Thursday, 27 July 2017

A Tale of Two Birthdays

I should have combined all three of our birthdays in one post, but I started on Cosette's before I thought about it. So here is the how the rest of our Birthday Week went.

Rapahael turned two! We had a low key celebration because he does not understand the concept of birthdays yet. And when you have three birthdays in four days, you have some cake logistics to figure out. That will be a challenge for me in the years to come. I am still working on it, but this year the solution was to go out for ice cream. We had him open his presents after dinner. He was gifted Henry's old scooter, which made his two year old life. You should see him on that thing. He is a speed demon. Since he now has his own scooter we got him a helmet. When he opened it he immediately put it on. Lastly, he got a set of foam swords, and shields. He loves that kind of stuff, and it was perfect because it will not cause too much damage to anything or anyone. We went to Baskin Robbins to get some ice cream cones. We sang "Happy Birthday" to him, and it was so cute. He had the biggest smile on his face, while kicking his legs. He clapped his hands with joy when it was over.

Matching ice cream colors to her outfit. 

Birthday buddies!

Two year old Raphael is sweet. He is a lover. I get hugs and kisses from him every day. When he sees me in the morning, he runs up to me and hugs me around my legs. I love that. He is very independent, climbing on everything. He is a leader. He gets his siblings ready to race and yells "Go!" while they run up and down the hallway. He also likes to point and tell me where to go while I am holding him. When he speaks to me, he makes sure I am paying attention to him. His language has really taken off, and he is a little chatter box. He has officially been one of our little pack for a while with his sibs. He will growl and chase them around the house. That's the funniest because he is the smallest, chasing all the bigger kids.

I turned 29. It was another low key celebration with blueberry pie and homemade ice cream. The ladies in my family went out for pedicures, and we went black berry picking in the morning. The only thing that was missing was Lyndon. He made sure to know that he was thinking of me. I came home to flowers, and a singing birthday card. He always goes all out for my birthday, and I really appreciate him for it.

I received a lot of love from friends and family around the world. That really means a lot to me. I am sincerely grateful for all those who took the time to wish me happy birthday. It has been a lot harder transition from Singapore to the States than I anticipated. The last month we have been in another country or State every week. We have enjoyed ourselves, but that is a lot of constant change for anyone. I have not had time to really process our move, and now it is hitting me hard. With that, it was really heart warming to receive all the messages. I teared up reading the them. I am getting more and more sappy every year, haha.

I have been thinking about what I want to accomplish in the last year of the my twenties. I have some ideas, I really want to focus on enjoying the moment with my kids. I want to be better about getting to bed, because sleep does wonders. I am going to continue to work on my running, and do some more races. I want to do a half marathon, so I better find one to work towards. I also want to work more on creating my own sewing patterns. I have really enjoyed sewing and I want to be able to better recreate things that I see. And I stocked up on fabric before I left Singapore, so I need to get a sewing. So yeah, I have a few plans for this next year.

One last Happy Birthday to my Rapha, and a big thanks to everyone who made my day special. 

Cosette is Six!

My baby girl turned six years old this past week. It has been a highly anticipated event. She has been talking about her birthday since January. She and I have been planning it for a long time. Mostly her telling me what she wants, and me telling her if its in the realm of real possibilities (no, I cannot get the real "Starry Night" on loan from the MOMA).  She told me several months back that she wanted an art party, complete with a "Starry Night" cake. It happened. She turned six with an art party, and "Starry Night" cake.

Van Gogh enthusiast. 

Little tiny Rapha trying to get some drinks.
Six year old Cosette is spunky, artistic, strong willed, and minded. She is not afraid to answer question and talk to new people for the most part. She is amazing at making new friends. Where ever we go, pool, playground, etc, she always makes new friends. She is a big reader. Junie B. Jones is her favorite series right now. She still wants to be an art teacher when she grows up. She is a good leader. Her favorite colors remain pink, purple, and yellow. She likes being a little lady, but she is sure not afraid to get dirty. She is a good swimmer. She puts her googles on and off she goes. She is a great helper. She really likes it when people ask her to help them do something. She has gotten into making smoothies, or some type of smoothie concoction.  And her little brothers adore her. It's adorable. Raphael is always asking "where is Coco?". I want to put that in there because it is so cute how much they love her. I can go on, but those are the things that characterize six year old Cosette.

White tiger!

In addition to all our friends who came, our Sainsbury cousins who live in TN were able to come! It was a wonderful surprise to find out that Lyndon's cousin lives close to my parents. So glad they came and we got to celebrate with them.

Costte's birthday is not only a celebration of her birth, but also one of me becoming a mother. I say this a lot on the blog, but the day she was born still remains the happiest day of my life. That does not mean the births of my other children were not as special, because they were. Her birth is special because I became a mother for the first time. It was a leap of faith on my part to become a mother, and it is leap that I am grateful I took. Heavenly Father sent me this amazing person to be my child. I had a very strong connection with her during my pregnancy.  Obviously She was physically with me, but she was also very spiritually present. I knew she was a girl when I was only ten weeks along. When she was born I reached nirvana. Never in my life have I felt so at peace and filled with joy and love as I did the day of her birth. Every year on her birthday I get to reflect upon this day, and I look forward to her birthday as much as she does.

Happy Sixth Birthday Cosette! 

Sunday, 23 July 2017

National Orchid Garden Video

We had an outing a few weeks ago now to the National Orchid Garden Singapore. If you ever go to Singapore you have to come here. The Orchid is the national flowers and this place is just stunning. Lyndon did not really have an SG bucket list, but I thought that we should do this, so I put it on his SG bucket list. He is grateful that I did. 

Enjoy this little video we made and this piece of Singapore! 

Friday, 21 July 2017

New York, New York!

I have so much to catch up on here, but I'm going to start with our most recent adventure: New York City! 

We went to find an apartment, but it was also my first time going to New York without kids. The first time I went to the city Cosette was five weeks old. I vividly remember looking down at the city and wonder how I would ever figure out the concrete jungle. I never imagined how much I would come to love this city and could not imagine living anywhere else, at least in the US. 

Our kid free week in NYC was like a second honeymoon. We spent a lot of time looking for a place to live, but we made sure to do a lot of play. I know it sounds so cliche to say it was the best week and I had so much fun spending time with Lyndon, but it was the best week. We both wished it would last longer. It was really great for our relationship. Going on trips just the two of us is so refreshing. I can write a lot about how much I love the one on one time I get with my hubs. It is so good for my soul.   

We had a long enough stay, but it went by way too quickly. We did all the things that are harder to do with kids. We ate all the food we have I have been dreaming about since leaving the City. All the Broadway shows we could get cheap tickets, and win the lottery for, plus Shakespeare in the Park. It is our favorite summertime activity. We were super lucky and got tickets to opening night of a Midsummer's Night Dream. Lyndon's ticket was a front row seat! We got so lucky with tickets. We won Broadway lottery tickets for On Your Feet, and Cats. Plus, we bought tickets for Phantom of the Opera. All four shows we saw were amazing, and we are now obsessed with musicals. I cannot stop singing "Mr. Mistofelees". I got to eat my curry beef tacos from Takumi Taco at Chelsea Market. I have been thinking about those since we left for Singapore. We rode bikes through Central Park, rented a rowboat for an hour. Totally touristy, but things that we have never done, and it was so fun. Had brunch at Norma's with wonderful friends and got to see a good friend before she moves away. 

And I fell in love with the City all over again. It has been hard to leave Singapore, but there is no where else I would rather be going back to. Taylor Swift says it best, "like any great love, it keeps you guessing, like any real love, it's ever-changing, like any true love, it drives you crazy, but you wouldn't change anything", except weekend trains. 

Tiny Statue of Liberty in the background. I love seeing her and all that she represents. 

View from our service apartment. One World Trade Center is another great reminder how amazing this city is. 

Sea Glass Carousel at twilight. Best time to ride on it. The colors and fishes really come to life. 

Living on the edge. 

First stop the temple. I love the temple so much. I am overjoyed that we will be close to one again. I have missed being able to go and feel the spirit that only the temple can provide. It is truly a place of refuge amidst the noise of the world. 

Levain Bakery chocolate peanut-butter chip cookie. I will never regret eating this bad boy and part of Lyndon's too. 

Make way for geese.

Central Park! My second favorite place in the City after the temple. 

Sexiest husband alive. 

Upper West Side!

Perseverance pays off! We stood in line to get tickets at noon for Shakespeare in the Park, and were unsuccessful.We went back that night to try and get standby tickets. We were successful and got two tickets. They were not together, but there was a front row seat for my man!

Eataly and the Flat Iron building. 

Enjoying the view from the Whitney Museum of American Art. 

We're so Mormon, and everybody know now, because we took a selfie with the temple. 

Sitting in our front row seats (!!!!!) to On Your Feet

Henry will be so happy we found a gharial in NYC. 


First time for both of us at the Frick Collection. My favorite thing we did on the trip. Children under 10 are not allowed, which is a bummer, because this place is incredible. 

Fountain inside the Frick surrounded by orchids. A little piece of Sing in NYC. 

CATS! We were not sure what to expect, but it was amazing. The dancing alone was incredible. Those actors are talented. 

It still blows my mind that  I get to live here. NYC was never on my radar, and I never expected to love living here so much. Grateful I get to call this place home once again. 

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