School Time: Henry's First Field Trip

The whole school went on a field trip to Home TeamNs indoor play place. This was an especially exciting field trip because, it was Henry's first field trip and I got to go too! Parents were required to accompany their child in the N1 and N2 classes, so I kind of had to go. I jumped at the chance because the N1 and N2 classes only go on one field trip a year, and a great opportunity for Henry to experience going on a field trip. Which means I had to make a video, just had too. 

Cosette was a little bit more excited about it. She knows her schedule very well at school, and is often reminding me the dates and times of things. So weeks leading up to the field trip she kept reminding me that we needed to be at school at 8:45am because the bus was leaving at 9am. And being any later than 8:45am would be a crime. I love her for keeping me in check. 

Henry came along with Cosette's class which worked out great. He knows most of the kids from the playground and then one of his classmate's older brother is in Cosette's class, so he had a friend there with him. He was most excited about going on the school bus. They charter a grey hound type bus for the field trip, so we traveled in luxury compared to when I was a bonnie wee lass.

The play place was great. We were all gathered into the play area and were met by our leader, Lala. who gave us the scoop on the rules. Then the kids were let loose and played to their hearts content. Cosette immediately ran to the trampoline, and Henry jumped into the ball pit. My favorite was going down the slide, and not letting kids cut in front of me in the queue, haha. Jk, jk. It was really fun letting loose and playing with the kids. The kids would call out to me "Aunty Christine! Watch this!". I love that they all know me and I know all of them. One of our friend's little brother, whose in N1, grabbed my hand and led me over to the slide so we could go down together. I love that he felt so comfortable and wanted me to go with him. These kids are so great. The best was going down the slide and watching the other mums and teachers doing so as well. 

Favorite picture of the day. 

The only hiccup of the day was someone accidentally taking one of Cosette's shoes. Everyone had to take their shoes off before they entered the play area, which makes sense. The only problem was that there was not enough cubby holes to place the shoes, and then all the students are required to have white closed toed shoes, and many of them have the same shoes. Cosette went to put her shoes on, and had two right shoes. We told the teachers, and everyone began looking at their feet. It was resolved quickly and nobody left with two left feet. It was funny though, and not surprising that it happened to someone.

Jumped all his energy out. 
It was a fun time for the kids to spend one of their last days of school together and end Term 2. I am grateful I got to be there with them, and to be with Henry on his first field trip. Now on to summer break! Or is it really summer break when it's summer year round? I guess that's why they call it term break and school holidays. 


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