Wrapping Up Ellen's Visit

Ellen's last few days in Singapore were really busy. We ventured down Arab Street and saw the sights there. We paid a visit to Mr. Dilip's textile shop. It's a favorite place of mine, and he is so nice. Got to go inside the Sultan Mosque and learn some more about Islam, which is always fascinating. 

Arab Street is one of my favorite places. Great place to get Mediterranean food in Singapore, all the fabric shops, the Mosques stands at the center of it all. It is a really fun area to explore. We found a cat cafe close by and I am dying to take Cosette there. A place where you get to pet cats for a while and get a drink, two thumbs up for me and my girl. Ellen really likes cats, so every I would see something cat related I would  say "my Ellen senses are tingling". It's a fun sister thing that continued into our next trip in Japan. 

Ellen's last day in SG was most memorable, because we packed in a whole lotta outdoor stuff. That morning we went to MacRitchie so that Ellen could see the wild monkeys here. I prayed and prayed and prayed that the Lord would provide us a tender mercy, and let us see some monkeys for Ellen. I know he loves me because we saw two troops of monkeys. At one point they were surrounding us over head, and I was dragging Ellen away, because they have no fear of humans. She was ecstatic, and I am so grateful we got to see some. Raphael came with us, and was the best little hiking buddy. 

After we picked the kids up from school that day, we went to the National Orchid Garden at the Botanic Gardens. Lyndon and I got adult scooters for Christmas, so we can now scooter everywhere with the kids. We took the scooters with us to the gardens and scootered around. Once we were in the Orchid Garden, the kids were kids. I ended up having to take them out and hang out in a meadow with them while Ellen enjoyed seeing the beautiful flowers. 

That night Ellen said goodbye to the kids and we went to the airport to start our sister trip to Japan. 

It was so wonderful having Ellen here. We wore ourselves out showing her Singapore. She kept saying how much she loved it here. The weather has been "cool" for Singapore, so it was amazing! Wish all our family could come and enjoy this beautiful country we get to call home right now. I am really in love with this place, and my sister. Love you Ellen!

Ellen senses!

She is awesome!

My little hiking buddy.

I've ruined my kids. They are not impressed by anything. Not completely true, they just wanted to go to the playground. Can't blame them. They are kids. 

Stunning orchids. 

Best picture we could get of them and Aunt Ellen. They miss her.

Changi Airport is my favorite in the world. Easiest airport to get through security at and there is always something interesting going on from orchid gardens to etching your own Singapore landmark. We got to see the Kinetic Rain installation. It was really soothing and mesmerizing to watch.

Her final farewell to Singapore. I am not ready for her to say goodbye. Come back! It was fun while it lasted. Grateful we have a good relationship where she will make the long journey halfway across the world to visit us. 


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