. Ellen just walked around and took everything in. I think she was just in awe of finally being to a place like this. The shrines and temples in Tokyo are amazing, but there is nothing like being in the Japanese countryside being at one of these places. There is an air of reverence and serenity that cannot be replicated in the city.  

I thought it was completly adorable that this little statue had a red hat and scarf on. I am sure someone probably knitted it and put it on the little statue. 

Steps to a another part of the temple grounds. 

what was at the top

1,000 folded cranes. 

Blurry picture of the Tokyo Sky Tree on our way to Kamakura that night. This city goes on and on and on. Ellen said that she feel asleep when were driving through and when she woke up we were still driving through Tokyo. Ah, love this place. 


  1. What a lovely trip! How lucky you were able to do this with your sister! So fun :)

    1. Thanks, it was really fun. Your boys will have to do something like this to Ireland and Australia one day.


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