Jurong Bird Park, You are Incredible

We made our last visit to the Jurong Bird Park this week. It was the best way we could have spent our last day there. We went with our friends which always makes outings more fun. Sad to say goodbye to them and the Bird Park.

We got there the earliest we have ever been there (before 10am), and made it in time to see the Kings of the Sky Show, which lets us get a up close and better understanding of birds of prey. The coolest part was when they let a flock of Brahminy Kites fly over the audience over and over again. They got so close that we had to duck our heads when it flew over us.

In between shows we went to the African Penguin feeding. After the keeper does their thing, they let the park visitors feed the penguins. The kids got three trays full of fish and got to feed the penguins. Henry was especially excited and told me the fish were dry and slimy. The penguins ate all the fish the kids threw in, which they were super thrilled about.

Next on the agenda was the High Fliers Show. This one is just amazing. Even though we see it every time we go, it still is incredible. Cosette finally got chosen to be a volunteer! She had a Cockatoo, named Sassy, land on her arm and eat out of her hand. Every time we go she tries to get chosen as the volunteer. It was so perfect that for our last visit she was chosen.

The Lori Loft is my favorite. It never gets old having the loris land on you and eat from your hand. Raphael fed the loris for his first time. Henry, who was so nervous at first, went up and fed them without a champ. Makes me so happy to see him conquer his fear. 

Wishing so bad that this was his red wagon. 

With Sunny, the Jurong Bird Park mascot.

His little troll hair. So many heart eyes. 

Cute story: Henry was hanging around and ice cream freezer, and the worker gave him that ice cream for free! Lucky, lucky boy. 

Jurong Bird Park, we love you so much. You have given us so many wonderful opportunities to learn about our feathery friends. We appreciate birds so much more than before.The kids have already been asking when we will go again, and my heart hurts a little bit knowing we will not go for a long long time. I'm just glad we got to go so many times. 

Link to video we made about the bird park here


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